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  1. With regard to the latter this word of advice may be given: The greater the number of plates in the distilling column, the less the coal consumed per gallon of alcohol produced.

  2. This example is not given as encouragement to illicit or "blockade" distilling but merely to show vividly how simple the rudimentary apparatus really is.

  3. Second it heats the wash intended for distilling by appropriating the heat of the vapors to be condensed.

  4. Besides this it always contains substances which have the property of distilling over with the spirit, although their boiling points, when in the pure state, are much higher than that of alcohol.

  5. It is termed the Patent Simplified Distilling Apparatus; it was originally invented by Corty, but it has since undergone much improvement.

  6. Squier Manufacturing Company, Buffalo, New York, for their kindness in allowing illustrations to be given of modern American distilling apparatus.

  7. The best potatoes for distilling are those which are most farinaceous when boiled.

  8. In many distilling apparatuses the distilling column and the rectifying column are in two parts, one beside the other.

  9. The reader therefore, must be warned against any feeling of discouragement because of the cost and complicated perfection of elaborate distilling plants.

  10. From the distilling column K the phlegm or raw spirit passes to the phlegm tank L from which it is drawn as desired into the rectifying column M, thence into the coolers and condensers and thence into the alcohol tanks N.

  11. In the previous chapter we have given a description of small, simple stills, such as were used until late years, and which are yet used in many localities where distilling is carried on on a small scale.

  12. Judging that the coal, being under the influence of heat, was the cause of the production of the oil, Mr Young tested this conclusion by distilling the coal itself.

  13. If the trade of distilling is not to be impaired, what shall hinder the consumption of spirits?

  14. In 1792 Murdoch erected a gas distilling apparatus, and lighted his house and offices by gas distributed through service pipes.

  15. It must be understood, however, that this forms no part of the refrigerating process proper, but only a means of driving off or distilling the anhydrous ammonia gas (the refrigerant) from its aqueous solution.

  16. Printing, brewing and distilling are also carried on, and the town is famous for its rye-bread (Pumpernickel).

  17. This is mixed with small coal, and when redistilled gives an enriched dust, and by repeating the process and distilling from cast iron retorts the metal is obtained.

  18. CHO; by distilling the calcium salts of the fatty acids with calcium formate; and by hydrolysis of the acetals.

  19. At a later period when sal-ammoniac was obtained by distilling the hoofs and horns of oxen, and neutralizing the resulting carbonate with hydrochloric acid, the name spirits of hartshorn was applied to ammonia.

  20. It is usually prepared by distilling ammonium acetate.

  21. It may be separated from fusel oil by shaking with strong brine solution, separating the oily layer from the brine layer and distilling it, the portion boiling between 125 deg.

  22. Another manner of distilling the Honie, more at large taught.

  23. Another maner of distilling the hony more at large cap.

  24. The manner of distilling a water of Hony named the Quintessence.

  25. The maner of distilling a water of hony named the cap.

  26. The use of wheat for distilling was prohibited by an order of Council of 16 Sept.

  27. The export of corn (which had reached a million quarters a year not long before) was prohibited, and the use of grain in distilling stopped for two months.

  28. By distilling a mixture of the dry lime salts of benzoic and acetic acids there is obtained a compound known to chemists as acetophenone, which is used for inducing sleep under the name of hypnone.

  29. The operation of tar-distilling is about as unromantic a process as can be imagined, but it must be briefly described before the subsequent developments of the industry can be appreciated properly.

  30. The commissioner at Washington conferred with the marshal for Georgia by mail, and begged him to exert himself to the utmost to break up the business of illicit distilling in the Hog Mountain Range.

  31. In distilling a moderately strong solution of mixed arsenious and antimonious chlorides in concent.

  32. I shall here describe briefly the form and dimensions of the distilling apparatus employed at Marseilles in purifying sulphur for the national gunpowder works, which was found adequate to supply the wants of Napoleon's great empire.

  33. The volatile oil of almonds is obtained by distilling the marc or bitter almond cake, along with water.

  34. What is called the essence of petit-grain, is obtained by distilling the leaves of the orange shrub.

  35. Herapath has shown that, in distilling zinc per descensum (see ZINC), the first portions of gaseous metal which are disengaged burn with a brown flame and deposit the brown oxide of cadmium.

  36. Several ounces of potassium may be produced in this way at one operation; but, as thus obtained, it always contains some combined charcoal, which must be separated by distilling it in an iron retort, having its beak plunged in naphtha.

  37. Indeed, Stoltze professes to purify the pyrolignous acid solely by distilling it with peroxide of manganese, and then digesting it with bruised wood charcoal; or by distilling it with a mixture of sulphuric acid and manganese.

  38. Our native roses furnish such small quantities of the oil, that they are not worth distilling for the purpose.

  39. The iron cylinder apparatus used in Britain for distilling wood vinegar, would, however, be much more convenient and productive.

  40. The oil of all the turpentines is extracted by distilling them along with water.

  41. In fact, the great nicety in distilling phosphorus lies in the management of the fire, which must be incessantly watched, and fed by the successive introduction of fuel, consisting of coke with a mixture of dry wood and coal.

  42. The alkalis enable us to detect the presence of other oils, as that of turpentine or sassafras, in that of cloves, because they fix the latter, while the former may be volatilized with water by distilling the mixture.

  43. An oil which has begun to experience such an oxidizement is composed of a resin dissolved in the unaltered oil; and the oil may be separated by distilling the solution along with water.

  44. It is extracted from several species of turpentine, a semi-liquid resinous substance which exudes from certain trees of the pine tribe, and is obtained by distilling the resin along with water.

  45. A force pump may be substituted, to force the wash through the pipes k, and distilling apparatus, with the velocity required.

  46. It is prepared by treating a mixture of citral and acetone with barium hydrate, and distilling in vacuo.

  47. Among its industries are distilling and the manufacture of furniture, and the preparation of vermicelli, sausages and other provisions.

  48. Unless disturbed and angered, the snake might not bite; but was he not at that moment distilling some secret venom upon her lips?

  49. Joule has also proved that, when iron is released from its amalgam by distilling away the mercury, the metallic iron takes fire on exposure to air, and is therefore clearly different from ordinary iron.

  50. Steam power is used for raising the anchor, removing the ashes from the engine room, and for distilling water.

  51. It was discovered about two hundred years ago by Brandt, a merchant of Hamburg, and may be prepared on a small scale by distilling at a red heat phosphoric acid previously fused with one-fourth of its weight of powdered charcoal.

  52. The town carries on distilling and flour-milling and the manufacture of brushes, plaster and wooden shoes.

  53. Before it can be cupelled it has to be freed from most of the zinc, which is accomplished by distilling in a retort made of a mixture similar to that of the plumbago crucible.

  54. Cheaper varieties are made by distilling the entire plant.

  55. Of the other, the distilling branch of the smugglers' business, a great deal was no doubt done in those lonely hills of Northumberland and Roxburgh and the other Border counties.

  56. Distilling suited his temperament to a nicety.

  57. Well, Donald, I'm an excise officer, and you've been distilling whisky contrary to the law.

  58. A simple distilling apparatus is shown in Fig.

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