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Example sentences for "chamberlain"

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  1. As soon as we arrived at the Inn, the Servant who waited upon me, inquir'd of the Chamberlain in my Hearing what Company he had for the Coach?

  2. England, in whose hands the monastery then was, entrusted his chamberlain Rudolphus with the work of restoration, and caused it to be carried out with much magnificence.

  3. There were Lugar and two merchants he knew, and that chamberlain of Herod's palace who had taken him before the king.

  4. A chamberlain approached Vergilius, whispered a few inquiries, and then led him before the king.

  5. We changed horses every two or three hours, and the chamberlain having brought plenty of wine we refreshed ourselves now and again.

  6. Very possibly, too, the chamberlain was one of the gang, and I went from Herod to Pilate.

  7. I was with the Chamberlain Freiberg, and I was greatly moved, as much by your conversation as by your kindness which provided me with a beautiful edition of Metastasio, elegantly bound in red morocco.

  8. Just then the chocolate was brought, and the chamberlain came in and looked at me with a smile.

  9. Half an hour later a chamberlain came to bring me her highness's compliments, and to inform me that the ball would be a masked one, and that I could appear in domino.

  10. Count Rosenberg, grand chamberlain of the emperor, came on a visit to Trieste in company with an Abbe Casti, whose acquaintance I wished to make on account of some extremely blasphemous poems he had written.

  11. But after I had waited thus for half an hour a chamberlain came from the palace, and announced that his majesty could not do himself the honour of supping with my lord that night.

  12. But directly afterwards the impudent scoundrel who had taken hold of my arm came up and began to speak to the chamberlain in German.

  13. The young chamberlain who had invited me told me the names of all the ladies present, but I had no time to pay my court to any of them.

  14. In Poland a chamberlain has the rank of adjutant-general, and the marquis calls himself general.

  15. The next day the young chamberlain came to bring me the duke's letter, to wish me a pleasant journey, and to tell me that the Court carriage was at my door.

  16. I was sitting at table with Mengs when a chamberlain of the Holy Father called.

  17. The duke was delighted with my compliance, and gave the chamberlain the necessary orders, and it was agreed that he should call for me at day-break with a carriage and six.

  18. Illustrious Clodianus, you will make my excuses to my patron, the chamberlain Parthenius, if I should fail to offer my morning greeting.

  19. The mob dragged the corpse of the chamberlain about in triumph, mutilated it, and stuck the head on a pole as a sign of victory.

  20. The chamberlain is this evening to be her guest.

  21. The visit of the lord chamberlain ought to have had the same effect.

  22. As Chamberlain says, Lady Elizabeth was determined that, if she had to yield, she would be paid for doing so, and that her husband should obtain none of the profits of the transaction.

  23. In May Chamberlain wrote to Carleton:-- "The Lord Coke & his lady hath great wars at the council table.

  24. In a letter to Carleton, Chamberlain says that, if he had not "stuck" at this, Coke might have been Lord Chancellor.

  25. The Chamberlain brought out the euphemism with the utmost suavity.

  26. The Chamberlain (his court title and the one commonly attached to his name) made himself as comfortable as the slippery chair would permit, and Arguello went for his mother.

  27. Lieutenant Ar- guello begged that the emissaries would return to the ship and invite the Chamberlain and his party to come at once to the Presidio and do it the honor to partake of the poor hospitality it afforded.

  28. But although he occasionally ven- tured upon a retort when goaded too far in conver- sation, he was able to curb his just indignation when the Chamberlain was in a bad temper.

  29. The boys howled on the corridor, but the good senora felt she could not too liberally construe the kind invita- tion of a chamberlain of the Russian Court.

  30. Much the Chamberlain will care for the prayers of the Cath- olic Church if he has to go home with his cargo.

  31. And although their misgivings were not unfounded, and they paid a high price in suffering and mortification, they ac- complished their object and in due course received the rewards the Chamberlain had promised them.

  32. And I am Chamberlain of the Russian Court and Commander of all America," replied Rezanov coolly.

  33. XV The Chamberlain was in a towering bad humor.

  34. The Chamberlain slipped some coins into Nitschmann's pocket.

  35. In 1885 she had added Sir Neville Chamberlain and Sir Peter Lumsden to her list of Anglo-Indian acquaintances.

  36. His name was Filippo Evangelisti, and he was chamberlain to the Cardinal Corradini, through whose influence he obtained many commissions.

  37. When all was over, the Archbishop and the Lord Chamberlain ordered a carriage, and drove post-haste from Windsor to Kensington.

  38. In Buckingham Palace, it was believed that the Lord Chamberlain had charge of the whole of the rooms, with the exception of the kitchen, sculleries, and pantries, which were claimed by the Lord Steward.

  39. Here sate the uncritical audience, the Chamberlain in the centre, as the person highest in office, all alive to enjoyment and admiration, and all therefore dead to criticism.

  40. On entering the apartment, he perceived the figure which the chamberlain had pointed out to him as Mother Nicneven, seated beside the lowly hearth.

  41. After this, the chamberlain prayed me to tell him my adventure, which I did, and then desired him to let me have an apartment until I was cured.

  42. After the chamberlain had shut the gate, the barber continued telling all he met what great service he had done me.

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