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Example sentences for "housekeeper"

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  1. No, miss," the stout housekeeper shook her head.

  2. Jean did not put in an appearance until breakfast, and Lydia had an opportunity of talking to the French housekeeper whom Mrs. Cole-Mortimer had engaged when she took the villa.

  3. She had been selected by Kathryn's father to act as housekeeper and chaperon.

  4. The housekeeper said that she had heard you talk about dining at one of these places.

  5. She is here," I answered, "in another room with our housekeeper just now.

  6. We have a housekeeper who is the very essence of respectability, and Isobel is under her care.

  7. My housekeeper will show you into the breakfast-room.

  8. There seems to be something in the life of a practical housekeeper that answers to the needs of a woman's best nature, and that makes her pleasant and good-tempered.

  9. Another man's ideal is a good housekeeper and a careful mother, and he does not care a rush whether his wife, if she is these, is pretty or ugly.

  10. He took up the candlestick; but the moment the housekeeper cast her eye upon it, she snatched it from his hands.

  11. It must be large enough for everybody to have a slice, and the housekeeper will ice it for you.

  12. Miss Somers knew, by the tone in which the housekeeper delivered this message, that there was something in the business which did not perfectly please her.

  13. The benevolent housekeeper despatched her boy Philip for Susan, who never happened to be in such an untidy state as to be unable to obey a summons without a long preparation.

  14. Did you see the ladies themselves, or was it only the housekeeper sent for you?

  15. He had heard the housekeeper at the Abbey inquiring, as he passed through the servants, whether there was any lamb to be gotten.

  16. Corkscrew frequently, after he had finished taking away supper, and after the housekeeper was gone to bed, sallied forth to a neighbouring alehouse to drink with his friends.

  17. I told the old housekeeper to let me have my dinner at the usual hour, and having done so, asked her the news of the Square.

  18. Presently my old housekeeper opened the door, and, though I had telegraphed to her from Naples to expect me, pretended to be so overwhelmed with surprise at seeing me as to be incapable of speech for nearly a minute.

  19. Mrs. Belmont was too much overcome to explain to her pupil, and wished the housekeeper to tell Mrs. Carew the whole cause of her leaving.

  20. In a secret interview that followed the dying woman told me she had been housekeeper at the Carew mansion in my mother's time.

  21. The Good Housekeeper of Dou, a much-prized picture, with its tricky light and dark.

  22. An explanation came when the housekeeper told Bernard that her master was a little peculiar.

  23. You can call her Dawson, my lord," said the housekeeper with a smile.

  24. This woman, housekeeper of Jacques Ferrand, came to take the unfortunate child to Ravageur's Island.

  25. I had much work to do; the housekeeper was often very rough toward me; the house was gloomy; but I endured all with patience; servitude is servitude, otherwise I should have had other disagreements.

  26. Thus the notary's housekeeper could in no way excite the suspicions of her victim.

  27. The door opened, and Mrs. Seraphin, housekeeper of Jacques Ferrand, entered.

  28. It was the housekeeper who came to conduct me, and I did not see him again that night.

  29. Madame Burette knew the housekeeper of the notary; she gave me a letter to her, in which she strongly recommended Louise.

  30. Mrs. Seraphin, housekeeper of the notary, gave the little girl to him.

  31. Naturally she included Mrs. Seraphin in her reprobation; but like a skillful politician, for reasons which we will show by and by, she concealed her feeling for the housekeeper under a most cordial reception.

  32. The next morning I asked the housekeeper for permission to put a bolt on my door, as there was no lock, relating to her my fears of the last night; she answered that I had dreamed, that I must speak to M.

  33. By the time he reached Tranquil Vale he was breathless, and hardly able to gasp his inquiry for Captain Sellers to the old housekeeper who attended the door.

  34. Then the deck-chair claimed him, and he lay, a limp bundle of aching old bones, until his housekeeper came down the garden to see what had happened to him.

  35. Through the keyhole the housekeeper informed him that it was the captain's orders, and begged him to go away as the latter was now having his "morning's nap.

  36. His housekeeper sleeps there," said Mrs. Willett, shaking her head.

  37. As a matter of fact, when patients came late it was quite usual for him to let them in and out by the surgery entrance, for the maid and the housekeeper were in the habit of retiring early.

  38. Lana had made up his mind to talk it over with his visitor, and had, therefore, sent his housekeeper back to her room.

  39. If this were so then it appeared to be probable that he had met his end between the moment when the housekeeper heard his voice and the time when Mrs. Madding made her first call and found it impossible to attract his attention.

  40. On the other hand, there was picked up from the floor a green eye-patch, which the housekeeper could not remember to have seen before.

  41. It seems ages instead of five years since we parted in London and I came down here as housekeeper to the earl--ages!

  42. Are you quite happy, grandma, and do you like being housekeeper to a grand earl?

  43. While they were still mingling their tears and rejoicings, the old housekeeper looked in with a message from Thorhild.

  44. Thorhild bent over the other arm, and gesticulated vigorously with her keys, as she gave her housekeeper some last directions regarding the food.

  45. I told the housekeeper to prepare a room for you.

  46. One day, when I was watching outside his garden, I saw the housekeeper bring in his midday meal, steaming hot and very appetizing.

  47. Robert, who had not seen any European except his housekeeper for ten years, and was naturally eager to meet visitors who could tell him of the haunts of his youth.

  48. Her father had to be housekeeper now, and they would have had meagre fare oftentimes, had not a generous share of every pie and pudding baked in the Budine kitchen found its way to their table.

  49. Another man's ideal is a good housekeeper and a careful mother; and he does not care a rush whether his wife, if she is these, be pretty or ugly.

  50. There seems to be something in the life of a practical housekeeper that answers to the needs of a woman's best nature, and that makes her pleasant and good-humoured.

  51. When I got home I told my housekeeper what I had heard.

  52. After we had been a fortnight at Berne, my housekeeper received a letter from Soleure.

  53. Nevertheless I took care not to say a word about the share my housekeeper had had in the matter, for my mistress would have been mortified at the thought that her weakness was known to her.

  54. I agreed that my housekeeper should wait up for me till midnight, and that we could talk over our reply with our heads on the pillow.

  55. I made him sit down, while I thanked him for procuring me a housekeeper who was all perfection.

  56. About half-past nine my housekeeper looked out, and saw Le Duc by the moonlight coming along at a good pace.

  57. Chavigni begged my fair housekeeper to join us as soon as she had discharged certain petty duties in which she was then engaged.

  58. Are you going to bring your housekeeper with you?

  59. My housekeeper was too young, too pretty, and above all too pleasant, she had too keen a wit, for me not to be captivated by all these qualities conjoined; I was bound to become her lover.

  60. Although I was sure of the contrary, I kept my self-possession enough to tell my housekeeper that Sara had given me what can only be given once, and she pretended to believe me.

  61. I dined with my housekeeper in her room, for she had a separate lodging, and after sending my letter to M.

  62. I found that my housekeeper had gone to bed, and I was glad of it, for the presence of my fair one had excited my passions to such an extent that my reason might have failed to keep me within the bounds of respect.

  63. Then, his mind being once more directed towards concealment of purpose, he sent a telegram to his housekeeper telling her that he was called away to London on business.

  64. The maid who opened the door could give him no information; all she could say was that Mrs. Dingle the housekeeper had got a telegram from Master saying that he had been called suddenly away on business.

  65. The niece and housekeeper replied that they did so, and meant to do so with all possible care and assiduity, for they could perceive that their master was now and then beginning to show signs of being in his right mind.

  66. Jack's mother was dead, and a housekeeper managed the house and servants for himself and his father.

  67. Don't you think I had better go back and tell the Temples and your housekeeper what's become of you three and of Captain Folsom, too.

  68. The housekeeper received a message while I slept that he wouldn't be out for several days," Jack replied.

  69. On arrival, Jack learned that Tom Barnum already had explained the reason for his absence to the housekeeper and, after telling her Captain Folsom should be shown to his room on arrival, turned in and went instantly to sleep.

  70. I always judge a housekeeper by those, that's what.

  71. When his old housekeeper heard him come upstairs she peeked out of her bedroom door to see whether 'twas him or the hired boy.

  72. If you drive after night, be very careful," the housekeeper responded uneasily.

  73. In a moment the housekeeper called down the stairway, telling Mr. Parker he was wanted on the 'phone.

  74. The housekeeper displayed slight interest in the tale of the clock, but asked many questions about the fire at the Preston farm.

  75. I'm in no mood for blarney this morning," the housekeeper warned.

  76. One morning the nurse left her with the housekeeper for a while.

  77. When the Japanese housekeeper reaches home again she finds that her servants have finished their simple duties.

  78. When the Japanese housekeeper goes to market, she turns her attention, after the rice merchant's, to the fish and vegetable stalls.

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