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  1. It is entirely to Rossini and his music that Galli, Lablache, and so many distinguished baritones and basses, owe their reputation.

  2. Barbaja had further engaged the celebrated Porto, to whom, to Benedetti, and to basses and baritones in general, Rossini rendered an important service by composing the parts of Faraone and Mose for the bass voice.

  3. Although the part of Don Giovanni was written for a baritone, tenors, such as Tacchinardi and Garcia, have often played it, and frequently with greater success than the majority of baritones have obtained.

  4. The training of baritones is difficult, and should be determined by the tendency of the individual baritone voice--whether it inclines toward bass or toward tenor.

  5. The bass compass parallels that for contralto and alto at an interval of an octave and, in their use of the registers, basses and contraltos and baritones and altos have much in common.

  6. For example, although some baritones are capable of adjusting their vocal tracts to this register, their voices lose the baritone timbre, take on a feminine quality, and become male altos.

  7. For mezzos and baritones about the same system is followed, the exercises being sung a major third or so lower.

  8. Amongst operatic baritones of the past twenty years Senor Guiseppe Del Puente, a Spaniard, descended from an old and noble family, must be mentioned.

  9. In the list of famous baritones of the present day, America is admirably represented by David Bispham, who has gained his greatest reputation in the part of Falstaff in Verdi's opera of that name.

  10. He is undoubtedly to be considered one of the greatest baritones of the present day.

  11. He has a large repertoire of baritone operatic parts, in which he has sung with great success, and he is one of the best oratorio and concert baritones of the day.

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