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consilii; consiliis; consilio; consilium; consint; consiste; consisted; consistence; consistency; consistent
  1. The sense-organs of Anodonta other than the osphradia consist of a pair of otocysts attached to the pedal ganglia (fig.

  2. The western and eastern shores consist of boulder clay, as well as a narrow strip on the southern shore, south of which runs a ridge of crags of Silurian sandstones.

  3. Later changes consist in the growth of the shell-valves over the whole area of the mantle-flaps, and in the multiplication of the gill-filaments and their consolidation to form gill-plates.

  4. Dinner may consist of several courses, but if the mother or the daughter of the family prepares the meal, the family is usually perfectly satisfied with two courses.

  5. Poster to be at least 9Ă—12 inches and to consist of a simple illustration and not less than three words of lettering.

  6. That a Quorum of the Grand Council impowered to act with the President General, do consist of twenty five Members, among whom there shall be one or more from a majority of the Colonies.

  7. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

  8. The general Assembly or legislature shall consist of the governor, legislative council and a house of representatives.

  9. National Legislature ought to consist of two branches.

  10. Does not our life consist of the four elements?

  11. Mouldings worked on woods of the former type may consist of small and delicate members; woods of the latter class require bold treatment.

  12. His operations consist principally of sawing and planing in all their varieties, and of setting out and making joints of all kinds.

  13. One of the vital principles of our police will consist in always following your wife to the furnishers of your house, if she is accustomed to visit them.

  14. Power does not consist in striking with force or with frequency, but in striking true.

  15. Rutherford’s Alcohol Minimum Thermometers, which will be seen to consist of a bulb and tube attached to a scale, which latter may be either of wood, glass, or metal.

  16. Magnetic phenomena are included under the general term terrestrial magnetic elements, and consist of magnetic declination, inclination, and intensity.

  17. Its food seems to consist principally of aquatic weeds and grasses, and small fish and water creatures, and when it comes on shore it searches for insects and small slugs and snails, as it grazes goose-like on the young tender blades of grass.

  18. A cable was dispatched to our military adviser in London, then General Harding-Stewart, to place at once on order the armament for the fort, which it had been decided should consist of two 9.

  19. The larger roots are marketed to more advantage than the smaller ones, so it is best to have the surplus consist of the larger roots.

  20. They consist of six segments or parts, the three outer ones turned back and the three inner ones erect and much smaller.

  21. The leaves consist of from 5 to 9 leaflets, borne in pairs, with an odd leaflet at the summit.

  22. The solitary terminal flowering heads or spikes are compressed, and consist of two rows of spikelets on a wavy and flattened axis.

  23. The flower heads, borne at the ends of the stem and branches, consist of numerous, oddly shaped orange colored flowers.

  24. The flowering spikes are borne on the ends of the stems and consist of rather crowded, small, greenish white, insignificant flowers.

  25. Hence the notes will all, or nearly all, consist of quotations from my guide, in order that the learned reader may be able to verify for himself every separate assertion.

  26. Here again we have the cow in relation to the birds, since the riches given by the Ribhavas consist above all in cows.

  27. They consist of twelve twigs of flowers of piled gauze.

  28. The limitations consist simply of applying the right medium at the right time.

  29. They might as well consist of a current re-statement of political and military aims for the subject or area at the time of planning.

  30. In reality, this Prince making a Review of his Army, found it to consist of seven hundred thousand men.

  31. The appeal of credible fact is universal; propaganda does not consist of doctoring the fact with moralistic blather, but of selecting that fact which is correct, interesting, and bad for the enemy to know.

  32. It will consist in the deepest reverence for moral worth, the tenderest pity for the frailties of human nature, the most profound faith in its ultimate perfectibility," Ideala answered.

  33. I suggested then that the actual initiation would probably consist in enlightenment into the meaning of Lance and Cup, in their sexual juxtaposition.

  34. Footnote: At the meeting of the 26th 'it was agreed that the Boundary Commissioners should consist of those gentlemen who had been advising me.

  35. The essence of co-ordination would consist in framing the arrangements for both services with a single eye to victory in war.

  36. The opposite heights consist of the western range of hills, the width of the valley from point to point being about ten miles.

  37. The art of making stories of ghosts and apparitions credible is said to consist in the manner of telling them.

  38. The antithesis of good and pleasure, which as in other dialogues is supposed to consist in the permanent nature of the one compared with the transient and relative nature of the other.

  39. Consist of~, Be made of, be composed of, be formed of, be made up of.

  40. Consist in~, Lie in, be contained in, be comprised in, be constituted by.

  41. These should consist in collecting and destroying diseased fruit and in staking and trimming the vines to admit light and air to dry out the foliage.

  42. Authorship seemed, like her bannock-baking, to consist of running between two points.

  43. These habitations consist of some sixty cells: now there were sixty gladiators in Pompeii because an album programme announced thirty pair of them to fight in the amphitheatre.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "consist" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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