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Example sentences for "obvious that"

  • Hence it is obvious that, greatly as the dentition of the highest Ape differs from that of Man, it differs far more widely from that of the lower and lowest Apes.

  • Such casual changes can be proved by observations such as those upon the evening-primrose, but it is obvious that a disproof can never be given.

  • It is obvious that, properly speaking, the whole family of a mutated individual, including all its nearer and more remote relatives, should be known and recorded.

  • Now it is obvious that an individual, which begins with a divided primary leaf, will have a greater tendency to produce a large number of supernumerary leaflets than a plant which commences in the ordinary way.

  • Yet it is obvious that in nature as a whole no such economic considerations obtain.

  • If that state of affairs continue, it is obvious that after a hundred years from the present time one-half of the empire's gold will be carried away and there will be no silver at all left.

  • It is obvious that such a proceeding would be an inconceivable absurdity.

  • Finally, it is obvious that in all scientific research, the instrument of measurement must be fixed.

  • That the general happiness is desirable, in a loose sense of the word, is palpable fact; it is obvious that it can be desired, for some persons do actually desire it.

  • It is obvious that, the more general the principle, the more room for conscious reasoning in its interpretation and application.

  • It is obvious that an act may be done with many different objects in view--I mean real objects, motives.

  • Apart from the danger to others, it is obvious that no sane woman would ride a horse which would be likely to kick her in the event of a fall.

  • It is obvious that grip is the riding function of the legs; and balance, that of the body.

  • It is obvious that to spoil the sport of others in this negligent manner is to cover ourselves with humiliation, and other unbecoming wraps.

  • For it is obvious that, on this theory of the Universe, the successful conduct of life must demand careful attention to both worlds; and, if either is to be neglected, it may be safer that it should be Nature.

  • It is obvious that he was not the man to hesitate to "ease" a prophecy until it fitted, if the credit of the shrine of his favourite saints could be increased by such a procedure.

  • But here again it is obvious that we must distinguish clearly between the Theory of Descent and Darwinism.

  • The entire relation of the first section to the second and third makes it obvious that by הארץ the whole earth is to be understood.

  • It is obvious that, even according to our interpretation, the prophecy retains its Messianic character.

  • Moreover, it is obvious that a great part of Taylor's quarrel with current moral ideals arises from the fact that they do not commend themselves to the moral judgment, i.

  • But it is obvious that in history, as in every other subject, judgments of this kind are foreign to science.

  • But it is obvious that no new information is supplied by this process.

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    chief named; civilized communities; could reply; father died; great love; large sum; light from; like forms; many teachers; mathematical instruments; moment and then said; nervous matter; never ceased; never take; obvious that; one foot; several other; she left; thine owne; twelve pounds; venereal diseases; winter savory