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Example sentences for "brown"

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browbeaten; browbeating; browed; browes; browght; browned; browner; brownest; brownish; brownness
  1. They form an immense plain, sloping and darkling, with brown undulations under the blue which now alone is becoming green.

  2. Farther away, pastures and growing crops which are part of the demesne; farther still, among the stripes and squares of brown earth or verdant, the cemetery, where every year so many stones spring up.

  3. In the evening I hear a secret and whispered conference near the bed of the sick man in the brown vest.

  4. They wore long baggy bloomers of brown corduroy, tight at the ankles where they flopped about in folds over clumsy wooden shoes.

  5. At road intersections, I saw mighty metal monsters with steel plated sides splotched with green and brown and red paint.

  6. Along the white roads, clay-coloured rectangles that moved evenly, like brown caravans, represented the marching units of United States troops.

  7. Of course, it happened, that fellows that really needed blue or grey ones, managed to get hold of black ones or brown ones, and some confusion existed while they traded back and forth to match up proper colours, shades and sizes.

  8. What is the use of a flag which by its bright colors reveals your position, which, as the brown paint on my sabre shows, it has been intended to conceal?

  9. It was impossible to approach the trench more nearly during daylight, as the grassless brown flats were noisy with bullets from the German lines.

  10. The innermost tegument is a mantle of cloth, like the preceding, but furnished with large brown feathers, arranged and fashioned with great art, so as to be capable of guarding the living wearer from wet and cold.

  11. The different skins are neatly fitted and sewed together with sinew, and all painted in seven alternate horizontal stripes of brown and yellow, decorated with various lifelike war scenes.

  12. Tommy now has gone to bed With a big bruise on his head; Vinegar and paper brown Cover up his aching crown.

  13. Hunt-ing for hen's eggs was great fun for the chil-dren at Brown Farm.

  14. The coffer was full of packages wrapped in brown paper.

  15. Still he chafed her temples with his broad, brown hand, and gazed with anxious tenderness into her eyes, that looked at him for a moment, and then wandered and then looked again.

  16. Darius smiled, and almost laughed, as he stroked his thick beard with his broad brown hand.

  17. His step was slower, and his broad brown hand grasped the golden sceptre with less of nervous energy and more unrelenting force.

  18. His face was round, and the complexion very clear, which, with his small and bright brown eyes, gave him a look of cheerful vitality.

  19. The pieces were standing against the walls, wrapped in tow and brown paper, and immense parcels lay tied up upon the benches.

  20. His eyes were brown and not over large, but well set, and his nose was slightly aquiline, while his delicate black moustache showed the pleasant curve of his even lips.

  21. It was only a few steps farther to her mother's brown cottage, and he hurried to overtake her before she should reach the gate.

  22. Somebody had lifted the big family Bible and laid it open on the edge of the bed, and he saw himself, a sober-faced little fellow in brown dress and apron, standing on tiptoe to look at the pictures.

  23. The courts in Elizabeth's time held that the execution of the office "doth belong to the Spirituall jurisdiction" (See Brown v.

  24. John Brown was as ready to share in Billy's second enterprise as he had been to incite him to his first crime.

  25. John Brown had news of importance to give; for, in the stable-yard of the village tavern, he had heard one habitant confide to another that the money for the new church was kept in the safe of the tailor-shop.

  26. If one pair is duplex brown and the other blue, then all children will have brown eyes but of simplex type.

  27. In the rare cases where in the same individual one eye is brown and the other blue, the individual should probably be rated as brown-eyed on the supposition that in the one eye the development of brown pigment has in some way been suppressed.

  28. If both parents have blue or gray eyes they can not have children with black or brown eyes, since the recessive condition in each parent means total absence of brown pigment in both.

  29. The different shades of brown and the black are due to the relative abundance of this pigment.

  30. Thus when brown ring-doves and white ring-doves are mated the progeny are all brown, or if wild gray mice are mated to white mice the progeny are all gray.

  31. The great brown spiritual bond is Islam, yet in India, the chief seat of brown population, Islam is professed by only one-fifth of the inhabitants.

  32. As Meredith Townsend well says: "The chasm between the brown man and the white is unfathomable, has existed in all ages, and exists still everywhere.

  33. The brown villages and never-ending fields with which he has hitherto been familiar are the India which is passing away; Bombay is the presage of the future.

  34. Again, as there is no brown racial type-norm, as there are white and yellow type-norms, so there is no generalized brown culture like those possessed by yellows and whites.

  35. No white man marries a brown wife, no brown man marries a white wife, without an inner sense of having been false to some unintelligible but irresistible command.

  36. There certainly is a fundamental comity between the brown peoples.

  37. Imson arrived in a rough brown ulster with the collar turned up about his ears, a low flannel shirt, not strictly clean, lying loosely round his neck.

  38. Beyond them, in the twilight, lay the silent fields like a gigantic brown and yellow carpet whose shaken folds still seemed to tremble and run on beneath the growing moon.

  39. His big, brown eyes stared wide open at the world, expecting wonder and finding it.

  40. Never in my house again," she sighed, as he approached her lovingly, his fingers in his close brown beard.

  41. His face remained grave and eager, though I could see the laughter running about beneath the tight brown skin as he went on reading his little bits.

  42. When Underneath the Brown Dead Grass When underneath the brown dead grass My weary bones are laid, I hope I shall not see the glass At ninety in the shade.

  43. He and his wife usually dined on brown bread, salt herrings, and small beer.

  44. Tiny bits of meat reappeared brown and appetising: and he was great upon soup, which he made with half a pint of water, some vegetables, and a disc cut off what seemed to be so much glue in a sausage skin.

  45. He drew out his pocket-handkerchief to wipe away a weak tear, while Tom looked at him, half sorry, half amused, laughing at length outright as the poor old man smeared something brown and sticky across his face.

  46. In the adult blue racer the dorsal color is variable, pale brown or gray, bluish, greenish or slaty.

  47. There are somewhat parallel trends in coloration; the black racer of the northeastern states grades into paler, gray or light brown subspecies in southern Florida, Texas, and the far western states.

  48. In this short instant of sleep he saw hypnagogically, but with the rapidity of light, the figure of a man clothed in a brown robe, and with a hood on his head like a monk.

  49. Brown says: "Whenever the anaesthetic influence began to subside, the surface of the brain presented a florid and injected appearance.

  50. And when Miss Brown has been to her first ball, does she not anxiously await the coming of the next county newspaper, in order to have the happiness of reading her name there?

  51. Then came a brown belt of sand, and a broken white line of breakers; and then the sea, flecked with crested waves, and sails that glimmered in the dreamy distance.

  52. Or, he would attend the shooting parties given by William Brown, Esquire, of University House; where blue-rocks and brown rabbits were turned out of traps for the sport of the assembled bipeds and quadrupeds.

  53. Brazil palm, whose mottled, dark-brown endosperm is used by button-makers and turners.

  54. TO DO BROWN (slang), to do thoroughly, to deceive or take in completely.

  55. TREE CALF, a bright brown calf bookbinding, stained by acids with a pattern resembling the trunk and branches of a tree.

  56. All through the day the red-brown man Stands on his perch in the red-brown bank; Waters never more gratefully ran, Cucumbers never more greedily drank.

  57. In stretches of sod the rich brown earth was being turned up by farmers with teams of camels, one great camel to each little wooden plow, or with teams composed of an ox and an ass hitched together.

  58. Now a brown slouch hat was pulled down on his forehead; his face was covered with a dark beard.

  59. One was in civilian garb, a brown slouch hat was down over his forehead, a heavy dark moustache and beard covered his face; he wore a tightly buttoned up coat.

  60. One was a brown slouch hat and the other a false beard.

  61. It was half-past seven o'clock before Mark rang the bell at a fine brown stone house on West Forty-Fifth Street.

  62. His clothes were of clerical cut, he wore a white necktie, and on his head was a brown straw hat with wide brim.

  63. She lifted her clear eyes to his, unshrinking--deep brown wells of truth untroubled by the shallows of sham and pretence.

  64. She let him take her into his arms, suffered his caress, looking at him in silence out of eyes as dark and clear and beautiful as brown pools in a forest.

  65. I should not stare at all more than I do if yonder alderman at the lower end of the table were to stick his fork into his neighbour's jolly cheek, and cut a brave slice of brown and fat.

  66. Everybody who has read 'Guy Mannering' remembers Dandie Dinmont and Meg Merrilies and Pleydell and Dominie Sampson; but how many people could explain the ostensible story--the love affair of Vanbeest Brown and Julia Mannering?

  67. The book, he says, 'requires to be read in the clear brown twilight atmosphere in which it was written; if opened in the sunshine it is apt to look exceedingly like a volume of blank pages.

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