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  1. Since 1878 he had been a Master at the School and had acted as Form Master, Dormitory Master and later as Bursar.

  2. The first proposal was to use the recently built School and convert the upper room into a dormitory and so increase the accommodation with a minimum of expense.

  3. It was therefore suggested that the House System as opposed to the Dormitory System should be given a trial.

  4. Dormitory Masters were given greater independence, boys, especially the older boys, were made to realize that they also had a deep responsibility in the welfare of the School.

  5. Stetson collection of paintings; the opening, also in 1889, of Wood Cottage, a dormitory built by Mrs. Caroline A.

  6. Wilder, and was used to build Wilder Hall, the fourth dormitory in the group on Norumbega hill.

  7. Stone, and was intended, in the beginning, as a dormitory for the "teacher specials.

  8. The latter had come tiptoeing into the dormitory one night long after the other girls were fast asleep, and without undressing threw herself on the vacant cot next to mine.

  9. After three days' systematic inquiry, I climbed the stairs to the dormitory late on Sunday night, no wiser than I had been a week before.

  10. The music stopped when they reached the dormitory door, which they entered silently, two by two.

  11. I returned a few minutes before seven, just in time to hear the children singing the last stanza of "Beulah Land" as I passed up-stairs to the dormitory on the third floor.

  12. But there isn't any difference now from--from the night I went into that dormitory first.

  13. Then I went home to the little cot in the dormitory of the "home.

  14. I could have a room all to myself for a dollar and a half a week, or I could sleep in the dormitory for ten cents a night, or fifty cents a week; all terms payable in advance.

  15. Returning to the dormitory quadrangles, we sat down on a wooden bench to rest, while the Urchin, now convinced that a university is nothing to be awed by, scampered about on the turf.

  16. You will change to Number 3 dormitory to-day.

  17. You will find the Swiss Giantess as complete a dormitory as man can desire, Talboys.

  18. Bob took his turn after a short nap in the dormitory room of the station house.

  19. When he returned to the station house he was too tired to return to his room in the boarding-house where he lodged, but took advantage of the proximity of a cot in the dormitory for the reserves.

  20. He turned to Burke and waved his hand toward the stairway which led to the dormitory above.

  21. Bobby and Fred and the other boys of Dormitory Two were just at that age when the mind and heart are both most impressionable.

  22. I say," said Shiner, going about quickly among the Second Dormitory lads, "Bobby wants us all in the gym.

  23. They played the First Dormitory Nine on Saturday of the first week of school, and won.

  24. The Second Dormitory had a great feast after hours one night, of which even Captain Gray knew nothing.

  25. The dormitory was a big, light room, cheerfully furnished, with a locker beside each bed for the boy's clothes and personal possessions, and a chair at the head of the bed.

  26. For two months the boys of the Second Dormitory had not seen their camp in the woods on the larger island at the other end of Lake Monatook.

  27. Bobby noticed that one of the junior teachers was always within sight, while Captain Barry Gray, and some of the older fellows, were grouped on the main steps of the dormitory building, swapping vacation experiences.

  28. In the cold, chilly dawn, half a dozen of the boys of Dormitory Two were awakened by the bigger fellows.

  29. The dormitory was not disturbed until morning, save that once in the night Pee Wee had a nightmare and groaned and fought, until the next fellow to him punched him and woke him up.

  30. The dormitory was quite silent, save for the four boys in the corner.

  31. Having seen each occupant of the dormitory ensconced between her sheets (Cynthia did not dare to complain that hers were sardiny!

  32. Raymonde's sudden ejaculation was caused by a vision of no less a person than Miss Gibbs, who was standing in the doorway of the dormitory regarding the sewing party in some astonishment.

  33. There'll be squalls if you're caught in the dormitory during recreation.

  34. She was continually paying surprise visits to dormitory or schoolroom, and pouncing upon offenders who were talking, or otherwise neglecting their duties.

  35. It was a brilliant thought to have labelled the beds, and so secured the most eligible portion of the dormitory for themselves.

  36. A quarter of an hour later the dormitory presented a convivial scene.

  37. In the dormitory she put aside all conversation with a firm: "Don't talk to me, I'm thinking!

  38. When Mademoiselle went the round of the dormitory that night at 9.

  39. Every occupant of the dormitory vowed with a solemn oath to preserve the secret at all costs.

  40. Raymonde, dancing into the dormitory and plumping down on Fauvette's bed amid a pile of chiffons, muslins, and other flimsy articles of wearing apparel.

  41. As a rule, every occupant of the long dormitory was wrapt in slumber before that hour, and the mistress, taking a last peep at the rows of small beds, would hear nothing but peaceful breathing.

  42. She was not permitted to go to the dormitory at night, but slept on a chair-bed in Miss Beasley's dressing-room.

  43. The room in which he lay was somewhat longer than the dormitory of the Refuge, and was connected at the further end with what appeared to be a sort of waiting-room beyond.

  44. At first he thought that he was still within the dormitory of the Refuge, for there before him he saw cold, bare white walls immaculately clean.

  45. The faces of the new girls appeared white and mournful, pressed against the dormitory windows, or flushed and laughing from between rubber helmets and slickers out on the campus, according to their dispositions.

  46. Dinner at Ambler House was the next thing on Mrs. Moore's program, and she listened to that roar of conversation and laughter that always began as soon as grace had been said in the dormitory dining-rooms.

  47. The party reached the dormitory by a narrow wooden staircase, the whiteness of which testified to the scrubbing powers of Kate's red arms and those of her compeers.

  48. To other questions that I put to him he replied that about ten members of the community were priests, and that fathers and brothers used the dormitory in common.

  49. These partitions, which had been whitewashed over, looked very fragile and dilapidated, and altogether the appearance of this great dormitory was wretched in the extreme.

  50. Byrd built a schoolhouse and a shop and a dormitory on his farm, engaged instructors and servants, and then announced that he was ready to receive pupils.

  51. For an hour and a half they were busy, sandwiching their breakfast between the tidying of the dormitory and the washing and wiping of dishes.

  52. The noise Hal made in entering the dormitory and walking along the hall awakened Bun Bowler, who was sleeping with his brother Frank.

  53. Ten minutes later another dark form emerged from another window of the dormitory and took a similar course.

  54. Half an hour after bedtime, three boys might have been seen to slip out of a window of the dormitory to the ground.

  55. The great dormitory of the monks was built along the east walk of the cloister, extending some way beyond it.

  56. These were removed in the middle of the last century, and a good deal of the substructure remained until 1867, when the vaulting which survived was pulled down to make way for the new library, which was erected on the dormitory site.

  57. A second minor dormitory ran eastward from the larger one, while outside this was the third dormitory, fronting the Green Court.

  58. The dormitory was in a closed compound, whose doors and gates were carefully locked to keep the girls from running away.

  59. My personal attention was first called to the heartrending condition of servitude imposed on vast numbers of girls by reading, a score of years ago, of a fire in the dormitory of an Osaka factory.

  60. At Dover, they were instructed not only to say their two hundred Paternosters and Aves by day, but as many at night; one brother roused the slumbering by ringing the dormitory bell, and the prayers were repeated sitting erect in bed.

  61. No male person is allowed within the dormitory building.

  62. When the West Dormitory of Briarwood Hall was burned and it was discovered that there had been no insurance on the building, the girls determined to do all in their power to rebuild the structure.

  63. They could find no room for Mrs. Jaynes, until it was remembered that there was an unassigned dormitory room at Dare Hall.

  64. Let me tell you, Miss Dexter, we all at Briarwood helped to swell that dormitory fund.

  65. The girls whose dormitory rooms were there, irrespective of class, all shared in the furnishing of the sitting-room.

  66. Why, you must be the girl who wrote a picture play to help build a dormitory for your school!

  67. Tony Graham was a prefect in Merevale's, and part of his duties was to look after the dormitory of which Harrison was one of the ornaments.

  68. It was a dormitory that required a good deal of keeping in order.

  69. The men yelled with joy and roared from dormitory to dormitory in the wonderful Legion language made up of chosen bits from every other language of the world.

  70. He was of another company, and had risked much to steal into the dormitory of the Tenth.

  71. There had been a scene in the dormitory which had got every man out of bed, but an hour after the tired soldiers were dead to the world again--all save Max, who felt as if a white fire like the moonlight was raging in his brain.

  72. This from Sergeant Blaine as he jumped from his bunk in the aerodrome dormitory the following morning just as the dawn was breaking.

  73. Into the dormitory he was carried and laid on a vacant bed near the now recovering Stanley.

  74. Take him up to the Casual Dormitory boys," ordered Byers.

  75. And then the children in the dormitory crept shivering into bed, and wrapped their heads up in the bedclothes, trembling at every sound.

  76. The door of that being closed, she then groped for a time and turned towards the women’s dormitory in which she had formerly slept.

  77. He then got out of bed, and, in his nightgown, ran through the dormitory to a door leading to the lavatories.

  78. Before the door of the first dormitory a number of men were undressing.

  79. You sleep in the first dormitory to-night," he explained to Fred.

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