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conductibility; conducting; conduction; conductive; conductivity; conductors; conductorship; conductress; conducts; conduire
  1. If the earth was not a conductor of electricity, and employed in the telegraphic circuit, four wires would be required for the double needle telegraph, and two for the single instrument.

  2. A is the prime conductor of an ordinary cylinder electrical machine.

  3. Suspend from the prime conductor by a chain a circular brass plate and under this place another supported by a brass adjusting stand.

  4. Another model of the gable end of a house; the square pieces of wood fly out when the continuity of the conductor is broken.

  5. The human organism may make itself increasingly a conductor and transmitter of this energy, and the secret of coming into perfectly harmonious relations with this energy is the secret of all achievement.

  6. The conductor paid no apparent attention to the breaking of the glass.

  7. The conductor stood over the heap, at a manifest advantage.

  8. The conductor did not care a straw whether the obstreperous Jack lit on his head or his feet, hit a snowbank or a pile of ties.

  9. A conductor who could not throw an undesirable fare through a car window lived a short official life.

  10. The conductor took in the chances with professional rapidity.

  11. The whistle of the locomotive blew, and the conductor appeared in the doorway.

  12. He dropped heavily into a seat and stared straight in front of him until the conductor had spoken to him twice.

  13. The conductor returned to find a kicking, rolling, gouging mass of kinetic energy knocking the varnish off all one end of the car.

  14. The conductor was a big man, raw-boned and broad, with a hawk face.

  15. Our Conductor leaves us, and a Party of our Men desert with the Boat.

  16. Across the way sat a Chicago street-car conductor with a little lesson book, and now and then he would read something out loud.

  17. Then charging the prime conductor by a turn or two of the globe, the balls of each pair will separate; those of the box, whence the point projects most, considerably; the others less.

  18. The prime conductor of an electric machine, A.

  19. Last year, my house being enlarged, the conductor was obliged to be taken down.

  20. Indeed we have nothing to form a judgment by in this but past facts; and we know of no instance where a compleat conductor to the moist earth has been insufficient, if half an inch diameter.

  21. Turn the wire its blunt end upwards (which represents an unpointed bar) and no such effect follows, the electrometer remaining at its usual height when the prime conductor is charged.

  22. When the prime conductor is applied to take it off the glass, the back crescent disappears.

  23. The pointed wire under the prime conductor continuing of the same height, pinch it between the thumb and finger near the top, so as just to conceal the point; then turning the globe, the electrometer will rise and mark the full charge.

  24. Why is not a conductor of electricity an electric subject?

  25. Bressant removed his feet from the extra seat, and, the conductor having reversed it, the lady and gentleman took their places.

  26. Guess that young man was up late last night," remarked the conductor to the brakeman; "a powerful sound sleep he was in, anyhow.

  27. The amount of money he had given the conductor represented a distance which it would take a certain length of time--say four hours--to traverse.

  28. The conductor tells you that a light was not allowed.

  29. The conductor was of course a woman, and marshalled her forces with wonderful spirit.

  30. Then my conductor pricked my ear, and my companion struck my leg with his trunk, indicating that I was to kneel.

  31. My conductor descended from my neck, while officers and servants prostrated themselves before me as they had done before the King himself.

  32. I remarked that the conductor would probably put me off, as I had no money.

  33. The conductor signaled to back-up and stop, and took him on.

  34. In reality I sent one to the conductor of the on-coming express, as the only device whereby I could secure assistance, and this would doubtless come too late.

  35. For the honor of human nature let me add, that the conductor said nothing about the fare.

  36. So saying, the conductor thumped his breast with simple admiration of his own humanity, and went away, after recommending me to the Cafe de Paris--indeed an excellent house.

  37. He was therefore glad to conclude an arrangement with Mr. George Hogarth, the conductor of the Evening Chronicle, a paper in connexion with the great morning journal on the reporting staff of which he was engaged.

  38. Later the consul was sometimes the conductor of public religious ceremonies.

  39. And the conductor says: 'Well, that's excuse enough for anything.

  40. He said he set up all night on the cyars so's the conductor would tell him when he got on Kentucky soil, and the nearer he got home the happier he got, and when the brakeman hollered, 'Muldraughs Hill!

  41. We feel that we are in good hands, for Conductor J.

  42. The first person I meet as I enter the smoker is the conductor who is running the train.

  43. Central) and found our train in charge of Conductor H.

  44. It was through the efforts of Conductor Ryan that we are given this pleasant trip to-day.

  45. Conductor Bronson and Brakeman Robie are members of Harvey Division No.

  46. Conductor Hugh Long, of Salida Division No.

  47. Gray, accompanied us from St. Louis to Poplar Bluff, and Conductor P.

  48. Shanehan; Conductor Williams and his brakemen will continue on to Los Angeles with us, 130 miles further.

  49. Dining-car Conductor McDonald accompanied us; he was looking for a wagon-load of supplies for his car from El Paso that had not arrived.

  50. The friends who had come out to visit the invalids have departed by the last tram, on which a tall Sikh was busy teaching the French conductor to talk English.

  51. The conductor himself, an ill-grown little Belgian reforme, seemed pleased enough of company, judging by the avidity with which he poured forth his sorrows into our sympathetic ears.

  52. Franz Liszt was now conductor at Weimar, and he brought out "Lohengrin" in 1850.

  53. Nevertheless, he persevered in his chosen vocation, receiving lessons of Rolla, the conductor of La Scala.

  54. In composition he now entered upon regular instruction with Heinrich Dorn, at that time conductor of the opera in Leipsic.

  55. The conductor at the harpsichord, playing from a figured bass, filled in chords according to his own judgment of the effect required.

  56. In 1759 he was appointed conductor of the music at the palace of Count Morzin, where he had a small number of musicians under his direction, only sixteen in all.

  57. In time Franz became first violin, and when the conductor was absent, took his place.

  58. In this way he continued until he was sixteen, having by this time become conductor of a philharmonic society, and the composer of quite a number of works, at the little town of Dusseto.

  59. After three years as cembalist and conductor at the Italian opera in London, he set out upon a tour as virtuoso.

  60. His musical progress was such that at the age of twenty-one he was able to accept a position as the conductor of the opera at Magdeburg.

  61. The seven years' war having put an end to these duties, he migrated to Hamburg, where he held honorable appointments as organist and conductor until his death.

  62. He was now twenty-one years old, and since the age of fourteen he had been assistant conductor at Salzburg in the service of the prince archbishop, who was a small-souled man, wholly unworthy the service which Mozart rendered him.

  63. At such times a few words of sympathy and inquiry from the conductor of the circle may assist the control to realize the situation and succeed in his endeavors to communicate.

  64. While I was gathering up hair-pins and pulling myself together to leave the car at the end of the ride I asked the conductor how far we had traveled.

  65. I could hear the roaring of the wind above that of the train, and I asked the conductor in consternation if this could be a hurricane.

  66. We were due at Miami in the afternoon; but there was a freight-train off the track ahead of us, and so for three hours I sat chafing with impatience, worrying the conductor with futile questions.

  67. I had better wait there, anyhow, the conductor argued; but I insisted that my friends, to whom I had telegraphed two days before, would meet me with a launch and take me to their place that night.

  68. Perhaps the conductor might have repeated Roland's threat to Montbar, but he suddenly saw a black line blocking the road.

  69. Having done this, and promised the conductor and the chasseurs a speedy vengeance, conditioned, however, on their keeping his present proceedings secret, he mounted the horse and rode off in the direction he had already investigated.

  70. The conductor held out his glass, and the three travellers touched it; but just as he was lifting it to his lips the doctor stopped his arm.

  71. But a child of only ten years of age, with reckless bravado, seized the pistol of the conductor and fired it into the midst of the assailants.

  72. At this moment the conductor entered with the usual formula: "Come!

  73. In fact the conductor was still squabbling with the landlord over his bill when the third traveller got into his place in the coupé.

  74. Meantime the conductor was forced, with a pistol at his throat, to give up the money.

  75. He returned upon his own tracks, ordered the conductor to put on the boots thrown aside by the pretended postilion, mount the horse and take the coach to the next relay, namely Belleville.

  76. The sergeant of chasseurs and four of his men, who knew how to write, were to accompany the conductor and sign his report of what had occurred.

  77. As soon as the conductor saw us he shouted to the postilion to stop; I even believe he added: 'I know what it is.

  78. Mr. Price put me on the train and the conductor took care of me.

  79. The stations were a long way apart and the conductor did not come through for some time.

  80. The conductor remembered the little girl very well, although he did not remember all the details of her story.

  81. She had found the conductor on the train coming up from New York a kind and pleasant man, and she decided to do all her business with him.

  82. The child knew she could not take the car, for the conductor would not let Prince ride.

  83. The conductor had been very kind to her all the way up from New York, and she was sure he would be glad to take her back again.

  84. At the Grand Central Terminal the conductor was met with a telegram sent from Sunrise Cove by a certain frantic hardware dealer, and that telegram told him something about Carolyn May of which he had not thought to ask.

  85. It was the very conductor who had been so kind to her on the trip up from New York.

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