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  1. The drab stones of the stupa were probably erected in the nineteenth century and through the prodigious span of years, he thought, the unadorned city surrounded it in languid increments like the moss that had annexed its crevices.

  2. His dream silence, which was even more asphyxiating than the carbon exhaust fumes permeating the heavy traffic that moved in slow increments down the street was a fog that was embedded in all living things and all moved through it.

  3. I have touched elsewhere in these essays upon the way in which knowledge is the instrument of regulation of our human undertakings, and I have also pointed out that intrinsic increments of meaning accrue in consequence of thinking.

  4. Its immediate outcome is (as I tried to show earlier) the direct reorganization of a situation, a reorganization which confers upon its contents new increments of intrinsic meaning.

  5. Its work is measured not by the patents of standing it issues, but by the material increments of knowledge it yields.

  6. And so, of course, it also fares with the utility of successive increments of product created by successively adding unit after unit to the complement of a given productive factor engaged in the case.

  7. Later Growth and Bodily Proportions The only records of growth increments in a natural population of cottonmouths are those in Table 11.

  8. To vary the analogy, the diffusion of knowledge increases the store of available food; but it does not bring with it any additional power of digesting the food; or, if it does, it may be through inherited increments of mean digestive power.

  9. Experiments have recently been made in America, by Colonel Totten, to ascertain the ratio according to which some of the stones commonly used in architecture expand with given increments of heat.

  10. This kind of circulation would take place with much less rapidity than in the atmosphere, inasmuch as the expansion of water by equal increments of heat is less considerable than that of air.

  11. This ratio may be graphically shown by means of a diagram or curve plotted with the increments of load or stress as ordinates and the increments of strain as abscissæ.

  12. The compression readings are taken at regular load increments and entered on the cross-section paper in the usual way.

  13. The increments of load should be chosen so as to furnish about ten points on the stress-strain diagram below the elastic limit.

  14. Deflection readings for equal increments of load will be taken until well past the elastic limit, after which the scale beam will be kept balanced and the load read for each 0.

  15. The first drop is one inch and the increase is by increments of one inch until a height of ten inches is reached, after which increments of two inches are used until complete failure occurs or 6-inch deflection is secured.

  16. The first reading is made when the scale beam is balanced at zero load, and afterward at regular increments of the load which is applied continuously and at a uniform speed.

  17. If desired, however, the load may be read at regular increments of deflection.

  18. Deflection readings for equal increments of load are taken until well beyond the elastic limit, after which the scale beam is kept balanced and the load read for each 0.

  19. Readings are taken from the scale of the compressometer at regular increments of either load or compression.

  20. Habitually looking at things rather in their statical than in their dynamical aspect, they never realize the fact that, by small increments of modification, any amount of modification may in time be generated.

  21. Barrett, while training successive increments of medical officers every six weeks, carried on special investigations in mental disorders arising from the war.

  22. By little increments of realisation it was that the profounder verities of the problem of socialism came to me.

  23. Everybody almost is for progress in general, and nearly everybody is opposed to any change, except in so far as gross increments are change, in his particular method of living and behaviour.

  24. The progressive theory is satisfied when the successive rates of the tax apply to successive increments of income, instead of to the entire income.

  25. In the foregoing pages we have been considering a law which would from the beginning of its operation take all the future increments of land value.

  26. Now the public appropriation of all future increments of land value would evidently be beneficial to the community as a whole.

  27. We have in mind, of course, only those value increases that are not due to improvements in or on the land, and we assume that these could be distinguished in practice from the increments of value that represent improvements.

  28. Therefore, increments of land-value may be fairly taxed at a higher rate than salaries, personal property, or even rent and interest.

  29. The point at which the increments in the rate began to decline would be that at which differences in wants began to diminish, and the point at which the rate became stationary would be that at which wants fell to the same level of intensity.

  30. Hence it is very questionable whether the appropriation of the whole of the future value increments can be harmonised with the received conceptions and applications of the canons of taxation.

  31. It might be argued that the latter theory can also be fairly applied to increments of land value that are to arise in the future.

  32. And the power to take future value increments is not an intrinsically essential element of private property in land.

  33. Since these and other artificial goods bring to their owners as a rule no socially occasioned increments of value, they and their owners are in quite a different situation from land and the owners of land.

  34. After this level is reached, additional increments of wealth will all be expended either for extreme luxuries, or converted into new investments.

  35. Such is the answer to the contention, noticed a few pages back, that the landowner has a right to future increments of value because they are a kind of fruit of his property.

  36. It taxes only those increments that occur after its enactment.

  37. Can it be that our thermometers, so notorious in this Polar region for their imperfect coincidence with 'sensations of cold,' are equally fallacious as measures of absolute increments or decrements of sensible caloric?

  38. All those possible legislative increments in the general standard of living are not going to diminish the labour unrest; they are going to increase it.

  39. He may have struck before, but only for definite increments of wages or definite limitations of toil; his acceptance of the industrial system and its methods has been as complete and unquestioning as his acceptance of earth and sky.

  40. Merely in the one case we regard the increments of increase as infinitesimal, while, in the other case, we regard them as of much greater than infinitesimal value.

  41. Our considerations so far have been of a nature to convince us that not isolation, but a constancy in the continual action of like relatively small increments of force in the same directions, is the condition of steady evolution.

  42. Let these increments be produced, and it is possible for the many to share in them.

  43. Here is the true cause of all modern increments of wealth.

  44. In July, 1901, Mr. Groves intervened on behalf of a postman at Manchester from whom annual increments of pay had been withheld under the rules governing irregular attendance.

  45. In consequence of the fact that wages and salaries rise by annual increments from the minimum to the maximum, some years must elapse before the full effect of the increase in pay granted in 1881 would be felt.

  46. Shall such elements as appreciation, or any increments due to the purpose for which the land is used, be treated as physical or non-physical values?

  47. Further de-electrisation and additional increments of medium of space are productive of complete dispersion of the atoms of the metal, and of a kind of efflorescent result, which is a subsequent formation.

  48. Special inducements in the shape of double increments were offered to the staff on the postal and telegraph sides to learn each other's work in order to lighten the strain which might otherwise fall on a particular branch.

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