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Example sentences for "championing"

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  1. The significance of Sun in his own lifetime lay in his deliberate championing of the cause of industrial revolution as the sine qua non of development in China.

  2. All were gone; and in spite of the rage roused within her championing soul at the thought that the world should treat him thus, their disappearance augured happily for the success of her plan.

  3. You must give up this championing the weak and lighting flames you can't control.

  4. He gave great offence to the High Church party by his championing of Colenso, W.

  5. Though he had a circle of friends in Dublin, and was, owing to his championing the people in their grievances, a popular idol, the shadows were darkening around him.

  6. His fearless championing of the cause of the "under dog" had won him the implacable hatred of his own class.

  7. By championing the cause of the "under-dog" in Centralia Smith brought down on himself the wrath of the lumber trust.

  8. Not that I am championing the severity of the restrictions of the current sexual code as regards women.

  9. We have seen that Feminists are, in this country, at least, zealous in championing the Puritan view of sexual morality.

  10. Mr. Woodberry, have made a chivalrous championing of Shelley almost part of their poetical platform.

  11. Everyone is aware of his revulsion from Paley's theology, which his father sternly proposed to read aloud to him, and of his noisy championing of the materialistic cause, in Queen Mab.

  12. Austin Dobson takes malicious pleasure, often, in championing the less aristocratic side of the controversy.

  13. Has not the very caftan-Jew from the Carpathians published his poetry and his philosophy, gallantly championing "The Master of the Name" against a Darwinian world?

  14. Mr. Smith consented, with the understanding that Mr. Donnelly should help by championing the bill.

  15. Your championing of Abbot Faustus is not altogether disinterested.

  16. We will therefore omit this pretended championing of our rights as an obsolete, barbarous, and unmeaning ceremony.

  17. The championing of all things Indian is another recent phase of the same national consciousness.

  18. The grand new political idea in India is the idea of nationality, and one of its corollaries is the championing of things Indian and depreciation of things British.

  19. Why did she fling up her head as if she were defying the whole world in championing the cause of her grandfather?

  20. Having established his fame by championing the Jewish cause in Turkey during the ritual murder trial of Damascus in 1840, Montefiore resolved to make a similar attempt in the land of the Tzar.

  21. She would very probably choose the position of championing Harriet, if only to infuriate the old lady.

  22. How well the Grand Duke Karl Alexander maintained the Jena tradition of Lehrfreiheit is shown by an incident that happened when Haeckel first scandalized Germany by championing the cause of Darwinism.

  23. So we can scarcely appreciate the courage and perspicacity of the young Haeckel in openly championing Darwinism at a time when that theory was regarded as an absurdity, not alone by theologians, as one would infer from Andrew D.

  24. The championing of this movement by the Republican party they regarded as a renunciation of all its friendship for human liberty.

  25. These others would far rather be in the minority in championing some good cause than with the "expedient" majority.

  26. The Indian government felt that it would be championing an unrecognized cause in supporting Yakoob Beg against all comers, and in the press of more urgent matters our relations with the Athalik Ghazi became lost sight of.

  27. They are not exactly championing a bad cause, or a lost one, but, in comparison to the Chinese, they have no legal position.

  28. The mistakes we made in championing the Ghoorkas, in acknowledging the Panthays, and in a general policy of indifference to Chinese opinion, have all tended to bring about the present deadlock in our relations with China.

  29. Rollit, who, for many years, had made a specialty of championing the cause of Post Office employees who had a grievance.

  30. Now she was championing the Reformed Doctor!

  31. To many of his old friends it seemed that Ryerson had given up championing liberty and had become a Tory.

  32. He fought for great principles, and if up to 1844 he had generally found himself with the Reformers, it was because they were championing what Ryerson believed to be the right.

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