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hearsay; hearsays; hearse; hearsed; hearses; heartache; heartaches; heartbeat; heartbeats; heartbreak
  1. Here the old artists set their handmark to live now they are gone, and we who see it today see, if our eye be single, with what sincerity they built, carved, or painted their heart and life into these stones.

  2. Coming each day to his work with his palette clean and his colours in their tubes; Beginning, as it were, all over again each time; and perhaps with his heart cold and his memory dull.

  3. A man of our own day, in full view of all its questions from the loftiest to the least, and heart and soul engaged in them, with deep and sympathetic wisdom born of his own companionship with all the great thoughts of the ages?

  4. There is true poetry in such a scene as this, beauty fit to move the heart of an anchorite.

  5. This simple offer, made without the hope of a return, the only gift in the power of the poor girl, touched the heart of the goldsmith, and he wished that he cold see her on a throne and all Paris at her feet.

  6. It was natural for a heart so vile as his to couple every circumstance and connection in some such selfish spirit with himself; it was like him.

  7. So once more the heart of the young commander was heavy within his breast.

  8. It was difficult to say what it was in his bosom which caused him so tenaciously to pursue this vain desire; his was not the heart to die for love, it amounted almost to obstinacy.

  9. How else could he interpret that tear but as springing from a heart that was full of kindly feeling towards him.

  10. Marriage has filled up a void in the heart of Miss Hetty.

  11. And she cast so sad a look on the good burgess that his heart sank within him.

  12. That have I, and never a truer heart floated than the man you see yonder leaning over the rail on the quarterdeck, where he belongs," answered Bill Marline.

  13. But I hope every heart revolts at this gross insult on the characters of mankind.

  14. The heart is "the muscle which by its contraction and dilatation propells the blood through the course of circulation, and is therefore considered as the source of vital motion.

  15. The boy who had been looking and listening with open mouth and a heart that hardly dared to beat, became wildly excited.

  16. She sank into a heap on the bed, sobbing as if her heart would break then and there.

  17. There was a trace of a sneer on that face, and again Keith's heart was flooded with resentment.

  18. His mother's futile efforts at communicating what apparently rested heavily on her heart made him ill at ease, but he remained unconscious of any guilt or fear.

  19. When he reached the kitchen at last, his mother was scared almost out of her wits, and her fright was augmented by the manner in which he sobbed as if his heart were breaking.

  20. His heart was beating very hard, and he breathed uneasily.

  21. But his heart was full of bitter resentment, and he wished that he could grow up on the spot.

  22. In a place full of girls, his little heart never was betrayed into a single quickened beat of anticipation.

  23. His heart swelled, and with a rush that nearly upset his little table, he made for his father in the parlour, crawled up on his lap, put both arms about his neck, and kissed him.

  24. She had a quick mind, too, and a heart full of impulsive generosity.

  25. He knew also in a vague sort of way that it touched the very heart of the mystery he was trying to solve.

  26. His heart was beating so that he thought he could hear it.

  27. In a great city hospital There lay poor Mary Crosby small, She had no friends her heart to cheer, So time with her passed sad and drear.

  28. My sad heart his cries doth cheer, Reminding me of my own dear, For sooner I would him behold, Than if I found a mine of gold.

  29. I tell you what my little Dora, You do cause my heart to sorrow, Tell me now you little misses What you do with all your kisses.

  30. Tis true he loved the lasses dear, But who for this would loudly blame, For Scotia's maids his heart did cheer And love is a true heavenly flame.

  31. And far abroad he should not roam But find a charmer here at home, Find some one now your heart to cheer, Thus celebrate the jubilee year, Remember long this ladies' aid And each bewitching dairymaid.

  32. For he knows it's his master's ring, And hopes to life he may him bring, In finger he discovers heat And hopes his heart it still may beat.

  33. Her heart it now doth throb with pain, Though she knows sorrow is but vain; For him she never can recall, And no more hear his footsteps fall.

  34. The rains they did replenish springs, And it gratitude to each heart brings, When we reflect on bounteous season, For grateful feelings all have reason.

  35. Few songs possess so much vigor As his gathering of McGregor, The lover's heart is all aflame To meet lassie when the kye comes hame.

  36. And a brave man was engineer, For he himself knew not of fear, But his heart was filled with pain, Because the noble dog was slain.

  37. A poor man stood beside his door, His sad fate for to deplore, For landlord's heart would not relent, And seized his furniture for rent.

  38. But a good true hearted man, His heart with kindness it o'er ran, The poorest man among the three, A pound he did contribute free.

  39. Try to engage the heart of every woman, and the affections of almost every man you meet with.

  40. Study the heart and the mind of man, and begin with your own.

  41. That is true, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that we had had no hand in it; but it has been done now, and repentance is of no avail, so far as poor little Chris is concerned.

  42. It filled Hardy Baker's sensation-loving heart with joy to see the result of the labour in which he had assisted.

  43. I want to be with some one who is friendly," and Master Piemont's assistant spoke in a tone of such dejection that Amos's heart was touched.

  44. Therefore, while it is a most deplorable affair, one which, perhaps, may mean more than the killing of a human being, you must not let your heart be troubled.

  45. When she gave it on that night at Concord with a heavy heart it proved to be the pivot on which her success as a lecturer swung to its greatest height.

  46. She was passing along a street in the heart of the city when she had to step aside to let a regiment of infantry march by.

  47. All of a sudden my heart beat so wildly that I was obliged to press my hand over it to quiet its hammering.

  48. For a short time she worked for a relative in the country, and she also taught and sewed and did housework, and made herself useful wherever her strong hands and willing heart could find some way of earning a dollar.

  49. My whole heart was in my voice as I gasped: 'I'm so sorry, sir, but I have to do Queen Gertrude.

  50. The weak must fear, the timid tremble, but the brave and stout of heart will work and hope and trust.

  51. But even where Dorothy's heart was so seriously engaged, she could no more help showering coquettish smiles and pretty speeches on those residents of Fairfield whom she came to know, than she could help bewitching them by her charm and beauty.

  52. Pocahontas had lost a comrade, and her childish heart was sore at the loss.

  53. Even then there was in the heart of the Spy a wild exultation.

  54. Hours later one of the settlers found her standing outside the stockade, peering through the cracks between the logs as though it were some comfort to see into the village where her Captain lay--that Captain who held her heart in his keeping.

  55. Quickly to his side Molly darted, put a handkerchief wet with spring water on his hot brow, laid her head on his heart to see whether it was still beating.

  56. His heart was beating suffocatingly; he struggled to subdue his panting breath.

  57. Saltash's heart would not be an easy thing to capture.

  58. Like a solitary traveller pausing in the heart of the desert, he stood to view the barrenness around him.

  59. She has been ill for years with heart trouble.

  60. And Jake, who yearned for a smoke himself, could not find it in his heart to refuse.

  61. They stood together in the turret beyond Saltash's piano, where she had found him pouring out wild music that made her warm heart ache for him.

  62. There fell a brief silence, and she thought the beating of her heart would choke her.

  63. His heart was not in the business, and as he smote the narrow bent back it cried shame on him.

  64. Jake was wont to say with a laugh that he was by no means sure that his eldest daughter approved of him, but he knew in his heart that her love for him was the strongest force in her small being.

  65. His heart was pumping, but he would not slacken.

  66. Maud has always kept a soft place in her heart for him.

  67. She'd give me her heart to break if I'd have it.

  68. She was smiling with lips that trembled, and Maud's heart gave a great throb of pity, she could not have said wherefore.

  69. Yes, she had defied him, but deep in her heart she had feared--how she had feared!

  70. And as she heard it, the girl's heart suddenly failed her.

  71. We were Content, sir, till you starved us, heart and brain.

  72. She watched "her hero's" grave In dismal days and fair, And told the world her love, Her heart was buried there.

  73. Again that wonderful barking-death came into play, and Bruno felt a strangely savage joy gnawing at his heart as he saw more than one stalwart warrior reel dizzily back from his hot hail.

  74. Tornado, lad," swiftly corrected the man of precision, leaning far forward, and gazing enthralled upon the vision which fairly thrilled his heart to its very centre.

  75. Without any difficulty the aeromotor was sent out of and above the forest, heading towards the northwest; that is, direct for the heart of the Olympics, of whose marvels Professor Featherwit held such exalted hopes and expectations.

  76. Dropping his knife, Tlacopa grasped this vital organ, fiercely tearing it away, drawing back where all might see as he lifted the heart on high for inspection.

  77. Then arose the hoarse tones of Huatzin, bidding his allies find and slay without mercy; cursing the treacherous Aztec who had thus guided one of a strange tribe into the very heart of their beloved city.

  78. The fierce lust of vengeance now seized upon him, heart and brain.

  79. Ixtli know little, not much; his heart feel big for Sun Children, all time.

  80. The damsel, her heart bounding with throbs of love, assents.

  81. God is the Fair One whose presence the heart craves, and whose veil the suitor would see cast aside that his perfect beauty may be revealed to the worshipper.

  82. The angel here comes to the rescue, and calls Tobias's attention to the heart and liver of a great fish which had been caught in the Euphrates as the two had journeyed together from Nineveh to Ecbatana.

  83. Give her abundance of ointment, fail not each day to caress her, let the desire of her heart be fulfilled, for verily he that is kind to his wife and honoreth her, the same honoreth himself.

  84. Bereaved and broken in spirit, Naomi at length turns her heart toward her native Judean hills.

  85. Certainly there was warmth in her heart and fire in her love of her native land.

  86. The other, "I find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets.

  87. Thine eyes are blue like flowers; thy teeth White jessamine; thy face is very like a lotus flower, So thy body must be made of the leaves of Most delicate flowers; how comes it then That God hath given thee a heart of stone?

  88. Both States were originally a part of that great continental heart of North America, that wilderness of empire-like extent, contended for by mighty nations in epoch-making struggles.

  89. The stricken mother staggers back, And falls upon the floor: And the wailing shriek of a broken heart Comes from the cottage door.

  90. I'd leave behind Something immortal of my heart and mind.

  91. Each one I set aside to go tore my heart intolerably.

  92. It was as if ropes were around his heart dragging it backward.

  93. Gaiety there was none: the Islanders had no heart for gaiety: but the pipes and tobacco were there, and the plate of snuff, and the jar of poteen to lift up the heavy hearts.

  94. But all the time my heart cried out against the devastation of its dreams.

  95. But little comfort it was to him, with the girl of his heart dead, and the one man he had desired to overthrow dead and unconquered.

  96. One evening he was watching her singing, with all his heart in his eyes.

  97. If he had known how to pray he would have prayed, for he was torn in two between the desire of his heart for the dark woman, and the longing of his soul for the fair woman.

  98. She had seen the doctor, very much against her will, and he had said her heart was affected, but with care and avoiding great excitement, it might last her to a good old age.

  99. Mary wrote the other brothers ill-spelt, tear-stained letters, which proved her heart had not grown cold to them; and the three brothers went on living as the five had done.

  100. She would be the first herself to tell you that her man's heart was in Kilbride.

  101. She turned so livid that Mauryeen for all her brave heart was frightened, and faltered.

  102. His father and mother died in the black '47, and the little girl he had set his heart on sailed in a coffin-ship for New York with her father and mother in the same bitter year, and went down somewhere out on the unkindly ocean.

  103. It is only to the ignorant all fields are the same; as there are some who see no individualities in animals because they have no heart for them.

  104. He nearly broke his heart over the man when he was in jail, waiting to go to the gallows, and wouldn't open his lips to clear himself.

  105. His heart began to beat more violently than it was wont to do.

  106. Her heart was still faithful to Scotland, and she loved her kith and kindred.

  107. In your heart you know, Mary, that he is right; you yourself despise the miserable butterflies who hover round us with their sweet speeches, empty heads, and false hearts.

  108. But whoever has the world's goods, and sees his brother in need, and closes his heart of compassion against him, how does the love of God remain in him?

  109. Let not my heart Hang on this phantom hope!

  110. In silent homage My heart was vowed to his most lovely daughter.

  111. Your fate doth move me deeply, as, indeed, What monarch's heart but must be moved by it?

  112. He who lies in his grave is dust; he has no heart to love thee, no eye to smile upon thee.

  113. The little that was left of hope in her heart altogether vanishes on seeing him.

  114. I know That it must be delusion, yet so little Is my heart steeled 'gainst fear and hope e'en now, That in my breast it flutters like a bird.

  115. Calm down thy heart till we have learned the whole.

  116. I ne'er have viewed a circle so august, But the sight swells my heart within my breast And not appals me.

  117. With a broken heart he goes to the betrothal with Marina.

  118. And clings my heart so close to temporal things, That a mere word can shake my inward soul?

  119. And does thy heart not urge thee forth with us To taste reviving nature's opening sweets?

  120. Then when your hopes are crowned forget not ever The steps by which you mounted to the throne, Nor with your garments let your heart be changed!

  121. Therefore my whole heart do I pledge to thee; To thee I trust the acting of my thoughts.

  122. Well may the heart be pardoned that beguiles Itself in playing for so high a stake.

  123. She'll break her heart if anything happens, and--and Gus-sie will be out now in a day or two.

  124. His heart sank as he reached the house, but to his relief the lights were out and his wife was in bed.

  125. The sorrow which weighed on his heart had not wrinkled his brow, but had given him a set dignity of purpose.

  126. She could have worshipped this man, and sat at his feet, and endowed him in her heart with heroism, and given him her soft brown hair to play with when it suited her Hercules to rest from his labours.

  127. On that occasion nothing more was said about it; but Sir Thomas hoped within his heart that his wife was right in prophesying that his son would do nothing sudden in this matter.

  128. You would not wish her to be your wife if her heart belongs to me?

  129. And then this clergyman, who was so loudly anxious for the poor, could not repress the sorrow of his heart because the rich delicacy was somewhat marred in the cooking.

  130. Them Irish servants is very impudent betimes, only they're good at the heart too, and there isn't one'd hurt a dog belonging to the family.

  131. He wished to have the work over, to feel, that as regarded Herbert it was done,--but his heart failed him when he came to it.

  132. In twelve months, Owen, she would have turned your heart to a stone.

  133. She would be to him a true and loving wife, a wife in very heart and soul.

  134. In what state did her heart stand towards him?

  135. And so he waited for Mr. Prendergast's letter with an uneasy heart and vexation of spirit.

  136. But, nevertheless, her heart might be different.

  137. I acknowledge in gratitude this mercy that my mold has been filled: I fall prostrate before Thee, and with my whole heart return thanks to Thy divine majesty.

  138. He who, regarding that living picture, afterward turned to consider that dead body, felt his heart bursting with grief as he beheld them.

  139. Tho these words pierced like daggers to the heart of Griselda, who was unable to part with her love for the prince so easily as she had done with her great fortune, yet she replied, "My lord, I am ready to fulfil all your commands.

  140. And when she was near any one, such modesty came into his heart that he dared not raise his eyes, or return her salutation; and of this many, as having experienced it, could bear witness for me to whoso might not believe it.

  141. Nature gave you, my friend, the heart of a king, but she gave you not a kingdom, of which therefore Fortune could not deprive you.

  142. Luther said one day to his wife: "You make me do what you will; you have full sovereignty here, and I award you with all my heart the command in all household matters, reserving my rights in other points.

  143. If we see a friend in distress, and give him all the consolation we are able, we perform the duties of friendship, which pays more attention to the disposition of the heart than the value of the gift.

  144. Philip Hexton's heart beat fast at the sight he saw; and for a moment he felt as if he must turn and run for his life.

  145. The young deputy's heart beat fast, and he was about to speak angrily, but he felt that it would be better to consult with his father to see if a stop could not be put to such reckless ways.

  146. Let not above 10 grains be given at one time, for if the Sun, which is the fountain of life, may dazzle the eyes and make them blinde, a Cordial being taken in an inordinate quantity may hurt the heart instead of helping it.

  147. The eastern lover more poetically symbolised the condition of his love-inflamed face and burning heart by the gift to his adored of the flower: Whose leaves with their crimson glow Hide the heart that lies burning and black below.

  148. There was one old man who was at heart an artist, in his far-off youth it is possible he cherished dreams; but when necessity and circumstance made him a grower he put the dreams away, though he kept his paint-box.

  149. Full Hyacinth—which has a heart as full of petals as it can hold.

  150. Whose leaves with their crimson glow Hide 94 the heart that lies burning and black below” 17.

  151. The petals should grow in very regular order—especially those within the heart of the flower, and the petals should as well be curved back very evenly at their tip.

  152. But it is more than as a cordial for the heart that N.

  153. I hope with all my heart that these measures will not influence in any manner Your position as mediator which I appraise very highly.

  154. I thank You from my heart for Your quick reply.

  155. May this method of security from the destructive violence of one of the most awful powers of nature, meet with such further success, as to induce every good and grateful heart to bless God for the important discovery!

  156. The way Ross's Mr. Brown had licked his thumb and the lightning speed with which he had turned up exactly the right correspondence, office minute or Routine Order, had nearly given the Major heart disease.

  157. All for the cause he stands, day after day, with a little band of comrades, facing uncomplainingly the most terrible buffetings, so that men may learn from him how to strike terror into the heart of the Hun.

  158. Are we to put new heart into our enemies by letting it be known that we are short of petrol?

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