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Example sentences for "burn"

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burlesqued; burlesques; burlesquing; burletta; burly; burne; burned; burner; burners; burneth
  1. He could not burn them in the harbor, and the British ships kept too close a watch upon him to permit his ships to leave the harbor for an hour: so he was forced to wait many days for an opportunity.

  2. He'll burn their hooses, take their very claes, and strip them to the very sark.

  3. His fires were likely to burn themselves out, they raged so fiercely.

  4. The fire shall always burn on the altar, because charity should always burn in our hearts.

  5. True is it that the Chaldeans, which worship fire, compel others to do the same, and burn other idols.

  6. Is it your fault if an accursed fool of a priest chose to burn the mannikin upon an altar, and thus bring this god to his lamented end?

  7. As for Janees himself, his thoughts are here, I feel his eyes burn me through this wooden screen.

  8. But I shall get the blame of it, for the Queen and Asti know the truth, and soon or late it will come out, and they will burn me as a sorceress, sending me to the Underworld with the blood of Pharaoh upon my hands.

  9. She heard the doctor's breathing as he bent over her, she smelled the tobacco odour of his clothing, and felt her cheek burn as though seared beneath his scrutiny.

  10. The attack was so unwarranted that, although she felt her face burn with indignation, she was able to regard him with sudden calm detachment, noting curiously his twitching mouth, his laboured breathing.

  11. Mind, the lighted pieces of paper falling from above might burn you.

  12. Lin Tai-yü imagined that the burn was of an extremely serious nature, and she hastened to approach him with a view to examine it.

  13. Grandmother and my mother bade me put this on and go and pay my visit; and here I go and burn it, on the first day I wear it.

  14. Take seven sheets of white paper money, and, advancing forty steps due west, burn them and exorcise the spirit; recovery will follow at once!

  15. Pao-yü then asked her for the loan of a censer to burn incense in.

  16. If you will admit me into the club, I shall be even willing to sweep the floors and burn the incense.

  17. At the outset, the girl obstinately prevaricated, but when she eventually heard that lady Feng intended to take a red-hot branding-iron and burn her mouth with, she at last sobbingly spoke out.

  18. Take this feather of mine, and if you come across Steelpacha and find yourself in great danger, then burn my feather; that very moment I will come to your aid with the whole strength of my army.

  19. She was a tall, dark woman of thirty, with a rather sallow complexion and a touch of dull salmon red in her cheeks, where the blood seemed to burn under her brown skin.

  20. He is just as liable as not to kill us all, or burn the barn, or poison the dogs.

  21. Why did young Adams burn his mill to beat the insurance companies and go to the pen?

  22. What if the house should burn down and destroy them all?

  23. Now you git, dad-burn ye, before I do the world a favor and fill you full of lead!

  24. In this indurated condition the gun cotton will burn freely, but it has not been possible to detonate it even when closely confined and exposed to the initial detonation of large masses of mercury fulminate.

  25. If the load is increased the motor will run slower and the current will become greater, thus increasing the pull, but the armature will continue to rotate until the current becomes so great as to burn out the insulation.

  26. But Jaap having served, in a manner, was entitled to burn as much gunpowder as he pleased.

  27. I could overlook the attempt to burn the Nest House, but I cannot overlook this.

  28. I have heard your name mentioned as one of those who were at the Nest with my father when he was a young man, Susquesus," I resumed, "and when the Canada Indians attempted to burn the house.

  29. Failing the apprehension of the murderers, the commander was instructed "to burn the village, and inflict such other punitive methods upon the people generally" as he deemed fit.

  30. She rubbed the burn scars on her arms--scars that, in spite of her years of experience with irons and mangles and press machines, she reinforces frequently with fresh burns.

  31. Grandma rubbed the burn scars on her arms nervously, skirting around the newest, tender ones.

  32. Every day we had expeditions to burn and destroy disaffected villages and we had taken our revenge.

  33. He remained among the stones long enough for the wood to burn down nearly to his hand.

  34. He then sat down, and referred again to the entry, every word he uttered seeming to burn itself in forever (as she expressed it) on her memory and her heart.

  35. Now the old woman in the east told her youngest son to hurry on with his torches, burn the dun, and come back without delay; for the stirabout was boiling and he must not be too late for supper.

  36. He is such a man that sword cannot cut him, fire cannot burn him, water cannot drown him, and 'tis no easy thing to get the better of him.

  37. Fin chewed his thumb to the marrow, and then knew that on the eastern side of the world there lived an old hag with her three sons, and every evening at nightfall she sent the youngest of these to burn the king's dun.

  38. I was obliged to sail away, for fire was coming from every side to burn my ship.

  39. Then why had Madame de la Fontaine--but again his cheek would burn and remembrance of the bewitching Frenchwoman blotted out all else.

  40. There you may burn either red or green lights, and I am sure the snowbirds and rabbits of Lovel's Woods will enjoy them.

  41. The shout was immediately uttered, "We must burn them!

  42. No alternative was therefore left but to burn her, which was done, after the prisoners and their baggage were removed to the Constitution.

  43. And said Pitt, "I will never burn my fingers with an American stamp act.

  44. Happily it occurred to him to burn the Indian wigwams.

  45. For a certain sum of money other men will insure that your house shall not burn down; and if it burns they will pay you for it.

  46. Houses there will take fire and burn, sometimes--actually burn entirely down, and not leave a single vestige behind.

  47. An' as Dog turn round, his son playing with fire burn his house an' all his clothes.

  48. They hurt him, "burn him" as he says, but no matter.

  49. So Fire get in the yard an' burn all Tiger clothes an' house, an' turn right home back.

  50. Until he come the house burn flat to ground.

  51. They have made all preparations to burn our woods.

  52. She stared vacantly into the flames; then she cried: 'My eyes burn like fire!

  53. She tore the satchel from her girdle, tore the letter of pardon into fragments, and cried: 'Everything shall burn just as my eyes do.

  54. He could tell me no more by letter, and cautioned me to burn his epistle as soon as I had read it.

  55. Panhandle stood crying beside his mother, watching their little home burn to the ground.

  56. So the buried resentment in Pan's depths smoldered and burst into blaze again, and found fuel to burn it into hate.

  57. For two days the French soldiers laboured to repress the fierce attempts to burn the city.

  58. Well, puff away; but you'll burn up my patience with your tobacco, unless you are ready soon.

  59. Let us burn them all in a heap out in the yard.

  60. Pull it down or burn it up, if you please.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "burn" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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