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  1. Edison, with copious ingenuity, devised electric meters, electric mains, lamp fittings and generators complete for the purpose.

  2. It is there reduced in voltage by transformers and employed as an alternating current, or is used to drive polyphase motors coupled to direct current generators to reproduce the power in continuous current form.

  3. If normal sections of the plate are supposed drawn through the generators and circular sections of the cylinder, the action of the neighbouring portions on any portion so bounded involves flexural couples of the above amounts.

  4. Still without any move by Jon, Jak could feel the various generators and engines stop, the landing props go down, and finally the board show a clear green "neutral" condition.

  5. Nice handling, Chubby," Jak cheered as they felt the mighty engines and generators shut off.

  6. Here were the refrigerators and heaters, the air- and water-purifiers, the generators of electricity for light and cooking and for their auxiliary motors, such as the ones controlling the airlock doors and pumps.

  7. They produce heat by means of powerful wave-generators and by setting up heavy induced currents in the armor.

  8. After a time he noted that the color had gone down to yellow and he thrilled with exultation, knowing that he had so reduced the numbers of the enemy fleet that their wave-generators could no longer overcome his refrigerators.

  9. The meridians are generators of the cone and every parallel such as HH' is a circle, concentric with the selected parallel Pp and distant from it the true rectified length of the meridian arc between them.

  10. The reduced cost of transmission by use of high voltages and transformers, greater simplicity of generators and motors, facility of transforming from one voltage to another (either higher or lower) for different purposes.

  11. It must be obvious that the proportions of such extra high speed machines must be very different from those permissible in generators of much slower speeds.

  12. As regards ruled quartics, the generators must lie in one and may lie in two linear complexes.

  13. In ruled cubics the generators all meet two lines which may or may not coincide; these two cases correspond to the two main classes of cubics discussed by Cayley and Cremona.

  14. The hyperbolic paraboloid is also covered by two systems of rectilinear generators as a method like that used in S 34 establishes without difficulty.

  15. But these generators are lines of equal distance from XOX.

  16. Now from the form of the above equation this is a ruled surface, and through every point of it two generators pass.

  17. At various spots on the hull curvature in this great "hollow nose" were platforms from which the crews of the dis ray generators and the electronoscope and electronophone devices manipulated their apparatus.

  18. When they rose from ordinary ground in open country, there was a vast upheaval of earth beneath their generators at the instant of take-off; this ceased as they got well above ground level.

  19. It's a primitive race that can't possibly harm us, especially now that its--its generators have been knocked out.

  20. That's how the generators and the anti-aircraft guns got constructed.

  21. The old fashioned generators and some of the modern ones are so constructed as to contain from fifteen to twenty times more water than they are able to vaporize within one hour.

  22. And every so often it does, because Wendel has to keep its generators operating.

  23. The same limit would apply to Wendel, but Wendel has no fluid assets to sell on margin, and it can't very well break up its generators and big transmission lines and sell them to the Colonists piecemeal, even on margin.

  24. They were supposed to cooperate, not compete, because it was thought that Wendel couldn't possibly keep its nuclear generators operating without fuel.

  25. If there are a number of generators of electricity in a circuit, whose electromotive forces in volts are E1, E2, etc.

  26. Electrical energy is obtained in various ways, but the generators get heated; and one great object of inventors is to obtain from machines as much as possible electrical energy of the energy in the first place supplied to such machine.

  27. The capsules are really miniature atomic generators and are replaced with fresh ones each night during the sleeping period, since the initial charge lasts only eighteen hours.

  28. We merely pack a quantity of the radioactive salt around the capsules in the lining of our garments, and the radium emanations continue the excitation of the tiny atomic generators even under the influence of the neutralizing vibrations.

  29. Had this accident occurred to generators unprovided with regulators, great injury or possible destruction of the apparatus would have resulted.

  30. The commutator is peculiar, consisting of only three segments of a copper ring, while in the simplest of other continuous current generators several times that number exist, and frequently 120!

  31. We want to get the generators with our little toy here first.

  32. As soon as the generators went out, they'd look for us, and if we were missing .

  33. He told about the hole in the bulkhead, the way the ship's generators had melted like clay under the powerful blast of the weapon.

  34. All right, the generators are first," Tom said.

  35. If we could get to the ship's generators and put them out of commission somehow, it might do it.

  36. PEAT BOGS as generators of electrical power are suggested by Dr.

  37. The tractor beam held its heavy burden easily and the generators functioned perfectly.

  38. But we've got some field-generators here on board that I can use, so it won't be so bad.

  39. As more and more of the inconceivable power of those Titanic generators was unleashed, it boiled forth in a devastating flood which, striking the walls, rebounded and leaped vertically far above even those mighty ramparts.

  40. From the force-field generators of the "Forlorn Hope" he selected the two most suitable for his purpose, tuned them to the exact frequency he required, and around them built a complex system of condensers and coils.

  41. Instead there were all the offensive and defensive weapons developed by hundreds of generations of warrior-scientists; wielding all the incalculable power capable of being produced by the massed generators of a mighty nation.

  42. Alcantro and Fedanzo will supervise the construction of the generators of the various fields from these calculations.

  43. In the public supply of electric power in this country, the usual practice is to use alternating-current generators in the power stations, and to transmit the power at a high voltage to substations.

  44. Acetylene gas is formed, as is well known, by the action of water upon carbide of calcium, and the generators constructed for lantern work are essentially the same in construction as for other purposes.

  45. Of generators which act by admitting water to the carbide perhaps the best known is the A.

  46. The generators in most common use may be divided into two classes, i.

  47. Theoretically one of these generators may be filled and left standing indefinitely, but in practice it is not advisable, as the damp in the atmosphere is apt to produce a very slow generation of gas, sufficient often to cause a decided smell.

  48. This electrical energy comes along a wire from a dynamo at the waterfall, where water-wheels and generators transform into electrical energy the mechanical energy of the falling water.

  49. Old 29, burned generators and all, had won the race.

  50. The bus bars and all the connections between them and the generators and external circuits, as well as with all the instruments, are located behind the switch board.

  51. The three squares at the left side represent generators located in the power house.

  52. A and B represent heavy metallic rods, generally made of copper, with which the generators are connected by means of the switches a a a.

  53. A railway switch board, arranged for four generators and a large number of distributing circuits, is shown in Fig.

  54. The circles a a a represent switches, by means of which the generators are connected or disconnected from the trolley lines.

  55. If two of the generators are connected with the bus bars A and B, the current required by the motors will be delivered by the two machines, and if the three generators are placed in service the current will be divided among them.

  56. By the movement of one set of switches upon it the generators are thrown in or out of service, and by the movement of another set of switches the several branches of the road are rendered active or inactive.

  57. When two or more generators are used, it is necessary to provide means to prevent the current from dividing unequally between them; if this were not done, one machine might do nearly all the work, while the other one would be practically idle.

  58. Electric generators for railway work are made in all sizes, from those only large enough to operate four or five cars to others capable of furnishing sufficient current for thirty or forty or even more.

  59. They met all the Operators and discussed generators and fields of force and mathematics and paraphysics and Guntherics.

  60. The first thing to do, Deggi, is to go over in detail your blueprints for the generators and the drive," Garlock said.

  61. You've always held that these generators work at random--the rest of those assumptions are based on your theory?

  62. The same rule applies to generators and motors with multiple poles.

  63. One of the generators or sources of current E or F may be dispensed with; but it is preferable to employ both, if they offer an appreciable resistance, as the two branches will be thereby better balanced.

  64. It may also be stated with respect to the devices we now describe that the most perfect and harmonious action of the generators and motors is obtained when the numbers of the poles of each are even and not odd.

  65. It is obvious that the Tesla electrical transformers which have independent primary currents may be used with the generators described.

  66. Not out of those generators in the rocket.

  67. He looked anxiously at the meters; the generators were building up power.

  68. I hope the generators don't develop any last-second bugs," he said.

  69. The three lower decks were devoted to the storage of food and of fuel for the electric generators which Cosmo Versál had been accumulating for months.

  70. The electric generators of the aero had not been injured in the wreck of the craft, and they were able to supply themselves with sufficient heat, and with light inside the cabin at night.

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