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Example sentences for "incremental"

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incredulous; incredulously; incredulus; incremation; increment; increments; incriminate; incriminated; incriminating; incrimination
  1. In comparison to centuries of slow, incremental development, relatively abrupt change testifies to a new human condition.

  2. Diversity, incipient segmentation, higher speeds, and incremental mediations affected the condition of self-constitutive human experiences.

  3. A car was still, in some ways, the result of incremental progression from the horse-drawn carriage.

  4. Allocation of resources within a system and strategies of co-evolution are seen as resources of incremental performance.

  5. It is even less a result of an incremental progression.

  6. Dances, as overwhelming evidence, ethnological and sociological, can prove, were the original stuff upon which dramatic, lyric and epic impulses wove a pattern that is traced in later narrative ballads mainly as incremental repetition.

  7. One of their chief ways of building a situation or advancing a narrative is through "incremental repetition," as Gummere termed it, i.

  8. However, tariff spikes in sensitive categories, including agriculture, and incremental progress on economic reforms still hinder foreign access to India's vast and growing market.

  9. Other incremental plotters are now on the market, e.

  10. Reliable, inexpensive incremental magnetic tape units are now available which can be operated asynchronously at about 300 Hz, too slow for many purposes.

  11. Plotters The overwhelming favorite is still the incremental machine called the Calcomp plotter.

  12. But from the mechanism of the environment there comes cumulative and incremental warning that something extraordinary and fatal is about to happen.

  13. On the contrary, the four component parts are but brilliant variations upon a single generic theme, each in a different clef, but harmoniously united by the incremental ecstasy of the movement.

  14. Into this machine, then, the incremental energy must be carried, and it will be there directly converted into the form of axial energy of rotation.

  15. Once the incremental energy is actually in the planet, once it is actually communicated to planetary material, the nature of the system absolutely forbids its escape.

  16. Its principal features are the elongate compressed form, dark brown colour, wrinkled apices, and coarse incremental lines.

  17. The other sculpture consists of fine lines of growth, and a few rather distant spiral striae, which cut across the incremental lines and produce a puckered appearance.

  18. Whorls probably about 10, flat or even a little concave at the sides, shouldered above, usually with a spiral shallow groove and a few striae near the shoulder, and marked with fine incremental striae.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "incremental" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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