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Example sentences for "custodian"

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custode; custodes; custodia; custodial; custodiam; custodians; custodie; custody; custom; customable
  1. Mezzofanti was for a long time the custodian here, and his own collection of books has been incorporated in the library, which is remarkable likewise for the number of early editions and Aldines which it contains.

  2. There was no danger of exposure by others--the one custodian of his secret, Tom Flynn, died in Nevada the year following.

  3. When we asked how soon the next service would be held--I consulted my watch as I spoke--the custodian smiled.

  4. Turning and twisting, the road wandered on leisurely until we neared the Antichita di Solunto, the rest house where visitors may stop to eat luncheon and buy the sour red wine the custodian has for sale.

  5. The attractive girl custodian was a perfect young Saracen Sicilian, black-eyed and raven haired, with big gold and coral earrings.

  6. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor, Gila National Forest, Silver City, New Mexico.

  7. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor, Tongass National Forest, Ketchikan, Alaska.

  8. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor, Harney National Forest, Custer, South Dakota.

  9. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor, Tonto National Forest, Roosevelt, Arizona.

  10. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor, Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, Arizona.

  11. The Custodian is Andrew Lind; address care of Chief of Field Division, U.

  12. The name of the custodian is given if one has been appointed.

  13. If there is no custodian the railroad agents can generally give information regarding persons who will furnish transportation.

  14. The Custodian is the Supervisor of Sierra National Forest, Northfork, California.

  15. The Custodian is the Supervisor of the Santa Fe National Forest, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  16. The Custodian is the Supervisor of the Manzano National Forest, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  17. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor Rio Grande National Forest, Monte Vista, Colorado.

  18. The Custodian is the Forest Supervisor, Siskiyou National Forest, Grant's Pass, Oregon.

  19. You can, on brief notice to him, remove the present sheriff and appoint a perfectly reliable custodian to receive the prisoner.

  20. As already stated, the remedies allowed by law against the delinquent custodian who allows his prisoner to escape are totally inadequate.

  21. Randolph, his grandson, confidential friend, executor and sole custodian of his papers until sold to Congress.

  22. Eisenhower, Chief of Bureau of City Property, and Custodian of the State House and Bell, with a guard of honor, consisting of four of the reserve police of Philadelphia.

  23. Since the monument was finished the associations have erected a comfortable granite building on the grounds for a residence and office for the custodian of the monument and the grounds, and Mrs. John T.

  24. S: Surely We have revealed to you the Book with the truth for the sake of men; so whoever follows the right way, it is for his own soul and whoever errs, he errs only to its detriment; and you are not a custodian over them.

  25. You are only a warner; and Allah is custodian over all things.

  26. Lord, therefore whoever goes aright, he goes aright only for the good of his own soul, and whoever goes astray, he goes astray only to the detriment of it, and I am not a custodian over you.

  27. The old custodian watches the effect of this display upon the others with masked enjoyment.

  28. The aged custodian makes a derisive noise, and every one turns to him.

  29. The one oasis in a universal weediness is the pond about the 'scaly Triton,' which has been devoted to the culture of spring onions, a vegetable to which the aged custodian quite superfluously avows himself very 'partial.

  30. The custodian regarded me with a stare that plainly said, 'Do you think I am doing this for amusement?

  31. The custodian attempted to con- sole me by telling me that when they are exhibited again it will be on a scientific basis, and with an order and regularity of which they were formerly innocent.

  32. The little custodian dismissed us at last, after having, as usual, inducted us into the inevi- table repository of photographs.

  33. Mohammad therefore charged Ali to take the keys back to Uthman and say to him: 'O son of Talha, take the keys once more and with them the appointment as custodian of the Ka'bah.

  34. But a Revelation made the Prophet alter his mind and he was ordered to reinstate the former custodian of the Temple.

  35. In order to establish the new state of affairs firmly, Mohammad proceeded to appoint immediately the two most important functions of Makkah: the custodian of the Ka'bah and that of the Zamzam well.

  36. Which officer would naturally be the custodian of public papers?

  37. Within a short time, usually thirty days, after the death of the testator, the executor or other custodian of the will presents it to the probate court with a petition that it be admitted to probate.

  38. As we would expect, he is secretary of the board of commissioners and the custodian of county papers; and all orders upon the treasurer are issued by him.

  39. To act as official recorder and custodian of papers for the county board.

  40. They recognised him as a sort of custodian of Percy, and on that account showed off before him, and demonstrated to Percy that he was no custodian of theirs.

  41. From the hands of that faithful custodian he took the envelope and thrust it into his breast pocket.

  42. About him stood a group including the custodian of "the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Virginia" and the man who held like responsibility for the state of Kentucky.

  43. A very fine private collection of marine flora is housed in the Museum, but it is shown only when specially inquired for, and we were unfortunate in calling at a time when the custodian of the keys chanced to be absent.

  44. Bordoi appeared in the person of the custodian of the Castle.

  45. Reaching down his long arm, the custodian picked me a frond, explaining that it made a wholesome medicinal drink--"quite as good as sarsaparilla.

  46. Leaving us in charge of the brother priest who acts as custodian of the treasure, our sponsor returned to resume his part in the service.

  47. When the men again joined me, I drew the attention of the custodian to the gaudy insect, and asked if he knew the species.

  48. Showing us a door leading to a staircase, the custodian suggested that the view to be obtained from the roof of the Lonja was fine.

  49. She had gone to warn the custodian of the Museum; and that dame, quickly appearing, invited us upstairs to see the collection.

  50. It turned out to be a snore; the custodian of one of the tombs was sleeping inside with his fathers, little dreaming of our proximity.

  51. I was stopped at the steps, where the custodian audaciously demanded a tip for not letting me in.

  52. She demands to be the custodian of her own affairs, and not to hold them by sufferance.

  53. No invader nor intruder hath ever entered Mo, and none shall while I am chief custodian of its Gate.

  54. Niaro, a trusty governor to whom all who have appealed have met with justice, is appointed Custodian of the Gate of Mo, in place of Babila, for whom we all mourn.

  55. The executioner, sword in hand, advanced to where the trusty old custodian stood.

  56. We greet thee, Niaro, Custodian of the Gate!

  57. The custodian led him gently about and said which things were for sale, and it made his heart ache to see how bad they were, and to think that, bad as they were, he could not buy any of them.

  58. Then they became part of some such sight-seeing retinue as followed the custodian about in the Goethe horse in Weimar, and of an emotion indistinguishable from that of their fellow sight-seers.

  59. Another democracy had here recorded its invasion in the American stoves which the custodian pointed out in the corridor when Mrs. March, with as little delay as possible, had proclaimed their country.

  60. As they followed the custodian through the grand-ducal Residenz at Weimar, March felt everywhere the strong wish of the prince who was Goethe's friend to ally himself with literature, and to be human at least in the humanities.

  61. The custodian professed an added respect for them from the fact, and if he did not feel it, no doubt he merited the drink money which they lavished on him at parting.

  62. She laughed archly, and responded with some Slavic words, and then delivered her train of sight-seers over to the custodian who was to show them through the halls and chambers of the Burg.

  63. It is a vast place, but they had time for it all, though the custodian made the most of them as the latest comers of the day, and led them through it with a prolixity as great as their waiter's.

  64. The custodian of the Schloss came at last, and the Marches saw instantly that he was worth waiting for.

  65. The second story and the basement, each having the same area, will be absolutely tenantless, unless authority is given by law to the custodian to rent the rooms to unofficial tenants.

  66. The custodian of the English burial-ground has the key of Alexander’s door, and shows the vault for a consideration.

  67. The custodian of the strangers assumed, politely, that we had lost our way, and when we named our rendezvous, directed us how to get thither by the shortest route.

  68. The custodian pointed out the erasure with a smile indulgent of the harmless, if petulant freak.

  69. But the chef d’œuvre of the custodian was the oration above Sir Guy’s porridge-pot, a monstrous iron vessel set in the centre of the square chamber.

  70. Crest-fallen at the news that we had lunched, he opined, notwithstanding, that we would purchase something in the Museum, and passed us on to the custodian of the inner room.

  71. The custodian added to those he gave us, a rose and a sprig of a fragrant shrub that grew by the head-stone, and wondered politely when I knelt to pick the daisies smiling in the grass.

  72. However, failing the policeman's turning litterateur, I thought a little of his experience might be made available, and therefore the above-named custodian act was performed.

  73. Paint the aspect of the man in tunic blue and headpiece of hardened felt, praised by the custodian of our streets as light.

  74. The lawyer laughed as he answered: "To the custodian of them, of course.

  75. He would imprison the detective, keep him without food or drink till he wrote a note to the custodian of the notes requesting the handing over of them to the bearer of the letter.

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