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Example sentences for "small table"

  • It is well to have a stand or small table by the bed-side, that you can set any thing on.

  • I breakfasted alone at a small table in the dining-room, and had the big room almost to myself--two gentlemen were breakfasting at one end.

  • We dined quietly at the hotel at a small table in the dining-room.

  • Shortly afterward the wife of the boor made her appearance, and having saluted them, took up her station at a small table, with the tea apparatus before her.

  • He had a small table and a jug of beer placed beside him, and he smoked his pipe--a pipe which enjoyed among democrats a consideration almost equal to his own, as though it had served its country in serving Cornudet.

  • He opened a case of Gastinne Renettes which stood on a small table, and took from it a pistol.

  • He took a small table in one of the arbors, from which one can see all the surrounding country, ordered his lunch, and asked to be served at once.

  • Two young fellows, whom I had last seen at the Henderson dinner, were seated at a small table.

  • At the upper end of the room stood a small table with a double desk, one side of which held a church Bible, the other Fox's "Book of Martyrs.

  • He half rose, and pointed to a writing-desk on a small table, with keys in the lock.

  • Appoint two leaders, who choose sides, arranging the sides in lines facing each other, with a small table at each end of each line.

  • Morning glory tea was served from a small table, over which stood a large Japanese umbrella covered with the flowers; the cups carried out the color scheme of the flowers.

  • On a small table near by was an immense bowl filled with sparkling soapsuds, and also clay pipes decorated with little blue hearts.

  • The young ladies sate by a small table on which lay some books and materials for work, placed near the fire.

  • Before him was placed a small table, with all the appliances of an elegant breakfast; and two or three books and pamphlets were laid within reach of his hand.

  • The man placed the candle upon a small table, black with age, and patched and crutched up like a battered pensioner, and flinging some more wood upon the fire, turned and left the room in silence.

  • Set it over a good fire, and skim it as soon as it begins to boil, and continue till no more scum appears; having thrown in a small table-spoonful of salt after the first skimming.

  • Wherever there is a large table there is a long sofa or a few big chairs; wherever there is a lone chair there is a small table to hold a reading-light, or flowers, or what not.

  • There is also a small table holding an electric reading-lamp, made of a Chinese jar, with a shade of shirred silk.

  • On a small table to the right of the bed an electric reading lamp is turned up, and there is a light over the dressing-table.

  • A fireplace on the Left, a sofa, a small table; the curtained window is at the back.

  • LEMMY in her chair is a pile of corduroy trousers, her day's sweated sewing, and a small table.

  • A small table with a gold-coloured cloth occupies the very centre of the room, which has a polished parquet floor and high white walls.

  • I sit down at a small table: a waiter comes immediately to enquire my wishes.

  • The general held a bank at faro at a small table.

  • I sat down at a small table with a few of my guests, and I received the most pressing invitations to spend the autumn in their town.

  • The bed was placed in the recess; my dinner was laid out on a small table, and I had to eat with an ivory spoon he had procured out of the money I had given him; all forks, knives, and edged tools being forbidden.

  • At the end of the room, behind a small table, stood a woman, still young, dressed in a tailor-made suit of masculine pattern and cut.

  • Retreats to couch by which is a small table.

  • Before window a small table on which are student's books and papers.

  • Crosses to small table rear, sits by it, and begins studying.

  • She was seated at a small table with a slightly less repulsive edition of herself, and her smile changed at once into a gesture of invitation.

  • It was early for diners, and they found a small table in a retired corner.

  • They were seated in front of a small table, and were at times the object of expectant contemplation on the part of a magnificent individual in livery and knee-breeches.

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