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unyoked; uomini; uomo; uous; uovo; upas; upbear; upbore; upborne; upbraid
  1. When some way on their road, up started two men, one of whom held the companion, while the other, applying a knife to the strap, undid the box and made off with it in an instant.

  2. I came up to a young man very busy sending from a black pipe large clouds of tobacco smoke.

  3. It was all up with my ghost, who almost instantly became as gentle as these creatures, even the real white kind, generally are.

  4. Close to that a ragged arm-chair, with a bundle of hay rolled up in an old napkin, to serve when there was an additional lodger.

  5. I am sorry for the mistake," said the grocer, as he rolled up the small packet, and Biddy laid down the pence.

  6. And if you are not quiet," said I, "I will return and take up you for helping him to eat it.

  7. Why," said I, "you could scarcely serve up to your master and his guests a leg of mutton that had been stolen by a sweep, and been in the Police Office.

  8. Tis because they have a diploma from nature; and so the thieves who work by natural instinct come slap up to them and claim an equality.

  9. I had given up hope, and my angry cooks were left to look better after the joints that were to be used in future, when one night I happened to go into the shop of Mr M'Dougal at the foot of the High Street.

  10. You can only do your best, James," said Mr Moxey, looking up at what he thought wonderfully learned in me.

  11. I was not thinking of Wright, and pushing the people aside, I was beginning to make my way down, when up the close comes running a man in his shirt-sleeves.

  12. Eclipsed in Ireland by the more spectacular attractions of Sinn Fein, the Nationalists' only hope of recovering their lost popularity is to kick up the dust of St. Stephen's.

  13. Perhaps he has not yet made up his own mind on the subject.

  14. Better be held up now," said a sententious man, "than be killed for want of prudence.

  15. He had not covered one hundred yards when a ducky little thing pranced up to him, squeaking, "Where are your gloves, Sir?

  16. Tommy (to alien Visitor about to run up to Town for the day).

  17. Casualties amongst visitors up to the present, one sick (sugar saturation).

  18. Magnificent Switchback Railway up and down the Messines Mine Craters.

  19. He went to the "Bolero" for lunch, ordered some oysters for a start, polished them off and bade the waiter trot up the consommé.

  20. Casualties up to the present, one Conscientious Objector missing, believed joined up.

  21. And when it was no longer light I felt them up my pillows creep, And there they sat and sang all night-- I heard them singing in my sleep.

  22. They had just started feeding up in the regimental lines when he arrived; the excited neighing of five hundred horses was music to his ears.

  23. Mr. BONAR LAW declined to commit himself to the actual term, but announced the intention to set up a new Air Ministry, and to "employ our machines over German towns so far as military needs render us free to take such action.

  24. He looked at it in despair, and then took up the other one; but that was even worse.

  25. The Figure holding Effie moved not at all, only as Effie sat breathless looking down to the ground, its hand pointed to the East and Effie again looked up there.

  26. She got into her sleigh which is made of a dove-feather, curling up in front, and which is drawn by twelve lady birds: the lady birds all had on robes of caterpillar fuz to keep them warm.

  27. She thought she ought to ask for the best thing she could think of, but for a long time she could not make up her mind, until a few days before her birth-day, as she was singing the two songs.

  28. Effie flew up stairs with her broom, and ran to the cottage door.

  29. Effie watched him go under the water, and then walked up into the house.

  30. Pretty soon, the boat came up to the beach where she was, and a rough-looking sailor jumped out.

  31. At the top of the stairs, where it was still quite dark, he could see Peter curled up in bed.

  32. His paper meanwhile enjoyed a fair circulation, and his enemies periodically saw themselves held up before the people of the Province in a light well calculated to bring down public execration upon them.

  33. It appeared that with the exception of Mr. John Beikie, Clerk of the Executive Council, and a very few of the townspeople, the audience was entirely made up of members of the Legislature.

  34. Some of the leading organs of public opinion in different parts of the world had built up their reputations mainly by the fulness and accuracy of their reports of Parliamentary proceedings.

  35. It would have swept away the Compact, together with the long-standing abuses which had grown up under their rule, and the united party would quietly have assumed the reins of power with an overwhelming majority at its back.

  36. He took up his quarters at the house of his brother, the Reverend W.

  37. He was looked up to as a man of weight and influence in the community, and the consciousness of this was naturally gratifying to the whilom shop-boy of Dumfries.

  38. But a still more serious evil soon began to loom up before his mind, for the result of his investigations was a conviction that the Court could not legally sit in Term, unless the full court--i.

  39. No authority whatever was meanwhile given to Mackenzie, either expressly or by implication, to stir the people up to rebellion.

  40. He seems to have been very deliberate about making up his mind, as he did not set sail from Liverpool until the month of April, 1817, and did not reach Canada until early in June.

  41. Loyalist, and was brought up on a farm, at a time when public schools were few and far between in the rural districts.

  42. It was built on ground that bordered upon and ran up to the Government's reservation, which alone intervened between it and the top of the bank.

  43. If we give up now the girls will get scared.

  44. High up in the tower they could note Mr. Haley and his helper cleaning the great lantern and lens.

  45. The three cars had drawn up in front of the Mansion House at Fairport, following a pleasant run after the sheep episode.

  46. I can go up there and get another extinguisher!

  47. Jack, running his car up alongside his sister's.

  48. If it did," added Walter, "we would have to load up with planks to bridge over the bad places.

  49. The herder looked up stolidly, puffing on a short pipe, and called to one of the dogs, who leaped off to drive back into the flock a sheep that showed a propensity to lag behind.

  50. Girls, I'm sure she must be, in some way, tragically mixed up in our lives.

  51. Norton arrived soon after Walter and Ed, coming up in his car, which was kept in a public garage.

  52. Aunt Susan, as the dripping girls trooped up the hill to the bungalow.

  53. Soon the two craft were moving over the sparkling waters of the Cove, which seemed to be trying to make up for what the sea had done the day before.

  54. Half an hour later they were safe ashore, and two fishermen on the beach had carried the girl up to the bungalow.

  55. On up to the time she had fled from the office, when the two men came in, and her wanderings until she went into the Kimball garage, my readers need no enlightenment.

  56. She speeded up a little, and turning to one side seemed to be headed straight for a tree.

  57. He has made a statement, and it is now--will you permit me to say it--it is now strictly up to him to prove it.

  58. There was bullying and initiation ceremonies such as tossing small boys up from a held blanket or having younger boys run naked in the snow.

  59. Later, there was a penalty of imprisonment in a House of Correction up to three months for sellers or hawkers of pamphlets or newspapers, and the apprehender received a reward of 20s.

  60. Since sails for ships in recent years have been made in the realm instead of imported, none shall make such cloth unless he has been apprenticed in such or brought up in the trade for seven years.

  61. There was a Catholic plot in 1605 to blow up Parliament and the king with gunpowder and to restore Catholicism as the state religion with a Catholic king.

  62. By November the fall planting was finished and the time had come for the killing of cattle and hanging up their salted carcasses for winter meat.

  63. Households with a plague victim were walled up with its residents inside to reduce contagion, and then marked with a red cross.

  64. Almost all members gave up their commissions.

  65. City corporations were to give up their usual feasts and half the charge given to the poor.

  66. The Tower of London, upwind of the fire, was saved by blowing up surrounding buildings.

  67. Cromwell gave up hope on negotiations with Charles when he intercepted a letter by Charles to his Queen decreeing the final doom of the army adherents in favor of the Scottish Presbyterians.

  68. None may be admitted to any court of the king but such as have been brought up in the same court or is otherwise well-practiced in soliciting of causes and has been found by their dealings to be skillful and honest.

  69. Anyone stealing or maliciously pulling up or destroying any turnips on a person's land must pay damages or go to gaol for up to one month.

  70. Lombard puckered his lips and struck up the air, and off they went with as much enthusiasm as if inspired by a first-class orchestra.

  71. Emmeline is a married woman, therefore Emmeline will give up her music.

  72. The servants rushed up to him, took his sabre, led him into the house, gave him the seat of honor, and made him eat and drink until he was full up to the very nostrils.

  73. I have a great many nice things to think about without being taken up with those horrid subjects.

  74. At midnight he fled a second time from the city, took refuge in the same forest as before, and, climbing up the very same tree, went to sleep.

  75. I must pack up here, and settle everything.

  76. Naznai, trembling with fear, ran and climbed up into a cart, almost breaking his neck in his haste.

  77. Percival stood up and stared vaguely round the room.

  78. In the well-known Scotch ballad "Edom o' Gordon" the Lady Rodes is represented as being shut up by Gordon in her burning castle.

  79. People climb up the sides of his carriage to touch his hand, mothers lift up their children to the windows imploring his blessing, and the cry of "Vive Victor Hugo!

  80. But I could not check up the horse, or even turn him, try as I would; a few jumps more and he had me up beside another animal.

  81. I lifted up one huge forefoot and saw that the claws were four inches and more in length.

  82. People were already up and moving about, some of the men preparing to ride out to hunt.

  83. But just then I saw a wounded woman stagger to her feet, and then with a cry throw up her hands and fall dead, and I shouted with joy that I had killed, and with Red Crow dashed on, thirsting now to kill!

  84. Meantime one of our men up on the extreme point of the cliff was signaling down to us, his signs plain as he stood outlined against the clear sky: "They are all wiped out!

  85. He undid the fastenings, unrolled wrap after wrap of leather, and held up to my astonished gaze a shirt of mail, very fine meshed and light, and an exquisitely fashioned rapier.

  86. It was hard for us all to do that, to stare up a coulee when we wanted to keep our eyes on the cliffs, but we had not to endure it long; we soon heard the whoom!

  87. He had shot away his handful of arrows and was reaching into his quiver for more when a Crow rode up beside him, reached out and grasped him by the arm, endeavoring to pull him over and knife him.

  88. For a mile or more from the wall the trail still ran south up a rocky slope, then turned, and, still rising, ran along a very steep slope to the summit of the range.

  89. Lo, the great body rolled up on its back and remained there propped against the sideways turned head!

  90. At last, after many weary days of rowing and cordelling up the swift Saskatchewan, we arrived at Mountain Fort.

  91. Just then the door curtain was thrust aside and a handsome young woman rushed in, and Mad Plume sprang up and embraced her.

  92. All around the inside was a leather lining running from the ground up to a height of about six feet, and attached to a rawhide line running from pole to pole.

  93. Kommandanten i fort Dodge befandt sig i samme forlegenhet som general Sheridan, idet han nemlig gjerne vilde faa sendt depecher til fort Larned, men ikke kunde faa nogen til at gjøre turen.

  94. One of them, Raoul Monnet, was beheaded for inviting young men to look at indecorous pictures; and the party was ultimately broken up as the result of a row in the streets.

  95. The citizens snatched up their weapons, and hurried down, half dressed, to give them battle in the dark.

  96. And so is Charles Bonnet, who was not afraid to stand up for orthodoxy against Voltaire; and so is Mallet, who travelled as far as Lapland.

  97. The next step was to arrest all the aristocrats who had not fled from the town, lock them up in the Grenier de Chantepoulet, and improvise a revolutionary tribunal to judge them.

  98. He was haled before an ecclesiastical court, and accused of preaching the Gospel in an inappropriate costume--‘got up like a gendarme or a brigand.

  99. But there were no such violent or such continual disturbances as need take up the whole of a literary man’s time, or prevent him from getting on with his work.

  100. They barricaded the doors, stationed themselves at the windows armed with muskets, and successfully defied a gang of revolutionists who came to blow them up with hand-grenades.

  101. They walk, or rather they creep about, with their eyes fixed upon the earth, picking up a specimen here and a specimen there, without any eye to a generalization.

  102. The people took up arms by order of the Committees of the Clubs.

  103. There she took up a permanent abode, and there died of a lingering and painful disease, a cancer in the breast, on the twenty-fifth of August, 1789.

  104. In order to keep up a show of good spirits, they frequently cried out to the Indians, "Shoot bullets, you squaws!

  105. Hurrying up a private stairway, she was met by Waltermeyer, who roughly exclaimed, "Wench!

  106. We have been too lenient heretofore, and have let men go who immediately made use of their liberty to take up arms against us.

  107. Mr. Van Alstine, starting up in surprise, asked impatiently, 'What the devilish Indian wanted?

  108. I wanted to see my child, and I told them they could send no party who could keep up with me.

  109. Adair directed them to send the jailor up to him, and wrote a note introducing his sister to the acquaintance of Lord Rawdon.

  110. After deep thought Philippa has made up her mind to tell no one, of all she has heard and of all that has happened in consequence.

  111. Wet,' he says to himself turning round, 'no good getting up yet, Philippa is sure not to.

  112. She looks extremely pretty to-night in a quaint, little white satin dress, her hair fluffed all round her head, and tied up with pale green ribbons.

  113. Philippa, suddenly looking up into his face.

  114. Jimmy, gazing down at the blushing face, which is being rubbed up and down against his coat sleeve.

  115. That depends,' says Miss Seaton, glancing up in his face, to find he is looking at her rather more earnestly than is necessary.

  116. Paul becomes aware that she is crying, and says, turning her face up to his.

  117. Dalrymple draws himself up and his voice is cold and studiously polite.

  118. Of course,' replies she gaily, and then seeing how earnest he is she goes up to him and slipping her arms round his neck she says, 'there is one thing you have not done.

  119. The regular dinner of the house was long past, but he managed to get us a very tolerable meal; and what was wanting in this he made up by giving us an excellent bottle of wine.

  120. We all alighted, except the ladies; and acting as pioneers, pushed up the hill, breasting it stoutly.

  121. Within these few years, a young man of good appearance was known to have taken up his abode here; he shunned all observance, only holding communion with a poor family who procured him what necessaries he needed.

  122. In future, always arrange on all early expeditions to have my quarters beat up last.

  123. On quitting the Mansion-house he had fitted up a small basket with sundry comforts, which were of infinite use to myself and comrades, they served as a speedy introduction and a durable cement to our friendship.

  124. En as 't koud is, kruipe we dicht op mekaar".

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