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Example sentences for "play with"

  • O, my brave killer of boys, you thought to play with me as a cat with a mouse, eh?

  • Madame," the pride of his race lighting his eyes, "confess to me that you did not win my love to play with it.

  • She has decked me out as one would deck a monkey (and doubtless she calls me one behind my back), and has offered me a sword to play with.

  • She wouldn't play with them at all, my lord.

  • But, if she was not fit to play with Donal, perhaps the nurses and governesses and mothers of the other children knew about it and would not trust their little girls and boys to her damaging society.

  • He had some beautiful coloured glass marbles in his pocket and he showed her how to play with them, and gave her two of the prettiest.

  • He was the first child she had been allowed to play with.

  • You know the kind of things children like to play with, nurse?

  • He ceases all rational talk about his most important concerns to go to child's play with her.

  • Indeed, I moped and pined so much, that it was thought that to give me young companions was the only chance for me; and the little Fotheringhams were sent for from the parsonage to play with me.

  • Give him other children to play with, make him wear a brown holland pinafore, and let him grope in the dirt.

  • No, no, papa; the owl-man has had such a game at play with us in the dining-room!

  • This is a dangerous paint for amateurs to play with.

  • He has seen this ball, and desires it to play with.

  • Now, it was obviously impossible for the Legal Member to play with a bunnia's monkey, by way of getting understanding; but he did better.

  • No one would for an instant accuse portly old Imam Din of wanting to play with polo-balls.

  • I drank it, and sat down to play with him; I had not heard the music of the dice for a month, and the temptation was irresistible.

  • Children's toys are frequently painted of a green colour with arsenite of copper, and are consequently, highly dangerous for him to play with.

  • Be strict in not allowing your child either to touch or to play with fire; frightful accidents have occurred from mothers and nurses being on these points lax.

  • You ought to have a proper fire-guard before the nursery grate, and should be strict in not allowing your child to play with fire.

  • Monsieur de Rochefort," said Gondy, laughing, "are you a boy to play with firearms?

  • Furthermore, D'Artagnan went with them, leaving Porthos at play with Groslow.

  • He is coming to play with us this evening.

  • That was his life, those were the people he chose to play with.

  • You must come often this summer, and I'll have some nice girls for you to play with.

  • After all the mill and the new plant were his toys to play with.

  • We'll play with them: the first boy for a thousand ducats.

  • He sends to know if your pleasure hold to play with Laertes, or that you will take longer time.

  • Sir, this report of his Did Hamlet so envenom with his envy That he could nothing do but wish and beg Your sudden coming o'er to play with you.

  • I frown the while, and perchance wind up my watch, or play with my- some rich jewel.

  • He could now suffer opprobrium and cavils--play with errors--entangle himself and drink in flattery.

  • Wouldest thou not suffer as an evil-doer, addict not thyself to play with evil, 25 to joke and jest, and mock at men in place and power.

  • Or dost thou think that God is at play with thee, and that he threateneth but in jest?

  • Now, fruit from these wild trees, however it may please children to play with, yet the prudent count it of no value.

  • Now, fruit from these wild things, however they may please the children to play with, yet the prudent and grave count them of little or no value.

  • I say, Curzon, you'll be confoundedly jealous though, for he is to play with Fanny.

  • You will not deny that I saw some one, who very much resembled him; and certainly, as he lent me above three thousand franks to play with at the table, it looks rather more like his act than that of a perfect stranger.

  • Why, so far as remembering the little boy that used to play with her in the orchard at her mother's cottage near Pirna, and with whom she used to go boating upon the Elbe, I believe the recollection is perfect.

  • You are sure you did give it to him to play with, Bee?

  • It was when Rosy let Fixie have it to play with," began Bee, and she told all she remembered.

  • Rosy scarcely seemed to care to play with her at all.

  • I was getting something for Master Fixie--something for him to play with.

  • He could not remember having had it to play with at all, and he seemed to get so worried when she kept on asking about it, that Martha thought it better to say no more, for it was plain he had nothing to tell.

  • I'm sure it ain't bad to play with Emily.

  • But--" "Then why won't father let me play with her?

  • All in vain proved the mother's effort to make her boy see that it was wrong to play with Emily.

  • They always had plenty of fat juicy flies and water-bugs for their dinners, and after a while we put some silver shiners and tiny minnows into the pool, so that they would have fishes to play with as well as other frogs.

  • Piccola had no kind father, no big brother or sister, and no sweet baby to play with and to love.

  • They were dear, merry little things, and many boys would have found them pleasant little playmates; but Benjy had shown how much he disliked to play with them, and it made them feel very badly.

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