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  1. It consists of sulphur and potassium chlorate, with some salt of barium (usually the nitrate), to which the color of the flame is due.

  2. H3PO2, whose salts are produced by the action of barium hygrate on phosphorus.

  3. Defn: Barium carbonate occurring in white or gray six-sided twin crystals, and also in columnar or granular masses.

  4. Defn: An oxide containing one atom of oxygen in each molecule; as, barium monoxide.

  5. Defn: Native barium sulphate or barite, -- so called because of its high specific gravity as compared with other non-metallic minerals.

  6. Native barium sulphate or barite, -- so called because of its high specific gravity as compared with other non-metallic minerals.

  7. Sometimes it contains Prussian blue, and sometimes carbonate of barium in place of strychnia.

  8. Instead of using ammonia, the precipitate may be agitated with barium carbonate, which has less tendency to decompose the base on its liberation.

  9. Equal parts of arsenic and carbonate of barium (itself poisonous), coloured with rose pink, and scented with oils of anise and rhodium.

  10. The filtrate is neutralised with barium carbonate, evaporated to 50 c.

  11. It is prepared by treating a mixture of citral and acetone with barium hydrate, and distilling in vacuo.

  12. Sulphates are estimated by precipitation as barium sulphate and calculated to Na{2}SO{4}.

  13. Sulphites give with barium chloride a precipitate soluble in hydrochloric acid.

  14. These may be precipitated with barium chloride in acid solution, in the usual way, dried, ignited, and weighed.

  15. In its chemical properties it closely resembles barium and strontium, and to some degree magnesium; these four elements comprise the so-called metals of the "alkaline earths.

  16. Tarentum; the shorter route by Canusium, Barium and Gnathia was only made into a main artery of communication by Trajan (see APPIA, VIA).

  17. The metal has been obtained by electrolysis of a mixture of caesium and barium cyanides (C.

  18. Ammonium sulphide blackens it, and it is coluble in solution of ammonium acetate, which distinguishes it from barium sulphate.

  19. Venetian white, Hamburg white and Dutch white are mixtures of one part of white lead with one, two and three parts of barium sulphate respectively.

  20. Butler Burke of Cambridge has also made a series of experiments with radium and barium salts analogous to those of Dubois.

  21. Thus sucrate of calcium will engender organic forms, whereas sucrate of strontium or barium does not do so.

  22. The potassium nitrate takes fire more readily than the barium nitrate, but it is more expensive than the latter.

  23. An English mixture containing these elements is, Barium nitrate 58 per cent.

  24. The barium and potassium nitrates supply the oxygen to the magnesium, which burns with a brilliant white flame.

  25. Among the ingredients are barium nitrate, potassium perchlorate, powdered aluminum, powdered magnesium, potassium nitrate, and sulphur.

  26. Barium gives to the arc a fairly white color.

  27. Lithopone, a white pigment consisting of zinc sulphide and barium sulphate, sometimes exhibits the peculiar property of darkening on exposure to sunlight.

  28. One of the simplest mixtures used by the English is, Barium nitrate 37 per cent.

  29. A third plan is to spread the barium carbonate upon fish, toasted bread (moistened), or ordinary bread and butter.

  30. Powdered white arsenic (arsenious acid) may be fed to rats in almost any of the baits mentioned under barium carbonate and strychnin.

  31. One of the cheapest and most effective poisons for rats and mice is barium carbonate.

  32. Barium carbonate may be fed in the form of dough composed of four parts of meal or flour and one part of the mineral.

  33. Among the principal poisons that have been recommended for killing rats and mice are barium carbonate, strychnin, arsenic, phosphorus, and squills.

  34. Barium platinocyanide, which is much used in the fluorescent screens employed in work with the Rontgen rays, shows a brilliant green fluorescence with ordinary light.

  35. Under the influence of an electromotive force the barium ions moved up the tube, disclosing their presence by the trace of insoluble barium sulphate formed.

  36. Thus decinormal jelly solutions of barium chloride and sodium chloride, the latter containing a trace of sodium sulphate, were placed in contact.

  37. I have also incorporated a short section on the reciprocal salt-pair barium carbonate--potassium sulphate, which had been written for the German edition of this book by the late Professor W.

  38. The diagram of solubilities of barium acetate not only illustrates the way in which the solubility curves of the different stable hydrates of a salt succeed one another, but it has also an interest and importance from another point of view.

  39. Various examples of this behaviour are known, and we choose for illustration the solubility relationships of barium acetate and its hydrates[222] (Fig.

  40. At temperatures above 0deg, barium acetate can form two stable hydrates, a trihydrate and a monohydrate.

  41. This curve represents the solubility of barium acetate as determined by Krasnicki.

  42. The screen of barium platinocyanide is, therefore, another means for revealing the unknown world.

  43. Like sodium sulphate and calcium sulphate, heavy spar when heated with charcoal parts with its oxygen and forms barium sulphide, BaS.

  44. Barium nitrate is directly decomposed by the action of heat, barium oxide being left behind.

  45. Thus, at a red heat oxygen displaces iodine from barium iodide.

  46. The result in one case is essentially water, chlorine, and manganese chloride; and in the other case barium chloride and hydrogen peroxide are produced.

  47. Ozone may also be obtained by decomposing strong sulphuric acid by potassium manganate especially with the addition of barium peroxide.

  48. The acid compounds of the peroxide and oxide of barium are easily distinguishable by their stability.

  49. At Andreasberg in the Harz it is found in the lead and silver veins; and at Strontian in Argyllshire in lead veins, associated with brewsterite (a strontium and barium zeolite), barytes and calcite.

  50. Similar sodium, ammonium, lithium, magnesium, calcium, barium and zinc salts have been obtained.

  51. The chromates are stable towards heat; they are poisonous, and may be recognized by the yellow precipitates they give with soluble barium and lead salts.

  52. Radium is an element resembling calcium, strontium, and barium in chemical properties; its atomic weight was determined by Mme.

  53. A double chloride of barium and lead was formed slowly in a similar way.

  54. In the first portion the barium is determined; in the second the barium chloride.

  55. From the quantity of barium valerate found he calculates the amount of amyl alcohol present in the original solution; 150 c.

  56. Then I found the shelf on the side next the tube, and then the sheet of paper prepared with barium platinocyanide.

  57. A piece of barium platinocyanide paper lay on the bench there.

  58. You will find a sheet of barium paper on the shelf," he added, and then went away to the coil.

  59. A white is sometimes prepared for process work from barium sulphate.

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