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  1. The dinner was smoking hot on the table when we drove up to the hotel at Swan River; and so charming a drive in the pure air had given me a keen appetite.

  2. Perhaps one cause of my favorable impression of Crow Wing is the excellent and home-like hotel accommodations which I have found.

  3. There is a hotel now being built there out of stone, which I am confident will exceed anything in the territory, if we except the Fuller House.

  4. Why, here is a new hotel (the Fuller House) at which I stop, which is surpassed but by very few hotels in the country.

  5. I did not have time to go up to the Bates House, where I once had the pleasure of stopping, but concluded to get supper at a hotel near the depot, where there was abundant time to go through the ceremony of eating.

  6. The hotels and caf├ęs were just seething humanity, beds improvised in every corner, and I saw officers paying their hotel bills with cheques and notes.

  7. She was at the Salutation Hotel on Lake Windermere, standing at the window of her room looking over the lovely scene.

  8. I'll step over to the hotel and get a couple o' their porters.

  9. I do remember at the hotel where I first saw her, there was a very handsome dark man, who seemed to be on the most friendly, even familiar terms with both Theodora and Mr. Newton.

  10. It was then nearly dark, and they went to the hotel for the night.

  11. I am planning routes of travel, mother, putting down every place to stop at, what hotel to go to, what is worth seeing, and so on.

  12. She was sitting at her husband's side one afternoon, in the office or foyer of a large hotel in San Francisco.

  13. He had some hours to wait, and he went to the hotel he had frequented with his brother, and sat down in the office.

  14. He went to the hotel at which his sister had stayed, and was obliged to admit that neither Glasgow, London, nor Paris had anything to rival its luxury and splendor.

  15. There was a bit of fog as we left the hotel door, but as we heard the larks singing aloft we expected it to clear.

  16. It has completely disappeared, and the road in front of the Bedford Hotel now runs over what was the nave of the great church.

  17. Where now stands the hotel was in ancient days the Saxon school; it was pulled down in 1736, when the inn, then the house of the Dukes of Bedford, was erected on its site and out of its materials.

  18. The people at the hotel had heard of the fire, and were willing to lend all the assistance in their power.

  19. He paid the cabman, and went to a hotel close by, where travellers may wait up for the mail, and have food and drink while they wait.

  20. Then, coming out on a busy thoroughfare, he took a hansom and gave the address of a quiet hotel in the City.

  21. Dick asked the girl if she did not know in what hotel Charlie was to be found.

  22. So the Agents of Peace were not appealed to by them, and at last they reached the hotel where Sir Augustus and Charles Cavendish were stopping.

  23. You know they were to meet us at the hotel in Edinburgh, and they have not done so.

  24. Perhaps there was some mistake about the hotel where we are to meet them.

  25. Although it did not take them long to retrace their steps to the hotel where they had left the Englishmen and the Greek girl, they met with a most surprising disappointment when they arrived there.

  26. Even after they had reached their hotel and were in their rooms he maintained an air of gloomy thought.

  27. Upon arriving at their hotel they found a letter there, addressed to Dick.

  28. You know you were surprised yourself when we struck Edinburgh, and failed to find the Budthornes at the hotel where they agreed to meet us.

  29. It's a whole lot queer they were able to get away from that hotel and out of the city without any of that bunch of Greeks interfering.

  30. I suppose I have no right to hold this message; I must send the man to the hotel telegraph office with it.

  31. The same witnesses know that John Armitage was at the Hotel Monte Rosa for twenty-four hours following the Count's departure.

  32. It is known at the Hotel Monte Rosa in Geneva that you were the last person to enjoy an interview with the venerable statesman--you see I am not dull, Monsieur Armitage!

  33. Monsieur Chauvenet and I will not shoot at each other in the hotel dining-room.

  34. You forget that there's a difference between us--you are an unknown adventurer, carried on the books of the police as a fugitive from justice, and I can walk to the hotel and get twenty reputable men to vouch for me.

  35. At the hotel he changed his clothes, threw the things from his dressing-table into a bag, and announced his departure for Paris by the night express.

  36. The hotel loomed massively before them, and beyond were handsome estates and ambitious mansions scattered through the valley and on the lower slopes.

  37. It is a vast hotel where the rich spend much money.

  38. It was on the morning of the fourth day that Armitage appeared suddenly at the hotel as Dick and his sister waited for a carriage to carry them to their train.

  39. You had better look in at the hotel dance to-night.

  40. The size of the place and the great number of people going and coming surprised him, but in the numbers he saw his own security, and he walked boldly up the steps of the main hotel entrance.

  41. They had met Oscar just outside the Springs, and had returned to the hotel for Baron von Marhof.

  42. She made him turn back when they reached a point from which they could look upon the electric lights of the Springs colony, and where the big hotel and its piazzas shone like a steamship at night.

  43. I have been looking for you since, and saw you leave your horse at the hotel this afternoon.

  44. Oscar, go to the hotel at the Springs and ask for Doctor Bledsoe.

  45. He expected that the person for whom he waited would go direct to the Hotel Monte Rosa for the reason that Shirley Claiborne had been there; and Armitage was not mistaken.

  46. At Ecouen, Pauline had dressed herself in the clothes of her maid Louise, and on alighting at the hotel de Senecy, was taken by the servants for the soubrette of Mademoiselle de Hauteford.

  47. The sleep of the Count de Blenau was fully as sound within the Bastille as ever it had been in his own hotel at St. Germain: nor was it till the day was risen high that he awoke, on the first morning after his imprisonment.

  48. II AN apparition almost as startling had come to Garnett himself in the shape of the mauve note received from his concierge as he was leaving the hotel for luncheon.

  49. The next morning he telephoned in to the St. Boniface Hotel and heard that the Janney party were out.

  50. Berkeley was much too exclusive to permit a hotel within its exclusive limits and the Berkeley Arms was allowed to exist in a small, subdued way as a convenience.

  51. I had a telephone from him this morning to say he was in town and would be at the hotel later in the day.

  52. At the desk in the hotel she learned that Ferguson was there, asked to have him apprised of her return and sent at once to her sitting room.

  53. They had decided to stay at the St. Boniface hotel where rooms had already been engaged, and, with Suzanne swathed in veils and clinging to her mother's arm, they were escorted to the elevator and cheered on their way by the two Whitneys.

  54. Chapman had been in his office all day, had dined at a hotel and afterward had gone to his rooms and remained there.

  55. In the courtyard of the hotel de ville there stands an old tower dating from the 15th century.

  56. The principal building of the town is a handsome hotel de ville, partly of the 15th century, with a lofty belfry.

  57. I have sent to the Hotel de Langeac for my letters, and must wait to glance over them--they might contain news about Roger.

  58. We understand each other perfectly, and, if I am not married next winter, the Hotel de Langeac will still be my home.

  59. As soon as I could bear the motion of a carriage, they took me from Voreppe, and I am now writing to you, my dear Edgar, from the hotel of the Prefecture.

  60. I must tell you, so you can better appreciate my angry mortification, that just as we were stepping into the carriage the servant handed me the letters that I had sent him to bring from the Hotel de Langeac.

  61. I went into the hotel and questioned everybody, and found they had seen many young ladies of the age, figure and beauty of Mlle.

  62. I left the hotel de Langeac with a joyful heart.

  63. After a bath, breakfast, and a visit to the barbershop, he inquired of the hotel clerk the way to the office of Dr.

  64. Giving up the task, he left the hotel and walked down to Dr.

  65. I thought of your sweet-potato pone at the hotel to-day, when I was at dinner, and wondered if you'd have some in the house.

  66. Meanwhile Tryon had reached his hotel and opened his mail.

  67. As they were passing the hotel on their drive down town, the clerk came out to the curbstone and called to the doctor.

  68. He was scarcely seated when a messenger from the hotel came up the walk from the gate and handed him a note.

  69. He drove to the hotel and put up for the night.

  70. When it was his time to retire, he sent his money to England, he made all his arrangements to come home, and then one night he walked out of the hotel in Bombay, a couple of days before the ship sailed, and disappeared.

  71. They reached the hotel at eleven, ordered their supper and bathed.

  72. I understand that an Englishman stops at a hotel at which an American would stay.

  73. In that lively story the young girl, seeking out the being whom she has worshipped from afar, rashly ventures into the hotel where the singer and his wife live.

  74. So by the time he reached the hotel his step was vigorous and the ferrule of his cane struck the sidewalk with military precision.

  75. What, might I ask, would happen if any of us were to break into His Worship's hotel and steal, or take if you will, some choice samples of his wines?

  76. After two hours of strolling I reentered our hotel to find a group of travelers before the bulletin board.

  77. Moreover, the civility of the various ministrants to the invalid, from the eminent professor-doctor down through hotel porters and bath attendants to the elevator boy, was well-nigh perfect.

  78. Richardson's Hotel was the residence of Dr.

  79. It seem to be to me very ridiculous; so I returned to my hotel at despair how I could possibility learn a language what meant so many differents in one word.

  80. Crowborough itself has shops that would not disgrace Croydon, and a hotel where a Lord Mayor might feel at home.

  81. I have seen it stated that the mouth of the river was even more easterly still--somewhere opposite the Norfolk Hotel at Brighton; but this may be fanciful and can now hardly be proven.

  82. Marjory woeful with an endless dissertation upon the beds in the hotel at Athens.

  83. The train was really obliged to arrive finally at Patras even if it was a tortoise, and when this happened, a hotel runner appeared, who lied for the benefit of the hotel in saying that there was no boat over to Mesalonghi that night.

  84. Had he accomplished the herculean task of getting a carriage for four people to the door of the hotel in time for a drive at three o'clock, only to meet with this stoniness, this inhumanity?

  85. In the grill-room of a Broadway hotel he was obliged to wait some minutes for the fulfillment of his orders and he spent the time in reading and studying the little grey note.

  86. Coleman went to the picture of a hotel in Corfu and stared at it precisely as if he was interested.

  87. He told all the visible employes of the hotel and allowed them to know that the betrothal really had been his handi-work He had arranged it.

  88. The majority of the servants in the hotel pretended that they spoke English, but, in three minutes, she drove them distracted with the abundance and violence of her requests.

  89. The proprietor of the hotel brought in his dignity and showed it to them, but they minded it no more than if he had been only a common man.

  90. Although he had so lately arrived at the hotel he had contrived to diffuse his traps over the room in an organised disarray which represented a long and careless occupation if it did not represent t'le scene of a scuffle.

  91. I haven't heard the hotel making any remarks lately.

  92. When he had arrived in New York, a cab rattled him to an uptown hotel with speed.

  93. Joe put on his new belt and went down to the hotel bar.

  94. Morgan and Edie walked down the wide back steps of the hotel and across the courtyard beneath the banyan tree.

  95. The lobby of the Edgewater Hotel was busy.

  96. He walked back to the hotel and began writing a story in the bar where he had watched Fanatuua earn his money.

  97. They swept up to the front of the hotel and arranged to meet at the banyan bar in an hour and a half.

  98. The Edgewater Hotel bar has floor to ceiling windows on the water.

  99. He went back to the hotel and stared at the ceiling in his room.

  100. At five minutes to five, Daisy walked out of the hotel and down the wide steps.

  101. In one of the hotel lobbies, a Filipino with a deep tan sang, "Roasting chestnuts on an open fire .

  102. And, boys, we are now in a hotel that is more stylish than the one in which we took dinner.

  103. On their way back Fritz had said, "If the money is under the pillow we can get it, and there will be no need of telling the hotel people why we came back.

  104. But, on going to a Temperance Hotel to put up, I learned that a gentleman near had the letting of a large hall.

  105. Fixed up at the old hotel six floors up (the Mass Hotel).

  106. I emphasized my appreciation by saying that the visitors at the big hotel at Criccieth near by were one and all enchanted.

  107. On behalf of a score of special correspondents who had come down from London, I stopped Lloyd George in the street as he was walking to his hotel to ask him about the official inquiry.

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