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consilio; consilium; consint; consist; consiste; consistence; consistency; consistent; consistently; consisteth
  1. The Presidential party arrived a few minutes after nine o'clock, and consisted of the President and Mrs. Lincoln, Miss Harris and Major Rathbone, daughter and stepson of Senator Harris of New York.

  2. This class consisted both of Israelites and Strangers.

  3. This class of persons, called "redemptioners," consisted at one time of thousands.

  4. This class of persons called "redemptioners," consisted at one time of thousands.

  5. This class also, consisted of Israelites and Strangers, the same difference in their kinds of employments noticed before.

  6. This class also, consisted of Israelites and Strangers, the same difference in their kinds of employment as noticed before.

  7. Eastern, which consisted in shaving the whole head.

  8. A third method was the Oriental, which consisted in shaving the whole head (cf.

  9. It consisted in emphasizing the human element in our Lord's Nature to the practical exclusion of the Divine, as a reaction against Apollinarianism which explained away His real Humanity.

  10. The former came presently forth with their fleet, which consisted of about one hundred and fifty bottoms, a great part whereof were made like gallies; and to these were added many other boats which served only to carry victuals.

  11. The strength of a Scottish army consisted of pikemen, who, when formed in close order, generally circular, often resisted the utmost efforts of the English cavalry.

  12. Here is the explanation, to the shame of the Jewish assembly: For nearly a century a detestable abuse prevailed, which consisted in the arbitrary nomination and deposition of the high priest.

  13. It consisted of sacrifices, vows, prayers, and festivals.

  14. The service of consecration consisted in burying the lightning, that is, in restoring the earth thrown up by it, and in the sacrifice of a two-year-old sheep.

  15. It was taken off and the remaining apparatus now consisted of two surfaces connected together by a girder composed of vertical posts and diagonal ties, specifically known as a "Pratt truss.

  16. It consisted of three superposed surfaces aggregating 28 square feet and a tail of 8 square feet more.

  17. It consisted of an oviform body to which were pivoted two upright slats carrying above the body nine long superposed flat blades spaced about one-third of their width apart.

  18. A second group consisted of a coil of two men and two women lying on the floor, the head of one woman on the body of a man, and the head of a man on that of a girl.

  19. Like all the professions of faith of the period, it consisted chiefly of a string of negations, with a few positive statements retained from the Catholic creed on God, the Incarnation, &c.

  20. Pítrah, consisted in the payment of twenty káti of rice from each jung, also destined for the maintenance of the priests.

  21. In the beginning the returns from Japan consisted of silver and copper; and the former being coined, was received according to the current value in that country, where the coins and weights went by the same name as in China, viz.

  22. The earth consisted of seven regions, one under the other, like so many folds.

  23. The establishment fixed by Sáng Prábu for the Jáksa consisted of twelve persons, viz.

  24. The Pájang forces consisted of five thousand men, commanded by the Sultan's son: those of Senapáti did not exceed eight hundred.

  25. It consisted of four or five rooms, one over the other.

  26. It consisted of one great square tower, surrounded and protected by walls and bastions, and was approached by a draw-bridge.

  27. The commission by which Mary was to be tried consisted of earls, barons, and other persons of rank, twenty or thirty in number.

  28. The work consisted in inspecting ball-bearings for bicycles.

  29. Her luncheon consisted of coffee and rolls for 10 cents.

  30. They had a special trick that consisted in sending a large, slow observation machine into our lines to invite attack.

  31. Our party consisted of Sergeant Prince, and Rockwell, Chapman, and myself, who were only corporals at that time.

  32. The home consisted of one large room, not yet lathed and plastered.

  33. True, our family consisted of five girls and only one boy, but I did not understand at that time that girls were considered an inferior order of beings.

  34. The arguments of its upholders, after this time, were not founded on facts; they consisted of fanciful interpretations of crudely performed experiments.

  35. Graham's method of procedure consisted in completely filling a small bottle with a salt solution of known strength, placing this bottle in a larger graduated vessel, and carefully filling the latter with water.

  36. The family consisted of seven wives living in seven different houses.

  37. The meal consisted of corn bread, bacon, potatoes and coffee.

  38. Some of the farms seemed to be three or four years old, and what had been laid out as towns consisted of from three to six houses, small and cheap, with plenty of vacant lots.

  39. While the light lasted I gathered a small stock of fuel, which consisted of a stunted growth of sage and other small shrubs, dry but not dead, and with this I built a little fire Indian fashion and sat down close to it.

  40. The loads of the oxen consisted of blankets and bedding and a small, light tent of their sheeting about four by six feet in size.

  41. Our party consisted of five men and two small ponies only two years old, with a stock of provisions very small including that the old chief had given us.

  42. The crops raised consisted of a small flint corn, rye oats, potatoes and turnips.

  43. It was uncarpeted, and its furniture consisted of a broken chair, a box on which stood an enamelled basin, and a bed which was covered with frowsy blankets.

  44. In the second was a miscellaneous collection; which consisted of a variety of account books, with specimens of ore, wool, and other products of the Island Continent.

  45. They likewise pretended it would be a reproach to them if they all marched out against a handful of men as we were, and considered it sufficient if they placed their artillery, which consisted of eighteen heavy guns, in front of their camp.

  46. The revenue of Motecusuma we know consisted of the natural products of the country, and what was produced by the industry of his subjects.

  47. Next were deducted the several shares due to the garrison at Vera Cruz, which consisted of seventy men; then the value of the two horses which had been killed, one in the engagement with the Tlascallans, the other at Almeria.

  48. They made the sign of peace, which consisted in bending the head forwards; they then walked straightway to the hut which Cortes inhabited.

  49. Our squadron consisted of eleven vessels of different tonnage; among these, one was a kind of brigantine, the property of a certain Gines Nortes.

  50. The greater part of the treasure consisted of broad bars of gold, with which the horses and men were as heavily laden as possible.

  51. All the reinforcement we received, on this occasion, consisted in seven men, of whom three were sailors.

  52. The Totonaques, whose territory consisted of upwards of thirty townships, suffered like violence.

  53. With respect to the weapons employed by this nation, they consisted in two-edged lances, which they threw by means of a thong, and would penetrate through any cuirass.

  54. The village consisted of an enormous school, a little church, soldiers encamped round fires in the churchyard, and seven or eight wooden hovels.

  55. We received the post of Montenegro, for this was the only road out; it consisted of three letters and a circular, so we judged that Montenegrin censorship was pretty strict.

  56. Of or pertaining to shells; consisted of a hard shell, or having a hard shell.

  57. A kind of allegorical play, so termed because it consisted of discourses in praise of morality between actors representing such characters as Charity, Faith, Death, Vice, etc.

  58. A trophy consisted originally of some of the armor, weapons, etc.

  59. They consisted of three classes; the bards, the vates or prophets, and the Druids proper, or priests.

  60. It [wampum] consisted of cylindrical pieces of the shells of testaceous fishes, a quarter of an inch long, and in diameter less than a pipestem, drilled .

  61. They consisted of an enormous towering structure at the stern, a castellated structure almost equally massive in front, with seats for the rowers amidships.

  62. It consisted of a chief justice and four puisne, or junior, justices.

  63. They consisted of all kinds of athletic sports, wrestling, boxing, racing on foot and in chariots, and also contests in music and poetry.

  64. It consisted of two parts, a breast- and backpiece of iron fastened together by means of straps and buckles or other like contrivances.

  65. Jews, which consisted of seventy members, to whom the high priest was added.

  66. A military punishment formerly practiced, which consisted in drawing an offender to the top of a beam and letting him fall to the length of the rope, by which means a limb was often dislocated.

  67. His visible clothing consisted of a man's coat, cut short at the sleeves and pinned across the breast.

  68. The first edition consisted of one hundred and six pages, which were as vainglorious and boastful, as crowded with laudatory adjectives, glowing periods, and bombastic prophecies, as ever one hundred and six published pages were.

  69. During the rest of the century the inhabitants of this Indian village on the ground where Buffalo was to stand, consisted of redskins and semi-redskins, a few Indian traders who doled out the firewater, and a settler or two.

  70. The Scottish army consisted of forty thousand foot, and one hundred and eighty horse; the English, of fifty thousand foot, and one thousand horse.

  71. The day's work consisted in merely pointing and drifting the cattle forward, requiring only a few men, leaving abundant help to initiate the cook and wrangler in their field duties.

  72. The beef ranches along the river had no men to spare, but constant inquiry was rewarded by locating an outfit whose holdings consisted of stock cattle.

  73. Some very elegant dishes were served up to himself and a few more of us, whilst those placed before the rest of the company consisted simply of cheap dishes and scraps.

  74. The poems I recited consisted of a variety of subjects in different metres.

  75. Their sovereignty consisted almost exclusively in the collection of tribute by force of arms, in the subjugation or removal of the princes who refused it, and setting up of others, who in turn soon withheld it.

  76. It consisted of twenty-one sections, of which each amounted to 200 pages.

  77. The nation of the Persians consisted of various tribes.

  78. According to this enumeration the scriptures of Iran consisted of twenty-one books.

  79. The most important source of wealth must have consisted in horses, for which the mountains supplied ample pasture.

  80. The sacrifice consisted in the offering, i.

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