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chals; chalybeate; chalybeates; chamaeleon; chamans; chambered; chambering; chamberlain; chamberlains; chamberleine
  1. As he threw his head back in the chair, his glance happened to rest upon a bell, a disused bell, that hung in the room, and communicated for some purpose now forgotten with a chamber in the highest story of the building.

  2. The work was done, the simulated hoards Of wit and wisdom round the chamber stood, In binding some; and some, of course, in boards Where all were wood.

  3. Within the sick-chamber it was a night dark with suffering and anxiety; as the hours passed slowly away, my heart almost died in the shadow of the coming event; all was gloom and agitation except the sweet patience of the sufferer.

  4. When he brought in the trout, Ellen went to his mother's chamber and asked if they should not be kept for breakfast?

  5. In describing the comforts of her chamber in the school at Richmond, she noted as its crowning charm the daily presence of the Eternal King, who condescended to make it His dwelling-place.

  6. Although the chamber of death, it was the chamber of peace, and a light not of earth shone down upon us all.

  7. He had not spoken long before intelligence of his wonderful oratory reached the Senate chamber and drew its members to the other House.

  8. The place was like that upper chamber facing the sunrising, and whose name was Peace, in which Bunyan's Pilgrim was lodged on the way to the celestial city.

  9. The fortresses and strongholds hitherto held by them were to be left with them for eight years, and in the Parliament a special “Chamber of the Edict” was instituted, with eight Catholic and eight Protestant members.

  10. The =Limbus infantum= is a side chamber of purgatory, where all unbaptized infants are kept for ever, only deprived of blessedness in consequence of original sin.

  11. Sometimes the cell of the temple or chamber into which the shrine opened was reached through another apartment, corresponding to the Greek pronaos.

  12. The most curious of the discoveries made during the examination of this building, was the existence in its interior of a species of chamber or gallery, the true object of which still re-mains wholly unexplained.

  13. Patterned work is found not only on the enamelled bricks, but on stone pavement slabs, and around arched doorways leading from one chamber to another, where the patterns are carved with great care and delicacy upon the alabaster.

  14. Perhaps the archway led into a chamber beyond which was a second archway and an inner portal, as marked in Mr. Fergusson's plan: but this is at present uncertain.

  15. One chamber attached to this block of buildings (I.

  16. They consist almost entirely of a single series, discovered by Mr. Layard in a chamber of the North-West Palace at Nimrud, in the near vicinity of slabs on which was engraved the name of Sargon.

  17. What other sepulchral chamber is there anywhere of so enormous a, length?

  18. Ornaments of this kind were discovered by hundreds at Nimrud in a chamber which contained arms of many descriptions.

  19. The panel, at his back, being released, fell backward without warning and for the second time Runyon tumbled unawares into the chamber of the wall.

  20. On one side it connected with a small chamber used by Inez, which occupied half the depth of the wing and faced the garden.

  21. At the opposite side of little Jane's nursery was a roomy chamber which had been given up to Mildred, and still beyond this were the rooms occupied by Arthur and Louise, all upon the ground floor.

  22. So this was one way from the house into the upper chamber of the wall.

  23. After more than two hours of industry, during which every man believed he had examined every block, they were forced to abandon the lower chamber and ascend the steep stairs to the upper one.

  24. Bellaria, "to show how much she liked him whom her husband loved," treated Egistus with great confidence, often going herself to his chamber to see that nothing should be amiss.

  25. Their mother, Videna, who loved Ferrex best, revenged his death by entering Porrex's chamber in the night, and murdering him in his sleep.

  26. It is of sufficient dimensions to contain ten gallons of water, and by means of the valve above alluded to, it can be shut off from the chamber devoted to the process of digestion.

  27. Into the council-chamber he is gone, 20 To crave the aid and succour of his peers.

  28. Spain is the council-chamber of the Pope, Spain is the place where he makes peace and war; And Guise for Spain hath now incensed the king To send his power to meet us in the field.

  29. This shall follow then; There have I hid, close underneath the plank That runs along the upper chamber floor, The gold and jewels which I kept for thee.

  30. Every tenth "golden boy" was shunted into a small chamber filled with orgon, the instant anaesthetizing gas, and Dr.

  31. All quarantine rules had long since been dropped, and Sorenson and Bailey began inventing ruses to lure the males into the gas chamber again.

  32. It did not look as if its voice would ever reach beyond the small dark chamber where it saw the light.

  33. The murderous assault upon Charles Sumner in the Senate Chamber at Washington by Preston S.

  34. On either side of the Rotunda are passages leading to the House of Representatives on the one side, and the Senate Chamber on the other.

  35. Passing Llanfairfechan and Aber we are at Bangor, and almost immediately afterwards make a dive into the long, dark chamber of the Tubular Bridge, with a shriek and rumbling rattle that is almost startling.

  36. During the Session there is Divine service in the Senate Chamber on Sunday mornings.

  37. Towards nightfall I entered the subterranean chamber and sat down there, feeling utterly alone.

  38. But--how did he gain the Chamber of the Assembly?

  39. Evidently it opened by means of a spring, but I sought not explanation, for I held my breath, wondering into what strange chamber I was about to enter.

  40. Upon the threshold of a grim, dark chamber I stood dumbfounded and amazed at the strange sight that presented itself to my gaze.

  41. Yes," I answered, shuddering, for my whole surroundings in that subterranean Chamber of the Serpents were so uncanny, that I began to long for light and fresh air.

  42. On his way from the court to the Treasure House he will be compelled to pass across the Great Hall of Audience and through the long, dark passage that divideth that chamber from the Court of the Treasury.

  43. Gaining the dark passage, I hesitated for a few seconds, then decided to explore it in the opposite direction, for I had no intention of again approaching the chamber wherein the secret rites had been performed.

  44. The opposite end of the curious stone chamber was plunged in cavernous darkness, and I strained my eyes to ascertain what mystery might there be hidden.

  45. It seemed cool and dimly-lit where I was lying, and presently, when full consciousness returned, I made out that I was in a subterranean chamber built of stone and lighted from the top by a crevice through which the ray of sunlight strayed.

  46. Searching for a means of exit, it seemeth, brought thee unto the Chamber of Assembly; hence my disgrace and thine own peril.

  47. All were points as deeply strange and mysterious as the hidden properties of the lost Crescent, the marvels of the secret chamber in the weird old house in Algiers, or the identity of Zoraida herself.

  48. Apparently it was a question which she did not care to answer, for she disregarded it, exclaiming grimly, "I wonder if the occupant of the secret chamber will discover the means of exit?

  49. The entrance to the strange chamber was apparently at the opposite end, hidden in the darkness.

  50. Had I fallen, thou too must have perished, for thy food in the secret chamber could not have lasted long," she panted, holding her hand to her breast as if in pain.

  51. Know, O wanderer from beyond seas, thou now goest in with me unto the bower of Al Barzakh, the Presence-chamber of the Marvellous, whence those who enter issue forth changed men!

  52. And in the morning, crying out with thirst, they were led by the sergeants into the chamber of doom.

  53. But at last on the thirty-first day he came and thrust his nose in at the door of the chamber where Ulenspiegel had begged him not to enter.

  54. When he came to the Tolbooth stair, There he let his volley flee; It made the king in his chamber start, E'en in the bed where he might be.

  55. To bed the worthy king made him boun; To take his rest, that was his desire; He was no sooner cast on sleep But his chamber was on a blazing fire.

  56. When mass was sung, and bells was rung, And all men bound for bed, Then good Lord John and Rothiemay In one chamber was laid.

  57. Christy Grahame is to his chamber gone, And for to study, as well might be, Whether to fight with his father dear, Or with his bully Bewick he.

  58. They strowed his chamber over with gun powder, And laid green rushes in his way; For the traitors thought that night The worthy king for to betray.

  59. It was he who in May, 1847, had come with Prince de la Moskowa to bring me King Jérome's petition to the Chamber of Peers.

  60. As he arrived there La Rochejaquelein, thrust back from the Chamber by its invaders, crossed the Place.

  61. He penetrated as far as the Council Chamber of the Civil Chamber; at that moment he had still no other escort than the few police agents of the morning.

  62. Suddenly a tumultuous sound of footsteps is heard in the lobby which leads from the Council Chamber to the room where they were deliberating.

  63. The drawing-room and a little ante-chamber which led to it were full of Representatives, with whom were mingled a good many persons who did not belong to the Assembly.

  64. Baze's apartment a door led to the lobby communicating with the chamber of the Assembly.

  65. While these events were taking place in the Library, close by, in the former great Chamber of the Parliament, the Court of Cassation was sitting in judgment as usual, without noticing what was happening so near at hand.

  66. The present Assembly is not: a Chamber which has been insultingly dissolved is always sure to conquer, if the People support it.

  67. Grandet, had been President of the Chamber at Paris.

  68. The room and the ante-chamber adjoining the room where we were deliberating were filled with Representatives, who were peaceably conversing.

  69. Mesnard, President of the Chamber of the Court of Cassation.

  70. Scarcely had the words of prayer died from her lips, when there came into her chamber the three unerring Fates who spin the destinies of men.

  71. Then suddenly there came into the chamber where Ogier lay six fairies, whose beauty was so wonderful and awful, that none but a babe might gaze upon them without fear.

  72. You are there early, before any one else, and I see you pacing back and forth, up and down the aisles, sweeping out the Senate Chamber and dusting off the seats and rejuvenating the cuspidors.

  73. Madame de Fontanges, he was received in the drawing-room by Mr John Forster, who had brought from his chamber the packet in question, which had remained locked up in the iron safe ever since Newton had first committed it to his charge.

  74. Isabel, my dear, order a chamber for Mr Forster.

  75. Her face, laid upon her hands, was completely hidden by her luxuriant hair, which had escaped from the confinement of the comb, when the door of the chamber of death was softly opened.

  76. With a heavy heart, Mrs Sullivan lighted the chamber candle, and went upstairs to bed.

  77. The female slaves who could not obtain the history of Newton immediately repaired to the chamber of their mistress, knowing that if they could succeed in raising her curiosity, they would at the same time gratify their own.

  78. Then, springing forward with a fierce imprecation upon his lips, he approached the door of the deserted chamber in the direction of which the ghostly figure of the dead Mrs. Marley had disappeared.

  79. No other means of entrance to the chamber existed save by one of the windows, forty feet from the ground, at least.

  80. Caleb Hook stared at the fearful sight which in that darkened chamber met his gaze with feelings of mingled horror and surprise.

  81. Had they been in the chamber beneath them, they could not have heard the words of its occupants more plainly.

  82. He cared little, in fact, who entered this chamber of death and who stayed away.

  83. Proceeding thence to a chamber that had been prepared for him, that best of Rishis then laid himself down upon a bed.

  84. Rising from my bed I went out of the chamber without accosting any of you.

  85. Breathless with his haste, he halted before the chamber which, from having been conducted there on the preceding day, he conceived to be occupied by Dame Shedlock.

  86. Their meal was still in progress, when Adam Green, who was waiting in attendance without, entered the chamber with a letter, which he forthwith delivered to Hildebrand.

  87. Thou wilt find him in the chamber beyond,” he said.

  88. Craftall pretended to be startled on his entry; but the Spaniard, full of other thoughts, took no heed of him, but passed across the chamber in silence.

  89. Abigail remained in the chamber with Dame Shedlock.

  90. The forlorn girl had quitted the chamber before he arrived thither.

  91. Abigail had not quitted her bed-chamber long, on the morning heretofore specified, when Dame Shedlock, whom she had left in a deep sleep, awoke.

  92. For the "Chamber of Commerce" tolerated them there, and allowed them that hovel to live in, on condition that they should be ready to haul, by day and by night.

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