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Example sentences for "gasp"

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  1. With a gasp and a convulsive shudder, the apeman rolled over, his skull crushed in.

  2. Uglik gave a gasp at this fresh defection from his authority.

  3. The boy on the bed heard those steps, and a gasp came from his pale lips, as he turned his head toward the door, his face distorted by fear.

  4. A groan escaped Jack's lips as he saw that blow, but it turned to a gasp of relief when Frank stopped it by catching the man's wrist.

  5. Suddenly his eyes fell on something that made him gasp in astonishment.

  6. There were many wonders that caused the explorers to gasp in astonishment.

  7. In the midst of it he turned, and the tempest of imprecation spent itself in a gasp of dismay.

  8. She caught her breath in a little gasp which she was careful not to let him see.

  9. As the last clip sounded Bee gave a gasp at the result.

  10. The negress gave a gasp at sight of the girl's face, and threw up her hands in dismay.

  11. Lucy said with a sudden gasp of relief, "how good the air is after that dark place and the stage.

  12. Then Rochester, with a little gasp of surprise, recalled that likeness which had puzzled him so much.

  13. She gave a little gasp as she came face to face with Saton, and picking up her skirts, seemed for a moment about to fly.

  14. Gabriel's lips parted, but nothing more than a gasp escaped them.

  15. The Princess shot a startled look toward the speaker as a new thought entered her wearied brain; a short, involuntary gasp told that it had lodged and would grow.

  16. It has grown so astonishingly in so short a time that you gasp when you contemplate how much more it is likely to grow.

  17. A drive through Palermo at the fashionable hour causes one to gasp at the thought that one is six thousand miles from Europe.

  18. Every particle of air had its concomitant particle of smoke, and with every wretched gasp I gulped down a wad of poison.

  19. After we had gazed a long while in the most intense suspense, a quick spasmodic gasp came through her parted lips, and a quiver played over her eyelids.

  20. Sylvia and Nessie ran off together to the fruiterer's, proud of their errand, and were just engaged in calculating the cost of three lemons at three-halfpence each, when Sylvia gave a gasp of astonishment and delight.

  21. She gave a little agonized gasp of terror, and at the same moment something sprang up and plumped on to her chest.

  22. A voiceless gasp escaped through wide open lips, where a moment before they had been firm set with murderous intent.

  23. It's the sort of stuff that hasn't a gasp of truth in it.

  24. She heard him gasp with the scorch of the liquor passing down his throat.

  25. With a sobbing gasp she turned in Grange's arms, and clung to him.

  26. But as the raw spirit touched her lips, he saw her eyelids quiver, and a great gasp of relief went through him.

  27. She did not gasp or sob; her lips trembled, her eyes filled with tears, overflowed, and in a moment her whole face was wet, looking like the face of a child of six who has been caught in an April shower.

  28. His face was strangely pale, as though all the blood had gone from it; and they noticed, during the pause, that he seemed suddenly to shiver or gasp for breath.

  29. With a gasp of relief she yielded to Field's insistent hand.

  30. And with a gasp she turned her face into her pillow, and wept for sheer relief.

  31. She uttered a gasp and turned as white as the dress she wore.

  32. I gave a great gasp of anguish, and with all the pent-up force of despair clutched at the branch overhead.

  33. Every few minutes during the first hour Robin would sidle close to Meg, and clutch her dress or her hand with a gasp of rapture.

  34. Robin," Meg cried, with a little gasp of excitement, "so am I!

  35. With a gasp of pure panic he turned and fled, all intellectual preoccupations forgotten.

  36. And if his mouth had opened for a yell of victory as he plunged down, the nature of the surface on which he found himself, and the kind of movement he felt, turned that yell into a gasp of horror.

  37. That was why he heard the gasp which somebody uttered in default of a scream that would not be uttered.

  38. There were few on board who did not hold their breath, till they were obliged to gasp for more.

  39. No sooner did I put the water to the poor fellow's lips, than he gave a gasp and off he went.

  40. And so he did,--of that there could be little doubt; and he would have been ready at any moment to give his life for hers, and to fight to the last gasp to defend her from danger.

  41. Betsey's breath seemed to forsake her in one little gasp of ecstasy.

  42. The poor fellow got so far, looking apparently at the donkey's ears, with hardly a gasp of hope in his voice, and he so far carried Mary with him that she also had hardly a gasp of hope in her heart.

  43. If you have one gasp of breath left, mention your age for Heaven's sake, that I may play that number in the lottery.

  44. Phil rode up by his side and uttered a little gasp of admiration.

  45. Phil uttered a gasp of despair, but Bill Breakstone only laughed.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gasp" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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