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  1. They consist of a group of low coral islets covered with cocoa-palms and bread-fruit trees, and surrounded by a coral reef, which makes a lagoon in the centre.

  2. It has neither warts nor other excrescences, and is found in shallow water on the coral flats, and frequently also among the sea-tangle along the shore.

  3. Of the large number of varieties of Trepang which are found among the coral reefs of the Pacific, there are only ten suited to the Chinese market, which are accurately distinguished by their special names.

  4. We never saw among the savage races such finely built, well-proportioned, healthy-looking men, as these inhabitants of the coral reef of Sikayana.

  5. On the further side of the coral reef one perceives the low-lying group of the Ants' Islands, thickly covered with trees.

  6. Many a longing glance did we cast at the spot, where for the first time we were to be privileged to examine the wonders of the coral beds of the South Sea.

  7. Indispensable Straits," fringed as they are with coral reefs, it was resolved to range along the N.

  8. Beneath trees and hedgerows the ripe mosses gleamed, and coral and amber fungi, with amanita and other hooded folk.

  9. The primroses twinkled true on downy coral stems and the stars of anemone, celandine, and daisy opened perfect.

  10. And does your imagination, Amine, conjure up a race of beings gifted to live beneath that deep blue wave, who sport amidst the coral rocks, and braid their hair with pearls?

  11. When Philip would take her hand, or encircle her waist with his arm, or even when he pressed her coral lips, there was no pretence of coyness on her part.

  12. Abundantly on the Queensland coast, especially on the coral reefs, where all the outstanding blocks of coral (nigger-heads) are covered with them.

  13. Name used in Queensland for blocks of coral above water.

  14. Mr. Cooper notices the eager demand for coral at Bathang: (See also Desgodins, La Mission du Thibet, 310.

  15. Coral is in great demand in this country and fetches a high price, for they delight to hang it round the necks of their women and of their idols.

  16. Tavernier's testimony to the rage for coral among the Tibetans and kindred peoples.

  17. We are like the coral insect that takes from the running tide the material to build a solid fortress.

  18. Last summer I found some coral on Washington Island, which is off the point of land where Lake Michigan and Green Bay meet.

  19. We have geraniums and fuchsias, too, and the coral honeysuckle.

  20. That coral reef may harden into limestone beds.

  21. We have got off the oolites on to what is called the Oxford clay; and then, I believe, on to the Coral rag, and on that again lies what we are coming to now.

  22. People used to believe, and reasonably enough, that the coral polypes began to build up the islands from the very bottom of the deep sea.

  23. What must be left but a ring of coral reef, around the spot where the last mountain peak of the island sank beneath the sea?

  24. Look now at this piece of fresh coral--for coral it is, though not like the coral which your sister wears in her necklace.

  25. You see red and purple patches rising out of it, like islands--and islands I suppose they were, of hard and ancient rock, standing up in the middle of the coral sea.

  26. Such mighty builders are these little coral polypes, that all the works of men are small compared with theirs.

  27. It may be carried thousands of miles away to help in building up a coral reef (what that is I must tell you afterwards).

  28. Darwin, Journal of the Voyage of the "Beagle," and Geological Observations on Coral Reefs; also Henry O.

  29. The more warlike tribes were usually arrayed in leopard or ox skins, of late years generally replaced by European blankets, with feather head-dresses, coral and metal ornaments, bead armlets and necklaces.

  30. The object of their visits was the investigation of the fauna and flora of the atoll, more especially of the formation of the coral reefs.

  31. In China large spheres of good coloured coral command high prices, being in great requisition for the button of office worn by the mandarins.

  32. Among the Romans branches of coral were hung around children's necks to preserve them from danger, and the substance had many medicinal virtues attributed to it.

  33. The Atlantic Ocean is remarkably free from coral formations, though there are numerous reefs in the West Indian islands, off the south coast of Florida, and on the coast of Brazil.

  34. About the beginning of the Christian era a great trade was carried on in coral between the Mediterranean and India, where it was highly esteemed as a substance endowed with mysterious sacred properties.

  35. In the present state of our knowledge it seems reasonable to conclude that coral reefs are formed wherever the conditions suitable for growth exist, whether in areas of subsidence, elevation or rest.

  36. Murray, "On the Structure and Origin of Coral Reefs and Islands," Proc.

  37. He pointed out that the larger and more massive species of corals flourish best on the outer sides of a reef, whilst the more interior corals are killed or stunted in growth by the accumulation of coral and other debris.

  38. A', A', outer edges of the atoll formed by upgrowth of the coral during the subsidence of the peak.

  39. The approach to the coast is through the islets known as cays, and through coral reefs.

  40. There were in some places great coral rocks heaped up by the surf, and the girls had never imagined that there could be so many varieties of coral.

  41. In fact, it was a true coral island, built entirely by the coral insects.

  42. There are coral reefs surrounding it, anyway," the lawyer observed.

  43. Far below, among the coral formations, the delicate seaweeds waved to and fro.

  44. Just the level crust of earth over the coral rocks crowded with low vegetation out of which the palms shot in some instances to a considerable height.

  45. Sand had been washed upon the coral reefs by the sea until the soil was raised slightly above the surface of the water.

  46. And many of these coral islands don't have any fresh water save in the rainy season.

  47. Coral is a structure produced by a peculiar form of sea animal that gathers up the calcareous or lime-like matter floating in the sea water, and builds a house of it in which to live during the little lifetime that is allotted to him.

  48. Whoever has visited the Bermudas has seen an island wholly formed of what is called coral rock.

  49. The material that the coral is formed of is substantially the same as that we find in the minute shells of the limestone rocks.

  50. In Australia we find Lower Devonian consisting of coarse littoral deposits with volcanic rocks; and a Middle division with coral limestones in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland; an Upper division has also been observed.

  51. The "coral bill" is smaller than the Buphaga Africana, and somewhat different from it in colour.

  52. At last, as we were just again going about, a puff of wind drove her right ashore on a coral reef.

  53. Most of these islands are surrounded by coral reefs, and we may run upon one of them in the dark and knock the boat to pieces.

  54. We forgot that before that time another gale might spring up and drive us off the land, or dash the boat a hopeless wreck upon the coral reef.

  55. We had gone southward, having got a full ship, when we struck on a coral reef.

  56. Here is a magnificent harbour, surrounded by coral reefs, but the mouth is so narrow that we could not have attempted to enter had not the boats of three vessels lying there come out to assist in towing us in.

  57. It was one of the prettiest sights I ever witnessed, towing on the big ship at the rate of about three knots an hour between the coral reefs, making what would otherwise have been a difficult business perfectly easy.

  58. As soon as we got our fresh provisions on board we sailed again for the westward, proceeding as before among the coral reefs, which lie to the north of the Society Islands.

  59. It was done in an instant, and not a moment too soon, for we saw close abeam a coral reef not two feet under the surface.

  60. We didn't see the land till we were within about ten miles of it, as it is very low, being of coral formation.

  61. We soon found ourselves in a channel, with coral reefs on either side, all of them just below the surface; and as the passage twisted and turned in all directions, it required the greatest possible caution to thread our way through it.

  62. We carried the pigs on board, but after this, at the suggestion of one of the natives, we anchored the boats a short distance from the shore by letting him dive down and make fast a cable to the coral at the bottom.

  63. The entrance to the harbour is surrounded by coral reefs, and is very intricate.

  64. If magnified it appears filled with cavities, not unlike a piece of coral or honeycomb; but to the unaided eye only a few of the largest openings are visible, and in some woods like maple, none can be seen.

  65. A common name for it in English is coral bean.

  66. It is known in Florida as doctor gum, hog plum, coral sumach, bumwood, and mountain manchineel.

  67. After visiting many of them, and examining also coral reefs that fringe islands and continents, he offered a theory which, for simplicity and grandeur, strikes every reader with astonishment.

  68. The coral sand is so white that it makes your eyes ache.

  69. They are coral islands with cocoanut palms and banana and breadfruit trees.

  70. On September 20, as he came in sight of the coral reef of Nukapu, he was speaking to his scholars of the death of St. Stephen.

  71. When the boat came near the shore, the Bishop, arrayed in some of his oldest clothes, would jump into the sea and swim to land, sometimes being roughly handled by the breakers which guarded the coral bank.

  72. The explosions rattled windows elsewhere in the camp, prompting many men to conclude that work crews were blasting coral heads in the lagoon.

  73. The Japanese naval infantrymen slipped over the side into the surf, struggled ashore, and sprinted across the coral for cover.

  74. The pervasive, intrusive coral sand threatened to cause severe mechanical damage to the planes.

  75. Ada had been reading, but the volume seemed to have little interest, for it had fallen from her hands to the floor, and she was reclining on a luxurious divan, looking bored and sad, while now and then a low sigh rippled across her coral lips.

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