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Example sentences for "cackle"

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cachet; cachexia; caching; cacique; caciques; cackled; cackling; cacolets; cacophony; cactaceous
  1. An increasing cackle of complaints, orders, and jests, and what to a European would have been bad language, came from behind the curtains.

  2. A harsh, thin cackle behind the curtains put the hillman on his mettle for a second shot.

  3. THE FEAST Cackle and lay, cackle and lay!

  4. To add to his predicament, a scream of uncontrollable laughter rose from all the observers, even Mabel, in whose sake he so gallantly suffered, adding her shrill cackle to the others.

  5. His shrill cackle of a voice caught in his throat, and grew husky, and then broke entirely.

  6. And suddenly, unaccountably, he began to chuckle; he began to cackle noisily.

  7. There was a fluttered cackle of fowls, a startled yelping of dogs, as he threw on his saddle and turned out of the yard, taking the road to the hills.

  8. Once during the ride Norton broke the silence with a subdued cackle of mirth, and at another time he laughed aloud.

  9. The old woman spat forth the word with a cackle of laughter.

  10. The old woman broke into a cackle of hideous laughter.

  11. Presently he laughed--a crackling cackle like new-lighted kindling wood; nothing could have been more inhuman in sound.

  12. The cackle of the apprentice rose above the whining voice.

  13. The dry cackle of the apprentice as he looked after Guida roused a mockery of indignation in the Master.

  14. Jim broke into a cackle of a laugh, and rose.

  15. Jim suddenly doubled himself up and burst into a loud harsh cackle of laughter.

  16. If the hen did not cackle no one would know what she had been about.

  17. The hen ought not to cackle in presence of the cock.

  18. It’s about the same thing in the end, I guess,” rejoined the woman, with a cackle of harsh laughter.

  19. Towards these we started; they were all closed up; they all looked deserted; there was not a sign of life, except the cackle of hens or chickens in the hen-house.

  20. When the cackle of females strikes my ear, I jest vamose, for they make me skeered, And I sorter suspicion I skeer them too, with my hulking form, and my bushy beard!

  21. I'm a good deal of 'portance myself, and when Billina lays an egg she has the proudest cackle you ever heard.

  22. I never feel like having my morning cackle till the egg is properly laid, and without the chance to cackle I would not be happy.

  23. Illustration] Billina laughed; or at least she made the peculiar cackle that served her for a laugh.

  24. The red rooster has often said that my cluck and my cackle were quite perfect; and now it's a comfort to know I am talking properly.

  25. Yes, it's a little beggar girl he took in," and the cackle was unpleasant that accompanied the words.

  26. So Hortense picked up the gown, but she continued to cackle softly to herself, with now and then a furtive glance at her mistress.

  27. Daniel pointed to a flock of geese that were trotting around on the shore of an abandoned pond, and said: “That is our national bird; his cackle is our music.

  28. Around the many weirs the grass grows higher, so high often that you can see only the beaks of the droves of geese, and were it not for their cackle you might take these beaks to be strangely mobile flowers.

  29. But Cochrane's manner was perfectly sincere, and soon he gave a little cackle of delight.

  30. He gave a little cackle of delight; the impulse that a couple of minutes ago had prompted the cry for help was half smothered, and he was conscious of one need only.

  31. I suppose there has been no more banal cackle in this war than the cackle about a "business Government" and the pestilence of lawyers.

  32. Ye think the rustic cackle of your bourg The murmur of the world!

  33. Old Balla held his torch inside the house, amid a confused cackle and flutter of fowls.

  34. But a second cackle of warning reached them, and in a minute both boys were out of bed pulling on their clothes with trembling impatience.

  35. Oh, you can master the airs in a day, and the cackle in half an hour.

  36. His voice which began in a high shrill cackle turned to a shaking laugh.

  37. His voice was shrill but strong with the cackle entirely gone.

  38. A little cackle of laughter broke from him.

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