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  1. A right good trooper he was, too, although in his oral narrative from which this tale is made there was no mention of that; the fact was learned from his surviving comrades.

  2. I tried to enter the adjoining room, but the door was fast, and although I heard the old man's heavy footsteps in there he made no response to my calls.

  3. It was a raw, untrained army, although some of its fractions had seen hard enough service, with a good deal of fighting, in the mountains of Western Virginia, and in Kentucky.

  4. In his humble sphere he was esteemed an honest man, although like many of his class in English towns he was somewhat addicted to drink.

  5. It was after midnight and pretty dark, although there was a bit of moon somewhere behind the masses of cloud.

  6. Nevertheless, under the peculiar circumstances, the physicians decided that she should be told of his asking for her, although she was not to be allowed to enter the sickroom.

  7. Yes, that's a device of his, although they belonged to my mother.

  8. The colonel saw his advantage, and, although he was inclined to smile, pulled a long face, and sighed.

  9. Rumors of the undertaking spread through his club, although he endeavored to keep the matter secret as long as possible.

  10. At least, it seemed impossible that it could be for anyone else, although the old man constantly threatened that not a penny should go to the young scapegrace, as he termed his grandson.

  11. But, despite his declarations, his feelings were greatly confused, and, although he would not confess the fact even to himself, he was now consumed with chagrin that he had refused the chance of service.

  12. Netty regretted that her mother felt it necessary to absent herself from home, and she was very wretched because father was still far from well, although recovering slowly.

  13. The girls had never been intimate friends, although they had seen a great deal of one another when Mrs. Swinton took Dora under her wing and introduced her into society, which found Netty dull, and made much of Dora.

  14. They were a strange pair, these two, and the world outside, although it knew something of the influence of Trimmer over his master, had no conception of its real extent.

  15. There was some justice in his point of view, although it was harsh justice.

  16. They returned to England in August, 1497, but although Sebastian subsequently performed three voyages to the New World, no settlement was effected on its shores.

  17. Although extensive tracts lie in their immediate neighbourhood unoccupied, they resign them to the English and Americans, and have scarcely at all extended the range of their original settlement.

  18. Although we believe that climate is the chief cause of the diversities in human colour, yet it is certain that all savages are dark-tinted.

  19. Although a spry lass, as she is termed, is certain of repeated offers, and is sure of being early united in the bonds of matrimony, she may frequently before that event have given birth to one or two children.

  20. Although war may be considered as the ordinary state of those tribes, yet, after having for a considerable time experienced its destructive effects, there usually arises a desire for an interval of tranquillity.

  21. Although everything appears wild and unpremeditated, it is alleged that opportunities are often taken to give vent to old and secret resentments.

  22. Indeed, he is such a powerful man, and in the prime of life, that few would like to make the attempt, although we have since heard that a party are in pursuit of him.

  23. Although we are shivering, the mercury is 57 degrees, but in this warm and equable climate, one's sensations are not significant of the height of the thermometer.

  24. Although much excited, they are collected enough to pronounce it "the most sublime sight ever seen.

  25. Its foliage is singularly dense, although it is borne in tufts of a quantity of long yucca-like leaves on the branches.

  26. A few loose slabs of snow were now placed so as to cover, without touching, the body, and with this very slight sepulchre the father was contented, although a fox could have dug through it in half a minute.

  27. Another woman was asked to do the same; but, although her child was half weaned, she flatly refused.

  28. Our little hunting-tent just held Dunn and myself, although not in a very convenient manner; but it answered the purpose of keeping us dry, except from a stream of water that ran under us all night.

  29. The body was placed on its back, at the husband's request, and he then stepped into the grave and cut all the stitches of the hammock, although without throwing it open, seeming to imply that the dead should be left unconfined.

  30. The 29th, although not fine, was more moderate, and I accompanied him at an early hour.

  31. OUR theatrical critiques for the month, although in type, are unavoidably deferred until the next number.

  32. The number is a good one, natheless, although inferior to its predecessor.

  33. Poor Maura recovered and although in a state of absolute distraction, yet she had presence of mind to remember that they ought to use every means in their power to restore the boy to life if it were possible.

  34. Sometimes it is as asy as a sleepin' baby, and sometimes, although its waves are quiet enough, it looks like a murderer asleep.

  35. Although its floors were heaped with shavings, prophets of all ranks assigned a violent end to tenants of such a residence.

  36. Although quite a normal circumstance in itself, the extreme darkness at this period was a real obstacle to patrols and to all whose ability to find the way was their passport.

  37. Although at first inclined to surrender, the enemy soon saw the failure of our men to find a gap.

  38. Woodbourne, although at every step his horse made the difficulty of employing his eyes in that direction become greater.

  39. I say still further, that I have thought anxiously upon them as they are likely to affect you, although you have given me such slight cause to do so?

  40. His head, and his legs, and his arms were bare, although it was winter time o' the year, and he had a gray beard three quarters lang.

  41. I believe it is rather the best exposure of the two for woodcocks, although both are capital.

  42. Although Julia's beauty and playful tenderness have made an impression on my heart never to be erased, I must be satisfied that she perfectly understands the advantages she foregoes, before she sacrifices them for my sake.

  43. The clerk would have offered some remonstrances to his patron on the danger of remaining alone with such a desperate character, although ironed beyond the possibility of active exertion, but Glossin waved him off impatiently.

  44. Now, it must be confessed, that our friend Sampson, although a profound scholar and mathematician, had not travelled so far in philosophy as to doubt the reality of witchcraft or apparitions.

  45. This is my pleasure today,' he said, 'although the Boss did say he wanted you treated right, and his word goes both ways with me.

  46. Although he knew that their instruments were perfectly attuned, he had not, up to twelve o'clock of the day before, received a single vibration.

  47. The self-satisfied Bombiadi also overheard, and although he endeavoured to appear unconscious, a dull red flush crept up over his cheeks, and after shifting for a moment from one foot to the other, he left the room.

  48. There seemed to be at least a dozen of them, although owing to the confusion of sounds as they crossed and re-crossed, it was impossible to count them.

  49. He was rather struck by the handsome face of the man, although it was covered over with grease and grime.

  50. The Captain saw his condition and showed an inclination to follow him, but Lawrence waved his hand with what was intended to be a regal gesture, although in fact it seemed to throw him almost off his balance.

  51. During all this time the officers and men were standing at attention in their proper places, although they followed him with their eyes, an amused expression on their faces.

  52. Although he could scarcely control himself and felt like strangling the chicken-hearted wretch, he recovered himself in time to say with a look of disgust, "You poor miserable creature.

  53. From time to time, while waiting for Lawrence to move, Edestone would consult his watch, and as the fatal hour of five approached, although perfectly calm he was anxious.

  54. If you really wish to sell something to the War Department, although I understand you to state that you do not, nothing is simpler.

  55. Although the government may subsidize a particular message representing the government's viewpoint without having to satisfy strict scrutiny, see Rust v.

  56. Although filtering companies review a portion of the Web in classifying particular sites, the portion of the Web that the filtering companies actually review is quite small in relation to the Web as a whole.

  57. Although a public library's provision of Internet access does not resemble the conventional notion of a forum as a well- defined physical space, the same First Amendment standards apply.

  58. Similarly, although the state's exercise of editorial discretion in selecting particular speakers for participation in a state-sponsored forum is subject to rational basis review, see Ark.

  59. Although not strictly controlling, the Supreme Court's unconstitutional conditions cases, such as Rust and Velazquez, are instructive for purposes of analyzing content-based restrictions on the use of public fora.

  60. The elm, lime, and chestnut are the least desirable kinds of trees to plant near houses, although they are the most common.

  61. Although apparently rather detailed and elaborate, the determination is easy and extremely simple.

  62. Now we have completed our wanderings, which required only a few days, although they extended over this whole volcanic region, and which end here on the Moselle.

  63. Although the traces of former volcanic action are evident to the student of nature, the Rhine with its mild climate and luxuriant vegetation has covered many marks of the former chaotic state of the land.

  64. Although this practice has certain obvious drawbacks, if a doctor sends his prescriptions to a chemist, the latter is often willing to gratuitously perform his chemical work.

  65. I am writing as an old horseman and breeder, and not as a newspaper man or young enthusiast, although the enthusiasm of youth is still in me, for which I am thankful.

  66. Although the sublime is the apex of her mathematically-definite program and is a moral quality attained by the few, every human being has his point of sublimity in the idea of a Supreme Being.

  67. Although some of the ideas are similar, the wording and specific details are different.

  68. One of them indeed put his horse at it very boldly, which was risking his neck, and although he got over safe was too late to be of much assistance.

  69. The Hottentots, for example, no less than the Bechuanas and the Bantus, are inferior in artistic accomplishments to the Bushmen, although the culture of the latter is in other respects far below the level of that of the former.

  70. Such are the churingas of the Australians, and also many of the fetishes of the negroes, although others are artificially fashioned.

  71. Although forms I and II are to this extent in complete agreement, they nevertheless show a very important difference with respect to the prohibitions which they place on marriage.

  72. In some respects, doubtless, the inhabitants of the Andaman Islands should also be here included, although they cannot, on the whole, be regarded as primitive in the strict sense of the word.

  73. Even externally it combines the huntsman's culture with that of the tiller of the soil, although in its agriculture it has not advanced beyond the level of hoe-culture.

  74. In American maerchen-myths also, we still frequently find the same conception, although transformation into an animal is here sometimes regarded as a disgrace.

  75. Although the German language developed the two words Menschlichkeit and Menschheit, corresponding to the conceptual distinction just indicated, the two meanings were again combined in the foreign word Humanitaet.

  76. In the course of folk migrations, cuneiform writing likewise penetrated to the coast regions of Asia Minor, although in this instance it was continually used to express new idioms not to be found in the land of its origin.

  77. Sometimes they are borrowed from the names of flowers, although there are no plant totems in America; or, they are flattering appellatives such as we still find in higher civilizations.

  78. She did not mean a boy in buttons, Although he fancied that she did.

  79. A fallacy in your reply Our intellect descries, Although we don't pretend to spy Exactly where it lies.

  80. Still NELL seemed not, how much he played, To love him out and out, Although the admirable maid Respected him, no doubt.

  81. I framed this brilliant repartee: "Although your babes are wiser far Than our most valued sages are, Your sages, with their toys and cots, Are duller than our idiots!

  82. He culpably neglected me Although I proffered him his fee, So pray come down, in wig and gown, On COBB, that haughty surgeon!

  83. Although the trench itself was blown to pieces by British artillery fire and the machine-gun crew either killed or captured, no harm was done to the concrete emplacement.

  84. Although a prisoner for only a short time, his account of the treatment accorded them confirms all of the stories of the brutality inherent in the German race.

  85. Although orders against looting were strictly enforced, it nevertheless happened that many dugouts in the trenches in this vicinity were furnished quite comfortably.

  86. During quiet intervals, when the enemy are not raining missiles in his immediate vicinity, only his subconscious mind asserts itself, and the nervous strain, although existent, does not usually evidence itself in any outward form.

  87. We could not quite reach the advanced spot where we had fired the gallery; although near enough.

  88. It was taken for granted that I could ride an English motorcycle, and although I was familiar enough with our American varieties, I surely had my troubles with this one.

  89. It is always a possibility to be reckoned with, although the element of surprise, the most important factor in offensive mining operations, has now been largely discounted.

  90. It was quite evident that, although the trenches above had been captured from the Boche, below ground the old tunnels had not been destroyed at this place.

  91. Although the cavern undoubtedly existed it was impossible to find any entrance; not only that, but every cellar, dugout, or shelter of any description in Mercatel had been likewise very systematically blown in.

  92. Life in these camps is far from unpleasant, although the training is severe and exacting.

  93. But", the teacher should emphasize, "although the children of Israel learned much from the Egyptians, they did not copy them in everything.

  94. In telling how Isaac was bound to the altar emphasize the fact that he did not rebel although he knew now that he was to be the sacrifice, because of his obedience to God and his father and his confidence in them.

  95. At the point where Joseph meets his brothers and they do not recognize him but he recognizes them, show how the dream has been already in part fulfilled although Joseph's brothers did not realize it.

  96. No longer would they have a taskmaster standing over them with a whip ready to beat them cruelly if they did not finish the required number of bricks, although they may have been too old or too sick to do so.

  97. Although opposed by a superior force in front and flank, and with their guns in position, with a rush and shout the gorge was passed, impetuously the charge was made, and the battery of six guns fell into our hands.

  98. Although I heard nothing afterward of these guides, yet I did learn of the fate of the three officers and their commands.

  99. Although retarded by the swollen condition of Hazel River and other tributaries of the Rappahannock, he reached Jeffersonton in the afternoon.

  100. Some of these are worthy of the attention of the reader, although they may have been mentioned on a preceding page.

  101. Although greatly outnumbered, our troops did not hesitate to engage at any odds, and, though the battle raged with varying fortune, our men eventually carried every position, and drove the Federals about two miles.

  102. Although we were now but four hundred yards from each other, the enemy fired upon me five times after my colors had been struck.

  103. Mr. Franklin was considered a person of great wisdom and integrity, and was respected by all who knew him, although he supported his family by the humble trade of boiling soap and making tallow candles.

  104. Although Mr. Temple was scrupulous to relate nothing but what was founded on fact, yet he felt himself at liberty to clothe the incidents of his narrative in a new coloring, so that his auditors might understand them the better.

  105. But Newton patted him on the head with his usual kindness, although grief was at his heart.

  106. Although David had never allowed the filmy intuition to become an actual thought, the gossamer suggestion had floated across his mind more than once that it would be a good thing if Alice and Ben married.

  107. The very Friday night that Lucille condemned the old organ and proclaimed a new one Miss Jane, walking beside David Dean (although she felt more like skipping for joy), asked David a daring question.

  108. She had been ill two days, confined to her bed, although she did not tell David so.

  109. Thusia, once the liveliest of girls, was now practically bedridden, although she could be brought downstairs now and then to rest on a divan in the sitting room.

  110. David appreciated the exclusion of his own home from the example of those that had thin picking, although it was evident enough that the loverly confidences had included Alice's experience with lack of ready money.

  111. Although Riverbank was notoriously a "wet" town the State had voted a prohibitory law against liquor selling.

  112. Most of these gayly garbed girls were innocent enough, although these steamer flirtations were evidence that they were not sufficiently controlled by home influences.

  113. The dominie went about his duties as usual Then or later we saw no change in David Dean, although we must have known how Lucille was using every effort to turn the trustees and the church against him.

  114. Mary was more fortunate; her boy recovered and although it was long before he was strong again Mary treasured him all the more.

  115. Although he tried in every way to lessen the bitterness of the quarrel, so that his triumph, if he won, might be the less offensive, he knew his triumph could mean but one thing.

  116. Wiggett, who still remained the head of his household, although Mary and her husband were nominally in control, ate his supper in grim silence and nothing was said about David or the church affairs.

  117. Although Philippe was anxious to know his father's surprise, he could not allow it to stand in the way of his appetite.

  118. And although it is hard to believe, from looking at these savage photographs, he also loves boys and girls and he hopes you won't think him like Tom in real life.

  119. No, we haven't got him, although my brother and I tried to catch him.

  120. Now, with a dexterous twist or two he cleared his hands, although the effort drew blood on one of his wrists.

  121. They were not a bad crowd, although very rough and stern, and it developed presently that Hank Yates had known the Kennedy who had been Anderson Rover's partner in mining operations.

  122. We air five to three, although one o' the crowd is wounded.

  123. Close to the door of the house stood the Baxters, and Arnold Baxter was laying down the law to his son, although what it was all about Tom could not determine.

  124. Early in the morning the party under Yates set off, taking Noxton along, although the criminal protested that he was too weak to ride.

  125. But they were not dead, although terribly bruised and unable to do much for themselves for a long while.

  126. Nobody had, although all had calculated to do so.

  127. Some ran off with his hat, and when they returned it to him it was half full of flour, although he did not know it.

  128. I can try to lead you back to their camp," said Tom, "although I am not altogether sure of the trail.

  129. And then Dan became as mum as an oyster, although his teeth chattered with terror.

  130. Then father and Roebuck will have to stop them out there, although how it's to be done I don't know.

  131. It was a clear night, and although there was no moon, the stars twinkled overhead like so many diamonds.

  132. He did not know which way to turn, although of one thing he was certain--that he wished to keep as far away as possible from those who had held him a prisoner.

  133. It's no joke, although Baxter ought to have played his trick on the first, true enough.

  134. I did my best, but I couldn't keep them from looking around, although I offered to conduct them.

  135. He was not a good listener, although he seemed one, but there was a breeziness in the young lady's conversation which helped him not a little to forget the discomforts of ocean travel.

  136. According to their report, he was as sane as the law allows, and, although that honorable committee did not seem to suspect it, it may be that he was even a trifle saner.

  137. He progressed deliberately, and with his usual keen interest, so that, although hundreds of eyes followed him, not a man could assume that anything had gone seriously wrong.

  138. This liability imposes a heavy tax upon an unproductive community, although if you were producers it would be a bagatelle.

  139. Although Clark had said several striking things, there had not been anything which went as straight home as this.

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    again; albeit; although; but; even; however; nevertheless; nonetheless; notwithstanding; rather; still; supposing; though; when; whereas; while; yet

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