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Example sentences for "clatter"

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  1. The two men fell with a great clatter on to the very edge of the landing-stage, slipping and struggling among the great heap of wet fish.

  2. With a great clatter a soldier rode into the courtyard.

  3. You may be sure that he has friends in Norwich, and an expedition does not start without a clatter and talk all along the country-side.

  4. Dogs were barking, and there was a continual hum and clatter of life.

  5. After a little she heard the crisp cracking of many feet on the frozen snow and ice-filled ruts of the narrow road; she heard a confused clatter of angry voices breaking harshly on the stillness of the winter morning.

  6. She crept into it, and laid herself down and slept, the bright starry skies shining on her through the open space that served for entrance, the clatter of a little brook under the poplar-trees the only sound upon the quiet air.

  7. Suddenly another sound came upon the night air; a clatter of horses' hoofs and the rattle of wheels.

  8. The saint hid in a clump of bushes, but the wrens made such a chatter and clatter that the Jews, when passing, stopped to see what annoyed the birds, and found the saint hiding in the undergrowth.

  9. Clancy, rising to his feet, kicking a stray frying-pan and causing it to clatter across the shack.

  10. He went out, saddled the pony, and in a couple of minutes I heard the clatter of hoofs echoing on the road across the moor.

  11. Any attempt to rouse the inmates at this dead hour of night would necessitate so much noise and clatter as to disturb the neighbourhood.

  12. A series of steps of cat-like softness will be followed by a clatter of heels that resembles Gatling-fire, the two extremes brought into direct juxtaposition.

  13. Another cyclone, a crescendo of energy in the thump of sandalled feet and the pulse-lifting clatter of castanets, and--dead stop!

  14. The voices and clatter of arms came nearer.

  15. The clatter and uproar increased rapidly, as the numbers outside seemed to multiply.

  16. All night long we vainly listened for the clatter of the hoops of Mosby's troopers.

  17. A squadron of the enemy's cavalry came at headlong speed down the pike; the clatter of the horses hoofs upon the hard-bedded stones added to the panic, and caused many who had not reached the roadway to fall and surrender.

  18. It was not the firm tread of a man, nor the clatter of a pair of Lancashire clogs.

  19. Instantly an even worse clatter and roar of machinery began under our feet, and the flimsy wooden floor and partitions vibrated visibly.

  20. He entered the Castle, and took the light from the old domestic, who, hearing the clatter of his horse's feet, had opened the door to receive him.

  21. There was a great clatter of bandboxes, and piles of shawls in corners, and such a piece of work in getting up the curtain!

  22. Then the Kings rode out of the city gate, With the clatter of hoofs in proud array; But they went not back to Herod the Great, For they knew his malice and feared his hate, And returned to their homes by another way.

  23. Make a clatter on your shields," said the image.

  24. Then there was a clatter of silver dishes, or golden ones, which made him imagine a rich feast in a splendid banqueting hall.

  25. Presently some fishing luggers were getting under way, and soon the usual clatter and din of the French sailors, at full tide, rang forth as if by a magic call at two in the morning.

  26. By a strong muscular vibration these birds can make the shafts of their long feathers clatter like the swords of a sword-dancer; they then trample very quick with their feet, and run backwards towards the females.

  27. Awakened by the noise that reached him from below, he arose, stretched his limbs, and listened anxiously--the clatter of hoofs seemed to fill the valley.

  28. As soon as he had entered the cabin, Hardcastle slipped his arms about her and swung her up on to the table amid the clatter of breaking glasses.

  29. Below, in the quad, he could hear the clatter of breakfast-dishes being cleared away.

  30. The scene was peaceful in the extreme, and, but for the clatter of armed men, one might have imagined that no such thing as conflict could exist in all that region.

  31. Once there is a horrible clatter as if both feet are dangling over the abyss and scraping convulsively for a hold.

  32. All this took time, and before he had finished, the cheerful clatter of tea things in the orchard announced another interruption of his task.

  33. Warned of her imprudence by the distant clatter of horses, she immediately turned homeward.

  34. The clatter from the barracks interrupts it now and then.

  35. From without come the clatter of spurs and the drone of a hand-organ grinding out some popular air.

  36. She did not by word or deed suggest that she would be useful, comforting, or beautiful in their travels, but continued about her business serenely: put the cups back without clatter when tea was ended, and made cigarettes for her guests.

  37. From his trolley he could hear the whistle of the serang's silver pipe and the creek and clatter of the pulleys.

  38. Again the big gong beat, and a second time there was the rushing of naked feet on earth and ringing iron; the clatter of tools ceased.

  39. When he arrived at the fair the dog walked in with great consequence, and installed himself and his earthen jar in the most central place with much clatter and ostentation.

  40. It was the clatter of horses' hoofs on the hard road.

  41. I heard the clatter of pots and pans in the pantry below.

  42. The clatter of hoofs started again irregularly as though the horses were cavorting in a circle.

  43. Here comes a party of ladies on horseback, in green riding-habits, and gentlemen attendant; and there a flock of sheep for the market, pattering over the bridge with a multitudinous clatter of their little hoofs.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clatter" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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