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Example sentences for "conducting"

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conducta; conductance; conducted; conducteur; conductibility; conduction; conductive; conductivity; conductor; conductors
  1. The majority were conducting a lively badinage with a pretty, fair-haired girl who leaned over the bar at one end of the room.

  2. Scientific observers, for a number of years past, have been conducting careful series of experiments in Telepathy, and many volumes of the reports of such investigations have been published by various psychic research societies.

  3. The third step in telepathic development is that of conducting experiments similar to those originally conducted by the Society for Psychical Research, previously mentioned.

  4. Patience is necessary in conducting a seance, and perseverance is essential.

  5. And Celia, after conducting the two friends to Attilio, was obliged to return to her parents so as to take her place beside them as the little queen of the fete.

  6. There was incredible intricacy in the depths of the affair; none could exactly tell who was pulling the strings, conducting the vast intrigue.

  7. Near the last was a door conducting to the little throne-room, and between this door and the window stood a small table at which a secretary, now absent, usually sat.

  8. But what a strange affair was this new incursion of the papacy into the field sown by the French Revolution, an incursion conducting it perhaps towards the domination, which it has striven for with a will that has upheld it for centuries!

  9. No drivers of wagons or persons taking care of the hired horses are, on any account, to be called upon to do the duty of soldiers, or be otherwise employed than in conducting or taking care of their carriages or horses.

  10. Conceiving then, that, agreeably to the advice of Pythagoras in his Golden Verses, daily examination would be necessary, I contrived the following method for conducting that examination.

  11. I was getting a little warm all the time at the highhanded way in which these few men were conducting the thing, and presently I got on my feet and said, 'Gentlemen, you are not going to have this thing all your way.

  12. Beecher in a series of meetings he was conducting in the Opera House.

  13. Liszt speaks of the conducting of the funeral procession.

  14. To see him conducting was worth anything.

  15. The clergy supplied the means of conducting the new governments, and were made exempt from taxation, from the jurisdiction of the civil magistrate, and of the political administrator.

  16. If I were conducting the search for myself, would I ever dream of looking for the mysterious runaway behind a wall three feet high within twenty paces of a public road and absolutely exposed to a wide sweep of beach?

  17. Of course if he were the sort of man who would (like myself) have drawn the line at conducting a bogus religious service, I could quite well understand his getting out of it somehow.

  18. It seemed quite a feasible theory to suppose that he had got out of conducting the service on some excuse in order that he might be asked to stay longer and preach next Sunday instead.

  19. This contact is made by conducting rods, as indicated.

  20. In rehearsing the work, it was over this portion that he lingered with peculiar care; and when conducting its performance he obtained from the postlude some of his rarest and most exquisite effects of ethereal tenderness.

  21. That peculiar conformation of country which had given rise to the name of the place to which they were conducting the prisoner, was now to be discerned at some little distance ahead.

  22. In the confusion that ensued upon the defeat of Innis, James Curry succeeded in conducting Butler from the field.

  23. The very boldness of the affair caused the Iroquois to think it was a ruse to draw them near the fort, so that the garrison could rush out upon them, and they did not dare to attack Madeleine and those she was conducting to the fort.

  24. The latter "mémoire" on the reorganization of the army and the future methods of conducting war in Canada was looked upon by Vaudreuil and his secretary as a personal offence.

  25. The reader must have been struck with the pride of the Hochelagans in conducting their visitors to the mountain as well as at the accurate and picturesque description given by Cartier of the scene that met his delighted gaze.

  26. The magistrate conducting the inquiry was struck by the expression of Derues' countenance and by this half answer, which appeared to hide a mystery and to aim at diverting attention by offering a bait to curiosity.

  27. Grandier was, as we have said, at Paris when these proceedings were taken against him, conducting before the Parliament his case against Duthibaut.

  28. She paid regular visits to both her sons, looked closely into their manner of conducting business, examined their premises, and subjected every fixture and improvement made or introduced without her sanction, to the most rigorous scrutiny.

  29. But at the moment there entered a Captain D'Almansa, whom I had met at Santa Fe, and who, I now learned, was conducting down the Lieutenant and his men to place them under the escort of Malgares.

  30. Notwithstanding my protests against imposing upon his generosity, he insisted upon at once conducting me to a man qualified to tailor the Spanish modes.

  31. Conducting bars, C C, are placed on each side of the conduit, and these are divided into sections of about 500 feet.

  32. In this jar may be placed various conducting solutions to be tested.

  33. In case of a discharge, or stroke of lightning, the rods aid in conducting the electricity to the earth.

  34. The conducting wires are carried up through the leg of the plow.

  35. The location of the conducting wires beneath the surface of the street removes all danger to the public, and protects them from all interference, leaving the street free from poles and wires.

  36. This thin coating lines the mould with conducting material so that the current can get to every part of the mould.

  37. She had risen from the chair in which she had seated herself when they entered the room, and obviously expected him to lose no time in conducting her to the bedside of Jean de Courtois.

  38. He was conducting the orchestra from the stage itself, being seated in a hole cut in the stage, so that his legs {57} rested upon a little platform below.

  39. On another occasion, when Sir Frederick was conducting an experiment designed to prove that ignition was harmless, he had his clothes blown off his body, and narrowly escaped with his life.

  40. The greatest skill conducting the greatest military apparatus has been employed; but it has been worse than uselessly employed, through the false policy of the war.

  41. He worked with a voice as if he were in a laboratory, conducting a series of experiments.

  42. The sullenness of the place seemed to say that the world could get on very well without people, red or white; that under the human world there was a geological world, conducting its silent, immense operations which were indifferent to man.

  43. Mr. Gladstone still stood out, conducting a brisk correspondence with dissenters.

  44. He saw no chance of "conducting opposition with decent sincerity or possible success, except in a parliament in which we know who are our friends and who are our enemies on this question.

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