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feer; feerd; feered; fees; feesh; feete; feets; feex; fehlt; feid
  1. Then we enlarge this to one foot square and repeat until the foot square picture shows say ten feet square of hillside with the bill in plain view in the centre.

  2. It was a large tank affair, say eight feet long, three feet at one end and six feet at the other.

  3. A life preserver, say of oiled goods, with a spring inside, flat, the size of a plate when operated, three feet long and able to float a person.

  4. The neighbors gathered about the well, which was ten feet deep.

  5. The large end almost touched the ground; the small end was, say, two feet above the ground.

  6. A few poles and strands of wire, an electrically controlled carriage and an operator would drop a life preserver every few feet of the bathing surface.

  7. Climbing an adjacent tree, I located myself about five feet from the nest, and after carefully securing and focussing the camera, secured the view.

  8. When the musical spring holiday is over and the birds have chosen a tree for the nest, they hew out a pocket in a trunk or branch, anywhere from eight to eighty feet from the ground.

  9. The most beautiful nest I ever found was located sixteen feet from the ground, in the crotch of a white birch.

  10. Curse him--he lies at your feet to adore!

  11. The nest is placed in bushes or vines from eight to ten feet from the ground.

  12. As the nest was but five feet from the ground, within reach, and as I called there nearly every day, it is not surprising that the old bird tolled the young from the nest as soon as they were able to fly.

  13. While studying a family of redstarts that lived in a gray birch some twelve feet above the ground, the hen and one nestling disappeared.

  14. Another nest, located in a maple five feet high from the ground, was placed on a foundation of dead leaves, coarse meadow grass, and white birch bark.

  15. Erculio had the guards let Daoud down and force him to walk on his burned feet to the rack table, where they chained him facedown and stretched him till the ligaments that held his bones together were ready to snap.

  16. Riccardo must have had the same thought, because he began paying out the rope more rapidly, and Lorenzo's feet flew over the crackling rock.

  17. The steps Daoud descended must have been hollowed out by the feet of hundreds of hapless prisoners and their guards.

  18. He was facing in toward the smelly crevice, and he drew up his legs and planted his feet firmly on its walls.

  19. Simon sprang to his feet and threw his arms wide in astonishment.

  20. They sat on a bench, their faces shaded by the overhanging roof, their knees and feet in the sunlight.

  21. Despite the pain in his leg, he used his stick to push himself to his feet and stepped out of the window recess.

  22. The wounded who remained on their feet were still fighting.

  23. Their booted feet echoed on the long floor of polished pink marble.

  24. Glad to feel his feet on the ground, he hoped the rest of his journey to Siena would be less exciting than the beginning.

  25. All Manfred's men still on their feet were fighting.

  26. He tried to grip the sides of the crevice with his feet and pull himself closer to the cliff face.

  27. He picked up the bow that lay on the ground beside him and jumped to his feet when Lorenzo drove up.

  28. He filled the earthenware basin with water from the wooden pitcher and began a ritual washing, first his hands, then his face, then forearms from wrists to elbows, then his feet up to the ankles.

  29. His head was as big as that of a full-grown man, but his hands and feet were small.

  30. What was a matter of fifteen feet after a thousand?

  31. The noise of approaching feet gave a fresh impulse to her own, and she moved towards him.

  32. A round white table was beside him, his feet were on the railing, but his eyes were resting beyond on the high, mouldy iron gates of the mysterious park.

  33. This exceedingly simple movement, however, at once doubled up the front seat, sent the honey-pot a dozen feet into the air, and dropped Miss Amy upon her knees in the bed of the wagon.

  34. A wide road that had the appearance of being at once well traveled and yet deserted, and that, although well defined under foot, still seemed to disappear and lose itself a hundred feet ahead in the monotonous level.

  35. Then Johnny took off her shoes and stockings, rubbed her cold feet with his dirty handkerchief, and said: "Now you trot over to your mar!

  36. Coming from a still lower altitude, they had known nothing of the storm, which had momentarily ceased, but had left a record of its intensity in nearly two feet of snow.

  37. As they regained their feet they could plainly see now that a large crack on the white field, some twenty feet in width, extended between them and the carcass of the bear, showing the glistening rock below.

  38. Then they played "cubby house"--not fifty feet from the cabin, with a hushed but guilty satisfaction.

  39. Aladdin sprang to his feet with a cry and went limping down the aisle.

  40. The sun rose higher and the day became most hot, but steadily, unflinchingly as the ticking of a clock, the swift, bleeding, valiant feet of the Sixth Army Corps stepped off the miles.

  41. Aladdin kneeled by Manners, and as he kneeled a bullet struck his hat from his head, and a round shot, smashing into the rocky ground a dozen feet away, filled his eyes with dirt and sparks.

  42. And now they were riding with the sun in their eyes, and white dust rolled up from the swift feet of horses and men.

  43. So he hid her feet in his hands until those who came to arrest them had passed, and then he waked to find that his hands were empty, and the delicious dream over.

  44. He dreamed that her little feet did wrong and fled for safety unto him.

  45. Then the whole corps sprang to its feet and went forward, tearing down the fences in its path and trampling the long grass in the fields.

  46. XXIV The tedious locomotion of an army and the incessant reluctance of the battle to be met will try a sinner; but a scarcity of tobacco and constantly wet feet will try a saint.

  47. The rows are placed two and one-half feet apart, and the plants one and one-half feet apart in the rows.

  48. The land may be then marked out, crosswise first, three feet apart, then lengthwise three feet apart for Dwarf Erfurt and all small growing kinds, and four feet apart for Algiers and other large varieties.

  49. A safe preventive, therefore, is to grow the plants in beds or frames elevated about three feet from the ground.

  50. The plants are set three feet apart each way.

  51. These are usually made about two feet square, which gives room enough for three or four plants of cauliflower until they are so far forwarded that the glass can be taken off.

  52. This applies to Erfurt and Snowball; Algiers requires the rows four feet apart.

  53. We must have the land underdrained once in twenty feet, the drains being three feet deep, to give us a chance to work early in the spring, and also to take off the surplus water when we come to flood the land in July.

  54. When the seedlings have acquired about five leaves, and the ground to plant is ready, lift the young plants gently on a cloudy day, and plant them out two and one-half feet apart each way.

  55. Now we throw it into ridges, six feet apart, and it is ready for work in early spring.

  56. The early crop, on the other hand, which is always heavily manured, is sometimes set with the rows as close as two feet apart, and the plants twenty inches apart in the rows.

  57. Its large size required the plants to be set four feet apart.

  58. These are suitable distances for the late crop in ordinary cases, but where land is cheap, and little manure used, except sod turned under, four by four feet is none too much room for the large varieties.

  59. For a week we had had no food, no water, and scarcely any sleep; having our boots on continuously stopped the circulation in our feet with the same effect as if they had been frozen; we were chilled to the bone; my boat mate was insane.

  60. She had evidently sighted our little craft just in time to change her course, and was passing us with not more than a hundred and fifty feet to spare.

  61. Each trawl had a thousand hooks, a strong ground line six thousand feet long, with a smaller line two and a half feet in length, with hook attached, at every fathom.

  62. Then, with their assistance, I tumbled on board, stiff with cold and with feet like stone.

  63. There John's feet proved to be in such bad condition that it was necessary to send him to the hospital, and, as gangrene had set in, a portion of each foot was amputated.

  64. Oh, beautiful Girl-City, how she dips Her feet in the stream With a touch that is half a kiss and half a dream!

  65. Time shall serve me, and at my feet shall fling The spoil of listless minutes.

  66. Let him come here and linger at my feet Till he grow weary with the over-sweet, And die, or kill.

  67. If you go ten feet farther, you will be drowned.

  68. In front of Don, about nine feet away, and the top level with his feet, was the tree of which he had spoken.

  69. I'm hanging on to the end of that young tree, and it keeps going up and down like a spring, and it won't go any nearer than about twelve feet from the ground.

  70. He tried to call to Jem, who was asleep not six feet away, but his mouth felt dry.

  71. Ramsden struggled to his feet as if with an effort, and stood holding his hand to his head, evidently hurt.

  72. He rose to his feet to find, as soon as he could get his breath regularly, that he had still hold of the spear-shaft, and that he had been swept down nearly to the sandy level, over which the river ran before joining the sea.

  73. They were about fifty feet from the entrance, and they felt that if they moved they would be heard; and, as if urged by the same impulse, they stood fast, save that Jem doubled his fist and drew back his arm ready to strike.

  74. He jumped to his feet as if I had struck him, and broke out in a torrent of accusation against me.

  75. I heard his feet pattering down the stairs at an incredible pace.

  76. The walls were sixty French feet in width, one hundred and seventy in height, and the circuit of them was two thousand two hundred and fifty feet.

  77. The fosse surrounding the fortress was thirty-six feet wide, and was pierced in the solid rock to a depth of forty-three feet.

  78. The earth quakes and trembles because the king of heaven hath lost his land, the land on which his feet once stood.

  79. The most remarkable discovery made on the opening of this tomb was that of the skeleton of an infant a very few months old, which was found lying at the feet of the bishop.

  80. They were received by the king at Reading, and throwing themselves at the feet of the English monarch, they with much weeping and sobbing saluted him in behalf of the king, the princes, and the people of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

  81. It was a recess, hewn out of the chalk, of a bell shape and exactly circular, thirty feet high and seventy feet in diameter.

  82. They were flanked by seven large round towers, sixty feet in diameter, and seventy-two feet higher than the walls.

  83. Two small apertures, or loopholes, four feet high and nine inches wide, have been pierced through the walls to admit light and air.

  84. One of these skeletons measured six feet four inches in length, and another six feet two inches!

  85. Little Richard turned from his Christian Science mother and resumed his play, so long as he could stagger about on his little feet and keep up the sad pretense.

  86. And when he could not keep on his feet any longer, he sat down upon the floor with his toys about him, moaning with pain and holding his hand upon his side.

  87. Ralph rose to his feet and followed them.

  88. I could have knelt down at her feet and worshipped her.

  89. Jess pricked up her ears and began to gallop toward the gate; but she halted suddenly when within a few feet of it, almost dislodging her rider.

  90. And Ruth sprang to her feet and rushed to the door.

  91. He sprang to his feet at length and got on his hat and overcoat, while his mother and Ruth were out of the room.

  92. He sprang to his feet as though he had been shot.

  93. If that were all, we would soon have her on her feet again.

  94. In a few minutes he was on his feet again, but the world was dark by this time.

  95. She rose to her feet at length, and raised her eyes timidly to his face.

  96. She rose to her feet in a moment, while a hot blush swept over her neck and face.

  97. And he rose to his feet and looked towards the door.

  98. Breakfast over, Ralph stretched his feet for a few moments before the fire.

  99. He rose to his feet at length almost in despair, and looked towards the door.

  100. She rose to her feet in a moment, her face ashen.

  101. The coal-and-lumber dealer and the cattle shipper sat on opposite sides of the hard coal-burner, their feet on the nickelwork.

  102. This is my tragedy, as I lie here spent by the racecourse, listening to the feet of the runners as they pass me.

  103. She rose and thrust her feet into slippers and, putting a dressing gown over her shoulders, opened the door of her husband's room; he was sleeping soundly.

  104. The minister rose suddenly to his feet and threw back his head, crying in a loud voice: "Lazarus, come forth!

  105. The house was set in a hillside, and the west windows of the parlour looked out above the kitchen yard thirty feet below.

  106. Just then a distant whistle sounded, and there was a shuffling of feet on the platform.

  107. When he reached a little hillside, where the tracks ran through a cut some twenty feet below him, he stopped and sat down.

  108. Most of 'em have gone over to the Free Gospellers, and they'd rather put their feet in the fire than shake 'em to a fiddle.

  109. Big Joe, six feet four, with curly yellow hair and mustache, clapped him on the shoulder.

  110. It was fully eight feet long, and upon it was a heap of dark bed clothing.

  111. From their corner where they watched and commented, the old women kept time with their feet and hands, and whenever the fiddles struck up a new air old Mrs. Svendsen's white cap would begin to bob.

  112. He was no longer the big, silent Norwegian who had sat at Margaret's feet and looked hopelessly into her eyes.

  113. The bluff is sort of worn away for several hundred feet up.

  114. He shuffled his feet and twisted his big hands up into knots and blurted out that he didn't know there was any music like that in the world.

  115. He heard no movement when he sprang to his feet and almost imagined he had been dreaming, until the sailors shouted and their boots rattled on the broken floor.

  116. It was necessary that she should meet him; yet when she stopped at a gate and heard the tramp of horses' feet behind, her color came and went.

  117. Nobody spoke and the Meztisos' bare feet fell silently on the hot sand, although Kit heard the dragging tramp of the sailors' muddy boots.

  118. The current rippled round their legs; it was hard to pull their feet out of the mud, and when there was a splash in the dark they stopped, dripping with sweat that was not altogether caused by effort.

  119. When he reached the top the wind had blown away the snow, and he stood near the middle of a narrow belt of heath, with his feet sinking in a bog.

  120. Still, so far as they could see, there were no marks of little feet and they wondered what had happened to the flock, until a faint bark came out of the mist.

  121. There was something fierce and primitive about the old Buccaneer, and it was not hard to see how he had, so to speak, swept the romantic girl off her feet by the fiery spirit that had burned him out.

  122. The clatter of the mules' feet on the uneven stones echoed along the walls, and here and there indistinct figures looked out from shadowy doors.

  123. She did not seem to resent this, and for a time they sped down hill with their feet plowing through the snow.

  124. Her feet and the seam of her short dress brushed in the snow and tore up the surface.

  125. They were not all white; dark rocks with glittering veins edged the snowfield, and the scarred face of Force Crag ran down where the shoulder of the moor broke off four hundred feet below.

  126. Her feet made no noise and her tweed dress harmonized with the subdued coloring of dead leaves and trunks.

  127. He made use of no gestures while he talked, his hands remained folded and his feet crossed, and only his keen, restless glances and the sudden movements round the corners of his lips told when he was interested.

  128. She wears very full skirts, reaching barely to the knee, and standing out round her like those of a ballet-dancer; her legs are clothed in white cotton stockings, and on her feet are satin slippers.

  129. At his feet the ground was covered with women, their black cloaks tucked neatly round them, sitting with shrouded heads and with the long strip of white linen veil hanging over their faces and down into their laps.

  130. The tower is roofless; within, ten or twelve feet below the upper surface of its wall, is a chalky platform on which the dead bodies lie till sun and vultures have devoured them.

  131. The wonder is, not that the cholera should prove fatal to so many, but that so large a proportion of the population should survive in a land where Ignorance is for ever preparing a smooth highway for the feet of Death.

  132. At the top of his many staircases he greets them, smiling, prosperous--those stairs of his need never be wearisome for alien feet to climb.

  133. I had guided her down the bank to my shadowy covert, and there we rose on our feet in shallow water.

  134. Suddenly my heart beat high in snatches of rhythm; my feet stirred, my ears woke to the whir of wings, and my eyes to flickering shade.

  135. The walls were very steep, and made of some massive sort of stone, and so jagged that we could easily have climbed down, as on steps, for a depth of two hundred feet at least.

  136. It was plain that this would be a work of long time, for the trunk was about three feet thick, and I do not know how many months we might have been about it if we had not brought fire again to the aid of our axes.

  137. They were at the top of a gentle slope, which fell away afterwards into a sheer precipice several hundreds of feet in depth.

  138. I got up on my feet to follow him, and seizing the club that lay nearest, found that I had taken Billy's instead of my own, he having taken mine in his excitement.

  139. We thus made walls about ten feet high, about a space twelve feet square, and it was not until the walls were up that we began to consider of how to put a roof to them, having no ladders nor any means of mounting to such a height.

  140. The beast wheeled about, and rushed upon Billy, who, though he smote it again, was carried off his feet and lay sprawling, the club being struck from his hand as he fell.

  141. The nails of his hands and feet were grown to an immense length; a flat broad umbrella covered his head.

  142. An innumerable multitude of frightful savages, about two feet high, covered all over with red hair, came swimming toward us, and encompassed our ship.

  143. When the stone was pulled up there appeared a staircase about three or four feet deep, leading to a door.

  144. I removed the earth by degrees, till I came to a stone two or three feet square.

  145. I resolved to come to Bagdad and throw myself at the feet of this great monarch.

  146. The old woman was so transported with joy at my answer that she kissed my feet before I had time to prevent her.

  147. When I had recovered my breath, he thrust one of his feet against my side, and struck me so rudely with the other that he forced me to rise up, against my will.

  148. It is at the feet of Jesus that these wonders are wrought; witness this example, and that of the sister of Lazarus, in the house of Simon the Leper in Bethania.

  149. Our holy penitent prepared as it were an altar at the feet of our Lord, on which she offered to him the true sacrifice of a contrite and humble heart.

  150. Ignatius obeyed, but slipt privately back to satisfy his devotion again in visiting twice more the print of our Saviour’s feet on mount Olivet.

  151. The pope answered that, far from having any need of being entreated on that head, he threw himself at the emperor’s feet to implore his protection for the peace and welfare of God’s Church.

  152. He extended his hospitality to all sorts of persons, washed the feet of the poor, and served them with his own hands, at the same time that he himself fasted.

  153. When Jesus, six days before his passion, supped in the house of Simon surnamed the Leper, whilst Martha waited on him, and Lazarus sat at table, Mary anointed his feet and head with precious ointment which she had brought in an alabaster box.

  154. The Jews opposed the attempt with tears and remonstrances, and throwing themselves prostrate on the ground at the feet of the Roman governor, protested they were ready rather to suffer death.

  155. The divine grace made such deep impressions on his heart, that rising from his devotions he cast himself at the feet of the abbot, earnestly begging to be admitted to the religious habit.

  156. And when with his dirty feet he trod upon Plato’s costly carpets, crying that he trampled upon the pride of Plato, he did this, as Plato answered him, with greater pride.

  157. Three soldiers who guarded the prison, seeing this light, were surprised at the miracle, and casting themselves at the martyr’s feet asked his pardon, and desired baptism.

  158. The tomb itself consists of a square stone, about ten feet by seven, surrounded with a plain iron-railing.

  159. In Italy entire skeletons of whales have been found at an elevation of not less than one thousand two hundred feet above the level of the Mediterranean.

  160. Gerard states, that he had collected shells among the snowy mountains of the frontiers of Thibet: some of them were obtained on the crest of a pass, seventeen thousand feet above the level of the sea.

  161. The interior dimensions are sixty-five feet by forty-three feet, with galleries on three sides, and a handsome recessed window over the altar-piece at the east end.

  162. For instance, the four youngest children slept together in one trundle-bed, two at the top and two at the bottom, their feet coming together in the middle.

  163. Her home was already in sight; but the uncertainty as to her reception there made her little feet falter in their course.

  164. Letters from the Battalion, 7000 feet below, drift up to me occasionally, but they contain little beyond the old sentiment, expressed hundreds of times daily by Territorials from the Himalayas to the Nilghiris.

  165. Leaning far back in his chair, with his feet on the fender of the grate, sat Dr.

  166. Be so good as to hand me my glove; I dropped it at your feet as I mounted.

  167. Resting his feet upon the cross-beam, he leaned forward and gazed earnestly upon his masterpiece, the darling design which had haunted his brain for years.

  168. A man whose life rests at his feet to be lifted to some fitting pedestal, has little leisure for the luxury of friendly visiting.

  169. These words of scorn were the burning shares over which her bare feet trod, and his bitter accents wailed up and down her lonely heart.

  170. In this state will I work and conquer; here, right here, I will plant my feet upon the necks of those that now strive to grind me to the dust.

  171. He sprang to his feet instantly, holding out both hands.

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