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  1. The summer is so short here as to give the fruits and flowers barely time to blossom, ripen, and fade, and the husbandman a chance to gather his crops.

  2. They are of very peculiar construction, being designed to enable the occupants to venture out, however rough the water may chance to be, and the surf is always raging in these open roadsteads.

  3. The Hawaiian Islands are not on the direct route to Japan, and we therefore find it better to return to San Francisco and embark from there, than to await the arrival of a chance steamer bound westward.

  4. The first white immigrants, as well as the seamen of chance vessels driven upon the coast, were invariably killed and eaten by the Maoris.

  5. Certainly mere chance could not more successfully avoid hitting two notes in concord than that possessed creature has done during the past hour," said Giardini.

  6. VII There was no chance all along Meakin Street.

  7. There were shops, as he well remembered, where goods were sometimes exhibited at the doors and outside the windows; but to-day there seemed to be no chance of the sort.

  8. In the morning he had no particular prize in view, and loitered at every shop, waiting his chance at anything portable.

  9. Josh felt that he ought to have inspected the front windows before climbing the wall, but the excitement of the long-delayed chance had ruined his discretion.

  10. He resumed his watch of the shop-boy, confident that sooner or later a chance would come.

  11. But he would take it every day and take it almost without a tear, rather than the chance of a reformatory.

  12. Out in the Jago the pale dawn brought a cooler air and the chance of sleep.

  13. It was my fate to encounter a place in Shoreditch, where children were born and reared in circumstances which gave them no reasonable chance of living decent lives: where they were born fore-damned to a criminal or semi-criminal career.

  14. The alley had no back way: he must take his chance in Meakin Street.

  15. I 'ope you'll let me 'ave a chance to put down somethink good.

  16. So that he was delighted by the chance which he had taken, and Mrs Bates, for her part, was not sorry to find somebody to mind her property.

  17. But most parents were of Josh Perrott's opinion: that school-going was a practice best never begun; for then the child was never heard of, and there was no chance of inquiries or such trouble.

  18. But scarce an ill chance came to him but, sooner or later, he found the hunchback at the back of it.

  19. There is one chance that you may go free through all the dangers of your trade of blood; but there are ninety and nine chances that a violent death or the halter shall be your ultimate fate.

  20. If you get a chance to make an end of that d--d fellow Gray, do so.

  21. I always singled out the most popular man in the room for conquest; and no other girl had any chance whenever I entered the lists.

  22. Merciful God' what chance have I with bloodhounds in this wood?

  23. These men, as chance would have it, were keeping some annual religious festival to God on that day.

  24. But the earth there is of such a hard sort that it seems to those who chance upon it to be nothing else than solid ground, so that both pedestrians and horsemen travel over it without any fear.

  25. Use, therefore, this good chance while the time fits, lest thou seek for it after it has ceased.

  26. For the few who by chance did not fall into the ditch found themselves at the mercy of the enemy.

  27. Even as he was considering this matter, chance brought it about that, without dishonouring the law, he could still keep his word.

  28. So the charioteers, starting from the barriers, began the contest, and by some chance he who was clad in the blue happened to pass his rival and take the lead.

  29. But later on (since it was fated that Petra be captured by Chosroes), John by some chance was shot in the neck and died, and as a result of this the other Romans ceased to care for anything.

  30. Mundus had been appointed general of the Illyrians, and by mere chance had happened to come under summons to Byzantium on some necessary errand, bringing with him Erulian barbarians.

  31. But by some chance those who carried the tablets went by another road and did not succeed at all in meeting the Aspetiani.

  32. Hence it was that, considering everything else of less account, he wished to allow the Roman soldiers freely to avail themselves of the chance for flight.

  33. For one could insist emphatically without falsehood that this disease, whether by chance or by some providence, chose out with exactitude the worst men and let them go free.

  34. His greed was roused, and the chance of setting up as a pirate on his own account, and making himself a copy of the man whose prisoner he had been, had prompted this pretty little scheme.

  35. The sea was not for them; they would take their chance on land.

  36. He saw no chance of beating off the enemy; they would outnumber him by at least five to one.

  37. If he kept out of sight of land he might increase the chance of some diversion occurring.

  38. That gave us a chance to be ready for the other.

  39. That day, and for several days after, whenever chance gave him a minute or two apart from his fellow-workmen, he employed the precious moments in diligently filing the steel to the pattern on the clay.

  40. But now that the cannonading had ceased, a shot might be heard by some of the Pirate's men, and before he could escape he might be beset by a crowd of ruffians against whom he would have no chance at all.

  41. It would destroy our chance of making our fortunes, for what would happen?

  42. Nearly a dozen of the coast craft, as they were now clearly seen to be, went in pursuit, but with little chance of coming up with the chase.

  43. Better chance of escaping the fever there.

  44. But there was little or no chance of the same good fortune at Hugli.

  45. At the dawn he could creep in towards the shore without anxiety, for there was little chance of falling in with hostile vessels in the immediate neighbourhood of Bombay.

  46. If that could be done there was a chance of delaying the pursuit, or preventing it altogether.

  47. To me, as I move thee now in the last duty, Dost thou with a turn or gesture anon respond; Startling my fancy fond With a chance attitude of the head, a freak of beauty.

  48. VII DIRGE Man born of desire Cometh out of the night, A wandering spark of fire, A lonely word of eternal thought Echoing in chance and forgot.

  49. Thy wish to know is good, and happy is he Who thus from chance and change has launched his mind To dwell for ever with undisturbA"d truth.

  50. I asked, eagerly, when Jael had disappeared, for I was afraid some ill chance had happened.

  51. If it were done by chance it would be best.

  52. And, either by chance or design, he let them hear the click of his pistol.

  53. He never by any chance overstayed his time, without sending a message home.

  54. It is her only chance of saving her reputation.

  55. No chance now of meeting the light figure coming tripping along the level hill.

  56. I like you both; I intend us to be excellent friends, whenever I chance to be at Norton Bury.

  57. To this Caron cordially assented, saying with much energy, "There is as much chance for your Majesty and for us to make peace, during the life of the present King of Spain, as to find redemption in hell.

  58. And all we have sown springs up, grows and bears fruit, almost unknown to us; even if by chance we cast a backward glance we fail to recognize our work.

  59. Then he said he just wanted to look round himself a bit, as he mightn't have much more chance that day; and he smiled, and Mamie laughed.

  60. The men knew it as well as I, but still they stared into the foam as if they had any chance of seeing the lost man.

  61. Sometimes the chauffeurs who were waiting for their clients got a chance to talk to one of the soldiers.

  62. Men ran across the yard to the shelter of the dormitories; some, caught as we were in the open, preferred to take a chance on dropping flat under a car.

  63. There is to-day only one man in France completely trusted by all classes--General Joffre, and if by any chance there should be political troubles after the war, the army and the nation will look to him.

  64. But I don't think there's much chance of that, really.

  65. There's a chance that the war may be over.

  66. John," said Charlie Rose, now sober and earnest, "I am trying to get these girls to understand that they are about to have a chance to be brave and womanly.

  67. I am to have special charge of the head of the table, so won't I have a fine chance to catch the captain's eye?

  68. Maybe I have so set my heart all my life upon getting Dian that I did not give myself a chance to see other girls.

  69. Instantly alert to any possible results of this chance encounter, Captain Sherwood straightened himself, and endeavored to assume his usual elegant swagger.

  70. But all will have a chance behind the veil, for we hold the doctrine of salvation for the dead to be as true as Peter and Paul held it.

  71. You won't get another chance like John, let me tell you.

  72. However, a girl flings many chance shots, and some are sure to hit.

  73. You see, if the Meachams have not gone, she may have found a chance to go down to the mill over night, thinking she could go on with them in the morning.

  74. At last, however, the elder woman saw a chance to relieve in a measure the unnecessary remorse, and she asked gently: "Has Ellen ever told you she was in love with the soldier you speak of?

  75. Our chance of success depends on you," was Hamilton's own despairing appeal to the then leader of the Southern Constitutionalists.

  76. But the Constitutionalists gave the old war horse no chance to charge upon his lifelong opponent.

  77. If by chance you find a country-man who knows the bird, and has a name for it, this will be one which is applied indiscriminately to two, three, or four species.

  78. A man walking by the water-side sees by chance a kingfisher fly past, its colour a wonderful blue, far surpassing in beauty and brilliancy any blue he has ever seen in sky or water, or in flower or stone, or any other thing.

  79. Oddly enough, it was only while writing this chapter that I by chance found an affirmative answer to my question.

  80. But my critic dropped by chance into something better, when he went on to ask, "Why shouldn't the heaven's blue make us love flowers?

  81. Gradually they went farther and farther from the hedge; and at length chance took them to the very spot on which the partridges had settled, and there for three or four minutes the duel went on.

  82. For a space of fifteen minutes I looked on with delight, rejoicing at the rare chance which had brought that exquisite bird- and plant-scene before me.

  83. The right explanation (I think it the right one) was found by chance three months later.

  84. But if by chance she climbed a little way up or put her nose too near his nest, his lively twittering quickly changed to shrill cries of alarm and anger.

  85. Seen on the wing the flock presents a somewhat singular appearance, as of two distinct species associating together, as we may see when by chance gulls and rooks, or sheldrakes and black scoters, mix in one flock.

  86. This is no vain theory founded on chance occurrences, but a truth which every one will recognise who runs over the list of his acquaintance, or examines the visiting-cards on his mantel-piece.

  87. Yet the still, close atmosphere, and the distant flickering of purple and golden lightning far away to the east over the lands of savage nations, warned against loitering for the chance of a tornado.

  88. He has seen me only for two minutes,' croaked out that same harsh unmusical voice: 'he fell by some chance into the millstream the other day, and I helped him out again.

  89. If you insist on this strange request, the door must be securely locked; there must be no chance of interruption.

  90. That instant was enough: the unlucky man had effected his purpose just when there was still a chance that things might be amended.

  91. I saw little chance of winning my wager, and was in no slight degree out of temper; but all things, smooth or rough, must have an end, and at last it was time that we should retire.

  92. The widow shuddered, her face grew pale, And she no more turned to look: She reached her hand to the wall near by, And a cross by chance she took.

  93. Seeing an ambulance coming in through the front gate, and in order not to lose the chance for my rejoinder, I interrupted.

  94. His only chance was that they would not let themselves be teased into firing prematurely on any one man or six.

  95. Suits me well; rather chance it with you than with those I've just left.

  96. Albeit methought it would be a happy chance if we might stand at the altar at the same time with Herdegen and Ann, Gotz's impatience, which had waxed no lesser even during his journeyings, was set against our waiting for my brother's coming.

  97. Next to him it is Cousin Maud that we three links the Schopper chain ought ever to hold dearest in memory; and it was by a strange chance that he and she died, not only on the same day, but, as it were, of the same death.

  98. I had always deemed her fairest in sheeny white, and she knew it, while Herdegen had taken blue for his color; and behold she wore both, for love per chance of both brothers.

  99. He being set ashore, they went for England, And in the Packet there writ down that doome To be perform'd on them poynted for him: And by great chance he had his fathers Seale, So all was done without discouerie.

  100. You will not ask me an utterance of what; I take my chance of being understood in the light of what Woman is to you.

  101. Some chance remark of Pepper's--I think it was something about how pleasant it was to see us thus in our little family circle--gave her the opportunity for her announcement.

  102. As you know, he was the steam of this concern; it was the chance of my lifetime finding him, poor chap.

  103. And so on---- His only chance now was to have screamed aloud; but he did not scream.

  104. I was so occupied with repartee and acting that I failed to seize the real chance of all the world.

  105. There's a chance that you'll start south with a column within two days.

  106. The chance of her living had suddenly darkened.

  107. The only chance was that they couldn't see themselves.

  108. Peter would like to have preserved in picture the singer's realization that the chance was life instead of death--the blend of animal and angel which is so thrillingly human, as it was expressed upon that countenance.

  109. A moment afterward he added: "There's a time when a man wants to die for what he believes, and another time when he's afraid he will die before he gets a chance to make his life count.

  110. There were reasons, from the German standpoint, why it was well for Mowbray to have every chance for life.

  111. The mammoth looked down upon him and said: "Excuse me, Lieutenant, but I had to have a chance to think.

  112. He ran back to get the money out of his coat, delighted with the chance and chiding himself for not having dared to do it sooner.

  113. He had boasted in those reckless, prosperous days that if by any possible chance he should lose his money he would drive a hansom, or emigrate to the colonies, or take the shilling.

  114. You needn't think there's any chance of your getting a peep at it.

  115. Gallegher felt that he had been taken in the act, and that his only chance lay in open flight.

  116. Then he planned a grand coup which was to pay off all his debts and give him a second chance to present himself a supplicant at his father's house.

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