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generalmente; generals; generalship; generate; generated; generating; generatio; generation; generatione; generations
  1. Radium every hour generates sufficient heat to raise its own weight of water from freezing to boiling point.

  2. Water, in passing into steam by artificial heat, or in evaporating by the action of the sun or wind, generates large quantities of electricity.

  3. It is money that generates new value added (by facilitating the introduction of new technology, to mention but one function).

  4. Legal and illegal are synonymous with right and wrong; the authority of Parliament is held unlimited; and a lingering faith in governmental power continually generates unfounded hopes from its enactments.

  5. To be shown through a picture-book is one of their highest gratifications; and as usual, their strong imitative tendency presently generates in them the ambition to make pictures themselves also.

  6. From the mutual attraction of the atoms of a diffused mass whose form is unsymmetrical, there results not only condensation but rotation: gravitation simultaneously generates both the centripetal and the centrifugal forces.

  7. While the condensation and the rate of rotation are progressively increasing, the approach of the atoms necessarily generates a progressively increasing temperature.

  8. One superiority is that the pursuance of it generates right conceptions of cause and effect; which by frequent and consistent experience are eventually rendered definite and complete.

  9. It is religious, too, inasmuch as it generates a profound respect for, and an implicit faith in, those uniformities of action which all things disclose.

  10. We would no longer define our forces against some mythical threat or scenario which generates impetus to protect force size rather than quality.

  11. But political freedom inevitably generates a new type of religious character, as the conclave that contemplates endowing a dotard with infallibility has found out, we trust, before this time" (p.

  12. The movement only sets up a potential difference, and the power expended in effecting the movement generates C × E.

  13. A 15 horse power two-pole Oerlikon dynamo is also run by a belt from the main shaft, and generates power to drive a motor of similar type in the Swiss section of the upper gallery.

  14. The action simply develops potential difference, and this generates the current where a circuit exists.

  15. While we are in the habit of saying that a conductor moved across a field of lines, or vice versa, generates electric current, I think the statement incomplete.

  16. And those differences and quarrels which the bed generates will not easily be put an end to at any other time or place.

  17. Thus the actual result of the rotatory electro-magnetic Aether currents will be, that all dependent and associated planets under their influence will be carried by them around the central body which generates the Aether currents.

  18. Newton adds this explanation to his Second Law: "If a Force generates any motion, a double Force will generate double motion, and a triple Force triple motion, whether they are applied simultaneously or gradually and successively.

  19. In a like manner each planet, being an electro-magnet, generates electro-magnetic aetherial currents which also possess the same rotation as the planetary body which gives rise to them.

  20. If the sun is an electro-magnetic body, by its axial rotation it generates rotating Aether currents, and those Aether currents partake of the same rotation as the revolving body, that is, from west to east.

  21. Disorder in place generates derangement in time.

  22. The induction wave which generates an alternating pressure wave has a maximum value proportional to the area, that is, to the average value of the pressure wave.

  23. In the case of alternators that are not self exciting, the dynamo which generates the field current is called the exciter.

  24. The Lhari have just been saying that to justify their refusal to give us the secret of the catalyst that generates the warp-drive frequencies!

  25. This pencil generates a two-dimensional series of points, which may be regarded as a surface, and for which we may apply Gauss's formula for the measure of curvature at any point.

  26. If a line moves so that it always cuts three given lines of which no two meet, then it generates a ruled quadric surface.

  27. It generates excessive competition, which of necessity generates fraud.

  28. It is moreover evident that, far from speech having generated reason, as some have preposterously maintained, it is reason which generates speech, no less inevitably than sunlight produces the spectrum when it passes through a prism.

  29. He takes fifteen to twenty minutes each evening in seclusion, with closed eyes, and finds the weaknesses of his plans, formulates new plans, and generates new ideas for the morrow.

  30. This pessimist sows seeds of discord, plants envy, generates the anarchist spirit, and is an all-around nuisance.

  31. Agriculture generates about 40% of GDP and employs about two-thirds of the working population, with subsistence agriculture dominating the sector.

  32. Crop production generates only 10% of GDP and employs about 20% of the work force.

  33. The industrial sector generates about one-quarter of GDP, and the growing services sector has become crucial to the economy.

  34. The agricultural sector generates about half of GDP.

  35. In the first place, a tree generates another tree according to a known natural law.

  36. All interest presupposes or generates a want; and, as the determining ground of assent, it leaves the judgement about the object no longer free.

  37. Thirdly, each part of a tree generates itself in such a way that the maintenance of any one part depends reciprocally on the maintenance of the rest.

  38. For this involves a command and generates a want, whilst moral taste only plays with the objects of satisfaction, without attaching itself to one of them.

  39. Agriculture accounts for about 35% of GDP, employs about 60% of the labor force, and generates a major share of foreign exchange earnings.

  40. Agriculture, a key sector of the economy, employs 75% of the population but generates under 25% of GDP.

  41. The economy is heavily dependent on the agricultural sector, which generates about 40% of GDP and provides employment for 65% of the work force.

  42. Each of the top-like dynamos generates 5000 horse-power.

  43. Each of the dynamos before us generates the equivalent of five thousand horse-power of energy.

  44. Consequently it is not possible to hold, that the body generates germ cells, nor that the soul generates souls.

  45. The present, in short, generates the problems which lead us to search the past for suggestion, and which supplies meaning to what we find when we search.

  46. So does such adherence to the culture of the past as generates a reminiscent social spirit, for this makes an individual feel more at home in the life of other days than in his own.

  47. The word dynamo is properly applied to a machine which generates[14] direct current, as distinguished from the alternator, which generates alternating current.

  48. The great sire, bull or man, generates the great daughter.

  49. The harm done is then completed by transforming this artificial unity of result into an original love of satisfaction as the force that generates all acts alike.

  50. A habit, a routine habit, when interfered with generates uneasiness, sets up a protest in favor of restoration and a sense of need of some expiatory act, or else it goes off in casual reminiscence.

  51. To suppose there is some one unchanging native force which generates war is as naive as the usual assumption that our enemy is actuated solely by the meaner of the tendencies named and we only by the nobler.

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