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champignons; champing; champion; championed; championing; championship; championships; champleve; chance; chanced
  1. The warlike ardour and fanaticism which had distinguished the companions of Omar and the first champions of Islamism were now revived.

  2. Called “The Champions of God and of Beauty,” ib.

  3. Amidst the brilliant festivities of chivalry, the French warriors were received as the champions of the honour of ladies.

  4. The Platonists were great champions of amulets and talismans.

  5. These champions or proxies were tantamount to the special pleaders of the present day, being mostly hired by fee or reward for the purpose.

  6. The American war tested the rival champions of Liberty.

  7. The rivers as a rule formed the boundaries of the provinces, and the fords were constantly guarded by champions who challenged every wayfarer to single combat, if he could not show sufficient reason for crossing the borderland.

  8. These combats were fought actually in the ford itself, and all wars began in a long series of single hand-to-hand combats between equal champions before the armies as a whole engaged each other.

  9. The assertion of the permanence of the powers of nature by the champions of the Moderns was the direct contradiction of the theory of degeneration, and they undoubtedly contributed much towards bringing that theory into discredit.

  10. Rousseau and Godwin are the two great champions in the eighteenth century of the toiling and suffering masses.

  11. An eye-witness of this contest between the champions of Van Buren and Harrison declared that McDuffie was "harnessed lightning" himself.

  12. Robert Toombs of Georgia was fond of tracing his lineage to the champions of the English king who defended their sovereign at Boscobel.

  13. Mr. Toombs was more than willing to measure swords with the champions of free soil.

  14. After this noisy merrymaking a real pig was produced, and before an august company of most of the castle folk the four champions "attacked the pig.

  15. The more sedate leaders immediately played chess, although the younger champions selected the more exciting backgammon.

  16. Champions of "equality of sexes" from a later age can become horrified over the legal status of women in the feudal centuries.

  17. Charlemagne took pledges from both champions that they would stand the "ordeal.

  18. The Grave of the Maiden of Unai "I stand by the grave where they buried The Maiden of Unai, Whom of old the rival champions Did woo so jealously.

  19. He was much loved by the suffragists, as he had been one of the strongest champions of woman suffrage during his many years in the Senate and had brought the Federal Amendment to a vote on Jan.

  20. Thereupon those two champions knew with certainty that this must be the place whither they were to come, and they wist that here they should doubtless find that young child of which the prophecy of Merlin had spoken.

  21. These gave loud acclaim to Sir Launcelot and his companions, crying, "Welcome, ye glorious champions who are returning to us again!

  22. Then, even as Sir Launcelot was telling Sir Lavaine who were these six champions who thus stood forth to undertake battle against one another, the herald blew his trumpet very loud and shrill.

  23. And ever these two champions lashed at the other such buffets that it was a wonder that any skill and address at arms could have turned aside such strokes as fell in that friendly battle.

  24. And Sir Launcelot knew these six champions very well and he declared to Sir Lavaine who they were.

  25. All these seven captives Sir Lamorack and Sir Percival liberated and they gave great praise and loud acclaim to those two most worthy champions who had set them free from their piteous and miserable durance.

  26. And though there were no knights of the Round Table in that company, yet there were many champions of very great renown and high credit in courts of chivalry.

  27. This welcome they gave on behalf of King Arthur, by whom they had been sent, for the King was glad beyond measure to have those champions who were so dear to his heart return to him once more.

  28. As the city is full of caciques, you may be assured our champions will be noble.

  29. The champions for the god drew themselves up in the west, while their challengers occupied the east of the arena.

  30. Some even of the most earnest champions of the divine right of kings were at last compelled to imagine circumstances under which the tenet would cease to be tenable.

  31. And do not the champions of the German race theory see that there is a laughing heir behind them in the Sclavonic supremacy?

  32. Combating bravely and bearing themselves like true champions of the religion of Christ, their fate is not and cannot be doubtful.

  33. They are the champions of war; the proud, the spirited, the sole repository of the nation's honor; the exclusive men of vigor and energy.

  34. One of the literary champions of Russian autocracy, Kotzebue, was assassinated, early in 1819, by a divinity student who had been at the Wartburg.

  35. No wonder that one of the keenest critics of Transcendentalism was prominent among the champions in England of the oppressed sex.

  36. The most popular of these champions against superstition and tyranny was Bradlaugh.

  37. I do not charge or believe that such was intended by Congress; but if they had literally formed a ring, and placed champions within it to fight out the controversy, the fight could be no more likely to come off than it is.

  38. When the time arrived for the champions to step into the ring, Abe displayed his chivalry in a manner that must have struck the bystanders with admiration.

  39. The intellectual encounter between these noted champions is still described by those who witnessed it as "the great debate.

  40. Two champions were accordingly chosen; one for, and the other against, the claims of the little ones.

  41. The champions were ready for the encounter, and the plaintiff and defendant were publicly called to come forward and acknowledge them.

  42. The plaintiff accepted the challenge, and the Court having no power to stay the proceedings, agreed to the champions who were to fight in lieu of the principals.

  43. Ecclesiastics were allowed to produce champions in their stead.

  44. But we have mentioned Doctor Martin Luther as representing the champions of Protestantism against Popery.

  45. They cannot claim, as some of their Northern champions do for them, that being in the Union in our view, and out of it in their own, the only result of defeating them as Rebels is to restore them as citizens.

  46. The champions of the League, spreading among the rural communities, eloquently and convincingly pointed out the great evils which they sought to eradicate.

  47. Amateur champions have been captains, but no man may be captain because he has been amateur champion.

  48. At times they may beat the champions and past champions.

  49. In practically all cases men who were subsequent champions were good scratch players at this age.

  50. If it were any easier to do than it was formerly, would not the champions be doing it?

  51. I had occasion to analyse it lately, and I believe not in any other sport have the periods of three such champions coincided as they have done in golf during the last few years.

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