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Example sentences for "caching"

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cachemire; cacher; caches; cachet; cachexia; cacique; caciques; cackle; cackled; cackling
  1. Meanwhile, Lewis moved his necessary baggage to the Shoshone village, previously caching his surplus baggage and sinking his canoes for safety.

  2. Finally caching their heaviest boat and all the supplies which could well be spared, the entire party followed the south fork.

  3. We tried hard to take our load up at one trip, but found it impossible to do so, and had to unlash the sled and take half the load at a time, caching it on the top while we returned for the other half.

  4. This caching of food is a common thing amongst both natives and whites, and it is rarely that a cache is violated except under great stress of hunger, when violation is recognised as legitimate.

  5. At last he had found beaver, and caching two at his tent, with his heart high with hope, was bringing the carcasses of three more to his partners.

  6. Caching his boat and supplies on spruce saplings, he circled each peeled trunk with a necklace of large inverted fish-hooks, to foil the raids of that arch thief and defiler of caches, the wolverine.

  7. Another method of caching which is sometimes resorted to is to place the articles in the top of an evergreen tree, such as the pine, hemlock, or spruce.

  8. Caves or holes in the rocks that are protected from the rains are also secure deposits for caching goods, but in every case care must be taken to obliterate all tracks or other indications of men having been near them.

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