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Example sentences for "distillery"

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  1. Meir answered "This is the secret: Jankiel Kamionker, as you know, zeide, rents the distillery from the lord of Kamionka.

  2. Then the moonshiner does his distillery up in a napkin and goes away into the primeval forest.

  3. I went up into the distillery to the very tip-top by ladders with Uncle Oc and Fred Saturday night.

  4. Several hours earlier the great hogsheads which had been dragged out of the distillery had been knocked in the head without ceremony, and every one had drunk his fill.

  5. Barnard's Inn and the Langdale distillery in Holborn yielded to the flames.

  6. The Langdale distillery was in flames close by, although the situation of the house prevented the girl from following the progress of the catastrophe.

  7. I had experience of informers in the distillery line once.

  8. But there's one comfort in this distillery business--come what will, a man has always proof spirits.

  9. Pray, how does the distillery business go on?

  10. In this dilemma the people found themselves in the month of February, when one James Conner had been discovered to be erecting a distillery at the Falls of the Wallamet.

  11. I remember an affair that took place at the old distillery in Cedar City, just before the massacre.

  12. That the will of God might be done, these men were coaxed to go to the old distillery and take a drink.

  13. This was Old Dock, with its turpentine distillery smoking and sending out resinous vapors.

  14. Before leaving the party, Mr. Carroll had handed me a letter addressed to Mr. Hall, who was in charge of a turpentine distillery on my route.

  15. The turpentine distillery of Dutton was situated in a heavy forest of lofty pines.

  16. A great distillery in Holborn was wrecked; men and women killed themselves by drinking the unrectified spirits which were brought into the streets, and others who were drunk perished in the flames or were buried in the ruins.

  17. The bake-house and distillery are still kept up upon a large scale.

  18. In the distillery they make brandy from dates, which is the only solace these recluses enjoy, and in this they are permitted to indulge even during the fasts.

  19. According to this policy, the abatement of the taxes upon the distillery ought not to be so great as to reduce, in any respect, the price of those liquors.

  20. There's a distillery there, you know, and a fishing village at the foot; at least there used to be six years ago, when I was living with the exciseman.

  21. His dwelling house and store was on Orange street at the South part of the town, and his distillery was on Harvard street directly opposite his dwelling.

  22. His distillery was near Essex street on the margin of the South Cove.

  23. Some of the lads were more or less adopted and lived out most of the time there only looking in at the distillery to find out when our next move was due.

  24. I forget the details but we disembarked and were whisked off to various destinations; our draft together with some others was sent to a disused distillery in Wishaw.

  25. If these Civic Club people keep up the agitation--particularly if they link on to the prohibition movement, as they are likely to do--the distillery may become a live issue in the next state campaign.

  26. He has the same right and more cause than Abraham Lincoln to cancel every license, and shut up every brewery and distillery in the United States.

  27. The shutting up of the distillery and the building of these hundred cottages meant increased trade to all the local shopkeepers, and in turn this benefited the wholesale trade and caused increased employment.

  28. I saw in Peoria the largest distillery in the world.

  29. They easily sank under fatigue, but might be employed with advantage in the distillery and the boiling house or as watchmen against fire and the depredations of cattle.

  30. The molasses, the scum, and the juice of the canes tainted by damage from rats and hurricanes were carried to vats in the distillery where, with yeast and water added, the mixture fermented and when distilled yielded rum.

  31. It occupied about a quarter of the plain, had a distillery on it, and had been rented for many years by a brandy-merchant, well to do.

  32. One of the other two must have been in the distillery a long time because pretty soon he neglected to use his memory and sat down in my lap.

  33. During the first seven blocks three men fresh from a distillery grew up in front of me and removed the scenery.

  34. The party which had been studying the exhibits in the distillery got the idea in his head that my foot was the loud pedal on a piano and he started to play the overture from William Tell until I yelled "W'at'ell!

  35. Prior to the death of old Cap Lutts, he had moved his distillery to a new site.

  36. Why my mister sells the best of the Little Hell Gate Distillery stuff, yet if a fellow has too many drinks in him, he doesn’t get another one from us.

  37. She had the half-ruined distillery yet to pass.

  38. The high cobwebby openings of the distillery looked on a blank night sky.

  39. The fort had been surrendered without a shot, to save the lives of the villagers, and they were all hurried to the distillery and put under guard.

  40. She steered by a trailing oar until lighted distillery and black cliff receded and it was safe for her to fix her sculls and row with all her might.

  41. As she drew nearer, cracks of light and a hum like the droning of a beehive magically turned the old distillery into a caravansary of spirits.

  42. Whiskey leaves the distillery in an unadulterated condition, while beer is drugged at the brewery.

  43. The buyer informed me that they fattened well; that there was a special demand for this quality in the export trade of dressed beef, and that owing to their cheapness and consequent profit they were in demand for distillery feeding.

  44. Early in the summer, at Dodge, I met a gentleman who was representing a distillery in Illinois.

  45. On my return to the Clear Fork, the ranch outfit had just finished gathering from my own and adjoining ranges fifteen hundred bulls for distillery feeding.

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