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  1. These were the rocks among which the bark of British diplomacy had to be steered.

  2. It was an enormous tree, its girth twice as great as a man could embrace, and evidently long ago some of its branches had been broken off and its bark scarred.

  3. And forth she fared as a stout-souled rover, For a brief blithe raid on the bounding brine: And light winds ferried her light bark over To the lone soft island of fair-limbed kine.

  4. Some grew in same manner, erumpent from thin bark and the broken bark forms a kind of cup at the base of the stroma, others on the naked, hard wood and grew more compact.

  5. The latter specimens grew erumpent from thin bark, and the broken bark forms a kind of cup at the base of the stroma.

  6. In such cases the bark should be cut back to the living tissue and all particles of dead or injured bark scraped off.

  7. An examination showed evidences of bark splitting and this was undoubtedly caused by a severe and sudden cold spell following a very late and extremely vigorous growth.

  8. Beginning with the young trees, newly planted, bark injuries of any kind should be guarded against.

  9. Any break in the bark offers easy entrance to the fungus spores.

  10. In severe cases of bark splitting the bark splits vertically and laterally from the ground up for several feet, but in milder cases the bark is only split away for a short distance.

  11. On this tree the bark was completely split away entirely around the trunk from the ground up for several feet and the injury was so great that the tree died early in the summer.

  12. Bark injury from splitting or desiccation was more prevalent on young vigorous growing trees, and on older trees that had been stimulated into a strong growth by fertilizers or late cultivation.

  13. All of the trees in the Lexington district were more or less severely injured by killing back of the branches and occasionally by bark splitting or bark killing.

  14. The severest case of bark splitting observed was on a vigorous young heartnut seedling at Guelph, Ontario.

  15. When the entire tree is infected, necessitating its removal, the stump should be treated by peeling back the bark and building a hot fire around the trunk in order that all bark tissues shall be destroyed.

  16. It may be due to bark splitting or to desiccation or both.

  17. On these trees the vigorous grafts appeared to be uninjured in the wood, but the bark at the point of union on both stock and scion was so severely injured that the grafts died.

  18. Yonder on the vast wild sea, where the tempest is lashing the waves into mountains, flies the slight bark with the lightning's speed!

  19. She sees the moon and the lovely stars On the clear calm sea--the while Her steady bark glides gently on To Britain's distant isle.

  20. Fear is the rock on which we split, and hate is the shoal on which many a bark is stranded.

  21. It is by this that from the log or piece of bark on which a naked savage floated, we have by successive improvements created a man-of-war carrying a hundred guns and miles of canvas.

  22. That the pulpit was in partnership with the auction block--that the bloodhound's bark was only an echo from many of the churches?

  23. They were eating berries, roots, bark and vermin.

  24. Nerved by the dauntless courage of Ahasistari, they pushed on, and had not advanced a league when suddenly a volley from a Mohawk ambush riddled their bark canoes.

  25. Marquette on this great expedition, in his little bark canoe, was two thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven miles.

  26. The spirits, in form and feature, as they had been in life, wended their way through dark forests to the villages of the dead, subsisting on bark and rotten wood.

  27. But here he found the bark sent by Van Curler for his escape lying high and dry and immovable on the beach, and the vessel was not within hailing distance.

  28. In making another effort to move the bark he seemed to be gifted with renewed strength, and soon the boat was afloat, and thus he succeeded alone in reaching the vessel.

  29. Several apple trees stood back of the house, but these had not been trimmed for years, and the bark and moss were thick upon their trunks.

  30. The man seemed to be doing most of the talking, and Nell was plucking at the bark on the tree with nervous fingers, so Douglas thought.

  31. At this time the Senecas reserved quite a number of their smartest warriors, with each of them a bunch of bark prepared for the purpose of tying prisoners.

  32. With a joyous bark it rushed along the nearest aisle, across the front of the pulpit, down the other aisle and out at the door again.

  33. With a delighted bark for thanks the bull pup trotted away.

  34. Somewhere could be heard a girl's laugh and the sharp bark of a protesting puppy.

  35. I made colors by mixing up all kinds of bark and leaves.

  36. I made the prettiest sort of lilac color with maple bark and pine bark--not the outside pine bark, but that little thin skin that grows right down next to the tree.

  37. I recollect the prettiest sort of a lilac color I made with maple bark and pine bark, not the outside pine bark, but that little thin skin that grows right down next to the tree--it was pretty, that color was.

  38. He would squeal jest lak a pig and he would get down on his knees and bark jest lak a dog.

  39. I did make the most colors by mixing up all kinds of bark and leaves.

  40. Slippery ellum was used for poultices to heal burns, bruises, and any abrasions, and we gargled slippery ellum tea to heal sore throats, but red oak bark tea was our best sore throat remedy.

  41. This was followed by a general fire from the three detachments, upon the Indians who were sleeping under some marquees and bark tents, close upon the margin of the stream.

  42. Before Kenton and Ward had reached the positions they were respectively to occupy, the bark of a dog in the Indian camp was heard, and then the report of a gun.

  43. His new father gave him a bark platter of fish, covered him with a buffalo robe, and showed him six or seven of his wives, who were thenceforth, he was told, to regard him as a son.

  44. The permanent residents were an Ojibwa band, called by the French Sauteurs, whose bark lodges were clustered at the foot of the rapids, near the fort of the Jesuits.

  45. Lodges of bark and rushes, or cabins of logs, were clustered on the open plain, or along the edges of the bordering forests.

  46. After reaching the Mississippi, the whole party encamped together opposite to the mouth of Rum River, pitching their tents of skin, or building their bark huts, on the slope of a hill by the side of the water.

  47. A lover and his mistress, perhaps, sit together under a shed of bark without uttering a word.

  48. They saw the "Griffin" at her anchorage, surrounded by more than a hundred bark canoes, like a Triton among minnows.

  49. He resolved on a journey to the great village of the Senecas, and called on Hennepin, who was busied in building a bark chapel for himself, to accompany him.

  50. The treaty was at length concluded; but scarcely was it made, when the Iroquois prepared to break it, and set about constructing canoes of elm- bark in which to attack the Illinois women and children in their island sanctuary.

  51. On the fifth day, being by this time in extremity, he saw a crowd of squaws and children approaching over the prairie, and presently descried the bark lodges of an Indian town.

  52. The adventurers landed in state, and marched, under arms, to the bark chapel of the Ottawa village, where they heard mass.

  53. At times he was reduced to moss, the bark of trees, or moccasins and old moose-skins cut into strips and boiled.

  54. The former had two kinds of dwelling,--the teepee or skin lodge, and the bark lodge.

  55. The bark lodge was peculiar to the eastern Sioux, and examples of it might be seen until within a few years among the bands, on the St. Peter's.

  56. A man went into the mountains to get bark to make rope with, and found a hole.

  57. C] An onomatopœia for the bark of the fox.

  58. They could bark at his heels, but dared not come to closer quarters: and with his temper slightly ruffled, but otherwise contented to despise them, he took up boldly the task which he had set himself.

  59. The planks appeared not to have been hewn out of drift-wood, but were probably brought from the south, like the birch bark with which the bottom of the coffin was covered.

  60. Rolled-up pieces of bark also lay in the coffin, which were doubtless intended to be used in lighting fires in another world.

  61. The pines, therefore, want the shaggy covering common in Sweden, and the bark of the birches which are seen here and there among the pines is distinguished by an uncommon blinding whiteness.

  62. When he quickened his pace, they quickened theirs; whilst his dog still continued to bark and show every indication of excessive fear.

  63. A young man, named Bernard Vernand, was returning home one night from his work in the fields, when his dog suddenly began to bark savagely, whilst its hair stood on end.

  64. But before Savanich could reply, Caspan gave a loud bark and dashed into the thicket, and the next moment a terrible pandemonium of yells, and snorts, and sharp howls filled the air.

  65. Then, in a temperature anywhere between zero and 60° below, the driver has to remove his heavy mittens and disentangle the traces with his bare hands, while the dogs leap and snap and bark and seem to mock him.

  66. The bark of the trees of which they had been formed remained on them, and was in the most perfect state of preservation.

  67. Abigail turned to her work, emptied her milk into the kettles, and then stirred their contents well together, and put some bark on the fire.

  68. A steady fire of oak bark was burning underneath the kettles, and the boys and girls, friend H.

  69. His shelter is a cave or overhanging rock, as an animal might select one; sometimes it is only a large section of bark which he tears from a tree, and under which he walks or squats in storms or lies at night.

  70. Then it was found necessary to secure the aid of a half-dozen negroes, and to lay down many strips of heavy bark for traction, before the Sky-Bird could be run out of her mired position.

  71. The animal now opened his cavernous mouth, and uttered yell after yell again, these sounding something like the bark of a dog but being a hundred times louder.

  72. Again he is leaping over the white surface to clamber up the repellent bark of a tall hickory.

  73. If timber with tough bark is not available, or in open countries where no timber grows, a broken bone may be nicely splinted by using small round sticks.

  74. Splitting the bark in half, I rounded up the edges and made a splint for the outside of the limb extending from the armpit to six inches below the foot.

  75. While cedar was mentioned as having been used in the above case, the reader will appreciate that any sort of timber with a tough bark will answer equally well.

  76. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bark" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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