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  1. The conductors contiguous to each side of the glass are called their coating.

  2. All other substances, and also a perfect vacuum, are non-conductors of electricity.

  3. If a great quantity of electricity be accumulated, as in a battery, the explosion will pass over the surfaces of imperfect conductors without entering them, and the effect will be a strong concussion of the substance.

  4. The electric substance which separates the two conductors possessing these two opposite kinds of electricity, is said to be charged.

  5. If conductors be insulated, electric powers may be communicated to them by the approach of excited electrics, or the contact of other electrified bodies.

  6. Another form, called the Long Range Electrometer, was devised for the measurement of the potentials of the charged conductors in electric machines and Leyden jars.

  7. By a known theorem the energy of a system of conductors is one half of the sum obtained by multiplying the potential of each conductor by its charge and adding the products together.

  8. Now replace S by a spherical shell of metal connected to the earth by a long fine wire, and imagine all other conductors to be at a great distance from it.

  9. So they drove through the streets of Pesth till they reached the Assembly House, where Petray ordered Raby's conductors to "obey orders.

  10. It was growing dusk when Raby and his two conductors arrived in Buda.

  11. For this season two conductors had been engaged, Signor Arditi and Mr. (afterwards Sir Julius) Benedict.

  12. In view of the new works we proposed to give, and of the large number of rehearsals that would be required, two conductors were now engaged, Arditi and Vianesi.

  13. But in Italy, I regret to say, the practice is only too common for singers to treat conductors as though they were not their directors, but their subordinates.

  14. When at rest, under certain conditions, either one will develop pressure, and this pressure when released will cause them to flow through their respective conductors and thus produce a current.

  15. The electric pressure between two charged conductors or surfaces.

  16. Materials used on and around wires and other conductors to keep the current from leaking away.

  17. Telephone and telegraph cables are made of any required gauge of wire and with from 1 to 150 conductors in a cable.

  18. The bare conductors should be thoroughly tinned by dipping in the metal pot or pouring the melted solder over them.

  19. The lead is cut back from each end about four or five inches, and the conductors bared of insulation for two or three inches.

  20. It is also very important to see that there are no sharp points on the conductors themselves, on the copper sleeve, on the edges of the lead covering or on the lead sleeve.

  21. In jointing these the splices are never soldered, the conductors being joined either with a twist joint or with the so-called Western Union splice.

  22. A lead sleeve is here slipped back over the cable, out of the way, and the ends of the conductors brought together in a copper sleeve which is then sweated to a firm joint.

  23. It is only necessary to ground the conductors at one end and try each wire at the other end.

  24. In telegraph and telephone cables the conductors should be of very soft copper, for in stripping the conductor of insulation it is very easy to nick the wire, and if of hard drawn copper open wires will be the result.

  25. If it is ever necessary to loop out conductors, a joint can be readily opened and the conductors wanted picked out and connected into the branch cable and the joint again closed without disturbing the working wires.

  26. The strain on the cable should be perfectly uniform and steady; if the power is applied by a series of jerks either the lead covering may be pulled apart or some of the conductors broken.

  27. The Brotherhood of Trainmen contains men who have been promoted to conductors causing a friction between these two orders.

  28. The witness is a member of the Order of Railway conductors but not of the American Railway Union.

  29. Henry's conductors led him to a house, where, in a room almost dark, he saw two traders and a soldier imprisoned.

  30. Instead of having two copper rings for collecting the current, it has a single ring, made up of segments of copper bound together, but insulated from each other, one segment for each set of conductors on the armature.

  31. We have seen that the voltage depends on the number of lines of magnetic force cut by the armature conductors in a given time.

  32. The conductors receive from $70 to $90 a month in salary, and it was brought out before the Commission that many do not consider it dishonest to "knock down" on seat sales.

  33. It is a common custom for conductors on street cars in Continental Europe to hold out their hands to receive as a tip any small change due, but first handed over to the passenger.

  34. And the thought of what might happen if the traveler in America should try to overcome the virtue of one of our express-train conductors with a 'quarter' brought all our party to see the circumstance from a humorous point of view.

  35. Even on the first-class cars men smoke as much as they wish, and if the women find it unbearable they go out and stand on the platform; there are two conductors on each car; one sells the tickets, the other collects them.

  36. Hence those atmospheres of either kind of electric matter, which differ but very little from each other in kind or quantity, require the most perfect conductors to cause them to unite.

  37. The electric ethers may be separately accumulated by contact of conductors with nonconductors, by vicinity of the two ethers, by heat, and by decomposition.

  38. Let me ask you a few questions: Didn't we travel all the way from Denver in a stateroom, so that outside of the conductors and a couple of porters there wasn't a soul knew you was in trouble?

  39. This is a trick all conductors seek to acquire; some of them succeed.

  40. The conductors of L'Homme were at once expelled from Jersey, whereupon Victor Hugo drew up a protest on behalf of the exiles.

  41. On these journeys to St. Mande to see his daughter, he would take the Muette-Belville omnibus, with a correspondence to Vincennes, and every Christmas he sent 500 francs to the conductors of these lines.

  42. That in the heating of conductors by lightning discharges air is an element of great importance, is almost as certain as an experimental fact.

  43. Of all the supports used I have found an ordinary incandescent lamp filament to be the best, principally because among conductors it can withstand the highest degrees of heat.

  44. In transmitting such impulses through conductors we must remember that we have to deal with pressure and flow, in the ordinary interpretation of these terms.

  45. Ordinary conductors rapidly lose the facility of transmitting electric impulses when the frequency is greatly increased.

  46. Even the doors of each "compartment" are barred by the conductors before the trains are dismissed, and will not be opened by the conductors of the next station, until the train stands still.

  47. Five minutes before any particular train leaves, the ticket-office is closed and the conductors pass through the cars and inspect the tickets.

  48. Nowadays people go to see a conductor direct the orchestra just as they go to hear a tenor, and they arrogate to themselves the right to judge the conductors as they do the tenors.

  49. Among the conductors was Richard Strauss who cannot be passed over without a word.

  50. When will orchestra conductors get tired of presenting the three or four Wagnerian works they repeat ad nauseum, when they can be heard at the Opéra under better conditions, and Schubert's insignificant Unfinished Symphony.

  51. But the orchestra conductors have to be taken into account.

  52. It therefore strikes through those conductors a building that would otherwise be out of the striking distance.

  53. Read at the Committee appointed to consider the erecting Conductors to secure the Magazines at Purfleet, Aug.

  54. There is no example of a house, provided with a perfect conductor, which has suffered any considerable damage; and even those which are without them have suffered little, since conductors have come common in this city.

  55. This is true only where the conductors are bare.

  56. To-day, in cold storage plants, these non-conductors are just as useful in covering pipes filled with circulating liquids of freezing temperatures.

  57. Its slags are made into bricks, cement, and glassy non-conductors of heat and electricity.

  58. The difficulty is remedied by using two conductors instead of one, and so arranging them that the currents induced on one conductor are exactly equal and opposite to those induced in the other.

  59. For years inventors busied themselves in finding non-conductors wherewith to cover steam-pipes and steam-boilers.

  60. Such a current usually has comparatively high tension, at which transmission is much more economical than at low tension, small conductors serving instead of large ones.

  61. Besides those who were known to the conductors of the Encyclopædia, was a host of unsought volunteers.

  62. We are always told that the aim of its conductors was to preach dogmatic atheism.

  63. The railroad company paid the money without further contest, and issued orders to its conductors to permit colored people to ride in its cars, an example that was followed by all the other street railroads in New York.

  64. The forms and relative arrangement of the two conductors may be greatly varied.

  65. There is a preponderance of repulsive action, tending to force the two conductors apart in an axial line.

  66. It never occurs to them that the slow but sure weakening of the rolling stock is due to Rule 7 in the "Instructions to Trainmen," which requires conductors and brakemen to close coach doors as violently as possible.

  67. Also, business with the train and Pullman conductors may be transacted in silence, and there is no profit in asking the latter to exchange your upper berth for a lower, as he has already been entreated by all the other occupants of uppers.

  68. This is well enough, though put in an extravagant and rather boyish way; but the writer then goes on in the true Colonel Starbottle manner as follows: "With the conductors of a clerical press it is difficult to deal.

  69. Needless to say, its conductors were Americans.

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