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Example sentences for "generations"

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generates; generating; generatio; generation; generatione; generative; generator; generators; generaux; genere
  1. It was not till some hours after, that I remembered the indelible impression made by the piety of speech of recent generations of Englishmen upon the French nation at large, and thus was enabled to trace the origin of the name Gaudin.

  2. The organism thus demonstrated must be cultivated in artificial media outside the body, and successive generations of a pure culture of that organism must be obtained.

  3. The weak one is made from pure cultures of Koch's spirillum of Asiatic cholera, attenuated by growth to several generations on agar or broth at 39°C.

  4. Up to what limit may help be given to the existing generation of the inferior, without entailing mischief on future generations of the superior?

  5. Its chief merit lies in the fact that Mr. Allen has grasped the true spirit of historical romance, and has shown how fully he understands both the links which unite, and the time-spaces which divide, the different generations of man.

  6. No, it is not natural,” said Miss Dacre; “because have not so many of our friends come out for generations past?

  7. She looked as immovable to him as one of the rocks in his pastureland, bound to the earth with generations of blackberry vines.

  8. Former generations made too much of the physical sufferings of Jesus; is not this generation in danger of making too little of them?

  9. The loose livers of all generations talk in the same fashion about the stern morality which rebukes their vice.

  10. Other fountains may sink low in their basins after much drawing, but this is ever full, and after a thousand generations have drawn from it, its stream is broad and deep as ever.

  11. That which is Thy memorial unto all generations pledges Thee to the constant reiteration and reproduction, hour by hour, according to our necessity, of all the might, and the miracles, and the mercies of the past.

  12. If the reproductive system is aborted, there may be no future generations to pay the penalty of the abortion, but what is left of the organism suffers sadly.

  13. The civilization of the Semples was scarce a century old; and behind them were generations of fierce men, whose hands had been on their dirks for a word or a look.

  14. And thus, though we hardly remember the fact, it is this awful solidarity of the human family which makes the third and fourth generations heirs of their forefathers, and brings into every life those critical hours we call "eventful days.

  15. That comes of four generations among the Bhils.

  16. The tradition of such north-westward migration is preserved among the Kayans of the Baram, who, according to their own account, crossed the watershed into the basins of the western rivers only a few generations ago.

  17. Some of the Kenyahs also preserve the tradition of a time when they constructed their houses mainly of bamboo; this was probably their practice for some few generations after they began to acquire the Kayan culture.

  18. When their boy was born the rector would have named him Godfrey: at any rate, he urged them to call him by one of the old family names which had been borne by bygone generations of Thornes.

  19. With some such adaptations it may continue a reality for generations to come.

  20. Both have had their share in the judgments of generations that have lost all his greatest and nearly all his imaginative creations.

  21. We are the people who are to live in this city generations hence.

  22. Generations of men--I know not how many--must pass away before we are men and women.

  23. Boys' experiments in soap bubbles have been the inspiration of generations of students of capillarity.

  24. The case system in law and the laboratory method in medicine came after some generations or centuries of professional work and are only a generation old.

  25. For generations men "eat their dinners" at the Inns of Court and learned no more.

  26. Even in families with two or more generations of American life, the vocabulary is limited, construction careless, and the daily contact with any literature, now that family prayers and Bible reading are gone; almost nil.

  27. Of course all education is a process whereby technical operations and abstract truth developed by many generations are systematized, compressed, and imparted to individuals in a relatively short time.

  28. For so the pious generations gone Revered your powers, and with offerings rude To rough-hewn gods in narrow-built abodes, Lived beautiful and honorable lives.

  29. Till generations two and three Surround his venerated chair!

  30. Sir Bulwer Lytton in a few lines has painted him for all generations at this meeting.

  31. And as she climbed the prodigiously wide staircase of carved and polished oak, she thought of the generations of knights, and lords and ladies, who had gone up and down it, and wondered where they were.

  32. It will take a few generations to erase the old marks, and put the new marks on.

  33. The deepest gratitude is due them for their careful and discriminating effort to preserve for the children of future generations this rich heritage of nursery melodies.

  34. May her fame and her melodies be lovingly preserved to give joy and inspiration to many future generations of little children.

  35. History records that this ancient city continued during many generations to be the metropolis of Aryan civilization in India.

  36. Here then is the record transmitted traditionally through many generations of a more or less mythical event, the date of which considerably preceded that of Homer.

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