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  1. Footnote 25: Gave is the generic name of all the mountain streams in this region, but that of Pau is called "the Gave," par excellence.

  2. We are indebted to him for more of our knowledge of the generic characteristics of these insects, in their early stages, than had been ascertained hitherto during a century of investigation.

  3. The egg, larva, and chrysalis agree with the generic description already given, which is based upon the researches of Edwards.

  4. In writing about butterflies it is quite customary to abbreviate the generic name by giving merely its initial.

  5. They are similar to those of other species, and the generic description which has been given must suffice for all in this work.

  6. The chrysalis is thick and conformed to the generic type of structure.

  7. Scudder has therefore proposed a new generic name, Dichora, meaning "an inhabitant of two lands," which he applies to the African species because related to the extinct American butterfly.

  8. In speaking about butterflies it is quite common to omit the generic name altogether and to use only the specific name.

  9. The generic description must suffice for these.

  10. Their names are general, not proper; their attributes are generic rather than individual.

  11. Whatever else religion is, therefore, it is the supremest poetry of the soul, reflecting like nothing else all that is deepest, most generic and racial in it.

  12. Woman, as we saw, in every fiber of her soul and body is a more generic creature than man, nearer to the race, and demands more and more with advancing age an education that is essentially liberal and humanistic.

  13. In a word, religion is the most generic kind of culture as opposed to all systems or departments which are one sided.

  14. Other authors have regarded it as of distinct generic rank; thus it has been termed Palaeoanthropus heidelbergensis by Bonarelli.

  15. Two generic titles for deities occur in India.

  16. It is commonly interpreted to mean "knife whetters" or "whetstone people," and this is also the meaning of the generic term for Apache in most of the plains languages.

  17. For other specific and generic names applied to the Apache, see Kiowa Apache synonymy.

  18. This is the generic sign for all tribes of Apache connection, including Apache proper, Navaho, Mescalero, Lipan, and Kiowa Apache.

  19. The Kiowa have no generic name for shell.

  20. Tagu'i--Apache, etc; the generic Kiowa name for all tribes of Athapascan or Apache stock.

  21. The Kiowa call them by the contemptuous title of Semaet, "thieves," a recent substitute for the older generic term Tagui, applied also to other tribes of the same stock.

  22. T'aep, the generic word for deer, antelope, etc, is sometimes used specifically for antelope.

  23. The word gate here, you will admit, is used in a generic sense.

  24. This word is not only the name of Joseph’s son and the Tribe, but it is used quite frequently in a generic sense, and stands for the Ten Tribes and Manasseh.

  25. The existence of so much generic unity in things is thus perhaps the most momentous pragmatic specification of what it may mean to say 'the world is One.

  26. If they can be accumulated at all, they can be so, for anything that appears to the contrary, to the extent of the specific and generic differences with which we are surrounded.

  27. Do you know that I have known you all this time without knowing you by anything else than the absurd official (if I may call it so) generic name of Mademoiselle?

  28. There has been something both ideal and generic in American life.

  29. Nations have generic desires as well as specific ones.

  30. And yet, if we make some peculiar exceptions, it appears difficult to suppose that the entire race, viewed in its generic and ethnological aspect, did not present a unity.

  31. The emotions to which popular poetry gives expression are generic rather than personal.

  32. He was called Golias, and his flock received the generic name of Goliardi.

  33. The author points out that "the maximum development of generic types during the Palaeozoic period was during its earlier epochs; that during the Neozoic period towards its later periods.

  34. Linnaeus's generic description is equally applicable to Anatifera and Balanus, though the latter stands first.

  35. Several oldish authors have used Lepas exclusively for the pedunculate division, and the name has been given to the family and compounded in sub-generic names.

  36. Anatifera and Anatifa were used as generic names for what Linnaeus and Darwin called Lepas anatifera.

  37. Conchoderma; [Oken] in 1815 gave the name Branta to Lepas aurita and vittata, and by so doing he alters essentially Olfers' generic definition.

  38. By the selection of analogous and less differences fanciers make almost generic differences in their pigeons; and can you see any good reason why the Natural Selection of analogous individual differences should not make new species?

  39. Similar observations of elementary good sense can be made regarding the other categories, as, for example, the generic one of the ornate.

  40. May it not be a residuum of criticisms and of negations from which arises merely the necessity to posit a generic intuitive activity?

  41. Regarded systematically, the cerebral differences of man and apes are not of more than generic value; his Family distinction resting chiefly on his dentition, his pelvis, and his lower limbs.

  42. Most of these generic names have dropped all suffixes and affixes.

  43. To this generic class belongs every name that suggests the familiar objects of the country.

  44. Should you, on the other hand, say that we apprehend the thing as silver because it possesses the generic characteristics of silver, we ask whether these generic characteristics are real or unreal.

  45. Self; just as there is simultaneous cognition of the generic character and the individual.

  46. And if through perception we did not apprehend difference--as marked by generic character, &c.

  47. Hence the importance of realising the distinction between the two generic forms of naval activity.

  48. If, then, we only regard war between contiguous continental States, in which the object is the conquest of territory on either of their frontiers, we get no real generic difference between limited and unlimited war.

  49. There are three plants cultivated in the gardens of the curious to which Bulbocodium is applied, either as a generic or a trivial name, viz.

  50. Some philological nidderings have classed them under the generic name Bantu, and every traveller ambitious of being comprehended among the scientific, adds his testimony and influence to perpetuate this most unscientific term.

  51. The following are the generic names of the plants collected by me, as named by the Pasha:-- 1.

  52. Such a table was surmounted by a looking glass of the type now spoken of in a generic sense as Sheraton.

  53. Under the generic term of "workbox" the curios of the household associated with the industrial handiwork of former days may well be reviewed.

  54. The relation of the Bannock to neighboring Shoshone groups, denominated by the generic term, "Wihinait," is somewhat problematic and can best be understood from detailed consideration of the two populations.

  55. This was evidently a generic term for mountaineers as opposed to those who dwell in valleys, or Yewawgone.

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