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  1. Without warning or preparation, increment involving countless possibilities of further increment was coming to the strength of horses and men.

  2. Thus the increment may be possessed, as the fruit of thy handmaid; or the accession consists in the union with a larger thing which is yours, as when alluvium is deposited on your land.

  3. The unearned increment would be so widely distributed that it would be needless, for purposes of equalizing distribution, to bother with it, though it might still be appropriated by the State as a means of increasing its revenue.

  4. The white settlers determined to thwart the purpose of the absentee owners to gain an increment from their sacrifice and labor.

  5. They said they had the power to levy taxes for bridges and for schools and they had determined to make the absentees in this way compensate them, in part, for the increment they were earning for them.

  6. Radical tax reform, through the establishing of a uniform, progressive income and property tax, collected by the communes; local taxes to be assessed upon increment value; and prohibition of all taxes upon the necessaries of life.

  7. And we must get at the unearned increment for the benefit of the people of London, who create it.

  8. The appropriation of the unearned increment by the taxation and rating of ground values?

  9. The gradient at any point of the curve--increment of excitation divided by increment of stimulus--gives the susceptibility for excitation at that point.

  10. This is the median range where equal increment of stimulus induces equal increment of excitation.

  11. It might be expected that male offspring would result, in consequence of a more albuminous diet, by which a greater increment of albumen would be made possible; the thing, however, is not quite so simple as this.

  12. When a current of strength i is suddenly interrupted in the primary, the increment of induction through the secondary is sensibly equal to 4[pi]in/l units.

  13. If a tube, whether of glass or other materials, filled with condensed gas, have its temperature slightly raised, it will often burst; for a slight increment of heat causes the elasticity of the gas to increase in a very high ratio.

  14. It is well known that the capacity of the atmosphere to absorb aqueous vapor, and hold it in suspension, increases with every increment of temperature.

  15. The seminary that furnisheth matter for the formation and increment of animal and vegetable bodies.

  16. Defn: A name given to the factors of a continued product when the former are derivable from one and the same function F(x) by successively imparting a constant increment or decrement h to the independent variable.

  17. A nation, to be great, ought to be compressed in its increment by nations more civilized than itself.

  18. Defn: An infinitesimal change in a varying quantity; an increment or decrement.

  19. If there is two, the second increment is the syllable next the last.

  20. If there are two, the second increment is the syllable next to the last.

  21. In every case they represent a service rendered the depositor for which the bank must be paid, and, when interest is allowed, the depositor must repay it in some form with an increment sufficient to remunerate said service.

  22. These mortgages were made payable to the association in the form of small annuities, to which were added the interest paid on the bonds and an increment for the payment of the expenses of the association.

  23. In an extended table of S, the value is interpolated for unit increment of velocity.

  24. To save the trouble of proportional parts the value of T(v) for unit increment of v is interpolated in a full-length extended ballistic table for T.

  25. He said that nearly everything of value in the illustrations of Gibson's book was the work not of the artist but of the engraver who, he declared, had "added increment after increment of value" to the crude original drawings.

  26. Each and several of them incontinently needs a further increment of prestige, and therefore also a further increment of the material assets in men and resources that are needful as ways and means to assert and augment the national honor.

  27. The only point that is difficult to elucidate is the initial staircase increment of the twitches, more especially in excised, bloodless muscle, which seems in direct contradiction with the previous theory.

  28. The vertical distance between two successive dots thus gives increment of growth in one minute for 1 degree rise of temperature from T to T′.

  29. The increment of length divided by the increment of time gives the absolute rate of growth at any part of the curve.

  30. A Thermo-crescent Curve is thus obtained, the ordinate of which represents increment of growth, and the abscissa, the time.

  31. An increment of growth so minute as a millionth part of a mm.

  32. Drop the active foot to anterior fourth position (figure 59), plié, and at the same time dispose the arms to give the twisting impulse to the body.

  33. A few years ago Angelo Romeo used it as the theme of his solo in a Ballet of Birds (under Fred Thompson’s management, the New York Hippodrome staged some real ballets).

  34. Notwithstanding the recent falling off in gold production, an increment of approximately 350 million dollars is potentially available each year to be added to the gold reserves.

  35. The bonus would have had to be paid on all the gold mined, which would make the increment of production very expensive; to secure an added production of ten million dollars would have cost in the neighborhood of forty millions.

  36. Thus if the price per bushel of wheat in New York is twenty-five cents higher than in Chicago, it would obviously be absurd to charge a rate which would absorb all of that increment of place value due to transportation.

  37. Almost two-thirds of the increment of revenue still remains as profit.

  38. With low-grade products, like salt or sugar, the increment of value due to transportation is relatively high as compared with manufacturing costs.

  39. Two-thirds of the entire increment of revenue goes to profit.

  40. And secondly, each increment of traffic must be economically suitable to the particular carriage in contemplation.

  41. Is each increment of business to the railroad a gain to it and to the community?

  42. Each is accepting business at a virtual loss, all costs including fixed charges on capital being taken into account, in order to secure the increment of business.

  43. Every increment in the St. Louis traffic, moreover, was surely theirs for ever.

  44. In the first place each increment of traffic must be new business, not tonnage wrested from another carrier and offset by a loss of other business to that competitor.

  45. Let it next be assumed, as was done previously, that the average extra cost per unit of the latest increment of business was only forty per cent.

  46. The lumbermen demand that all the increment of profit due to prosperous developments shall remain unto them; in other words, that the carriers' share of the increased values shall remain fixed.

  47. The effect is that any increment in the paying load very materially decreases the cost of operation per ton.

  48. Up to the full limit of utilization of the existing plant, each increment of traffic seems to necessitate but a very small increase in the so-called variable expenses, with hardly any change at all in the constant ones.

  49. Toys and original make-believe games decline still earlier, while ball rises steadily and rapidly to eighteen, and card and table games rise very steadily from ten to fifteen in girls, but the increment is much less in boys.

  50. There are seasons of rapid increment followed by rest and then perhaps succeeded by a period of augmentation, and this may occur several times.

  51. It is thus natural that during the period of greatest strength increment in muscular development, the rhythmic function of nearly all fundamental movements should be strongly accentuated.

  52. He finally prepared an involved case, partly depending on the death duties that had already been paid when Joanna inherited Alce's farm, and which he said ought to be considered in calculating increment value.

  53. Next, if the State should retain this, ought there to be periodical revisions of the rent, so as to reserve the unearned increment for the public?

  54. As this tenure virtually hands over the unearned increment to the lessee, it is regarded by the advanced land reformers with mixed feelings.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "increment" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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