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Example sentences for "hundred yards"

  • A hundred yards east of the house, under a large Baobab-tree, far from their native land, both are buried.

  • The canoes had to be unloaded at this the worst rapid, and the goods carried about a hundred yards.

  • They often stood until we were within fifty or a hundred yards of them.

  • He rowed about a hundred yards ahead of the boats in the race, so that he could have a good view of that curious pastime.

  • I looked round--there were seventy of the accursed malvados at the least, and within, as I said, a hundred yards.

  • And that was within a hundred yards of the spot I had made-for after hearing the first call.

  • A roomy homestead, with smoke issuing from one of the chimneys, stood almost opposite my point of observation, and about a hundred yards distant, whilst a garden occupied the space between the house and the lagoon.

  • I went for them with a clear start of a hundred yards, and would have won easy, only that I saw they were station cattle; and at the same time I caught sight of another little lot in a hollow to the left, and Bat travelling for them.

  • At last I heard across the lignum the jangle of a brass bell, and the 'plock, plock' of an iron frog, and presently my quarry appeared in sight a couple of hundred yards ahead.

  • They could not see anything two hundred yards ahead.

  • Murat went straight up to the town, from which he was hardly a hundred yards distant.

  • At the noise of the report shouts were heard about a hundred yards away.

  • Carried on by the rapidity of their course, the Camisards could not pull up till they were within a hundred yards of the enemy; they fired once, killing several, then turned round and retreated.

  • The delay caused by these fruitless attempts was of great service to the fugitive, who had gained more than a hundred yards on even the leading men of the Hurons, ere something like concert and order had entered into the chase.

  • The paddles were lifted and returned to the water in a noiseless manner; and when within a hundred yards of the beach, Chingachgook took in his, altogether laying his hand on his rifle in its stead.

  • The effect on the ark was such as to supersede the necessity of rowing; and in about two hours the castle was seen, in the darkness, rising out of the water, at the distance of a hundred yards.

  • When within a hundred yards of the building the girls began to encircle it, in order to make sure that it was empty.

  • After breakfast he took me to his foreman's house, about a hundred yards off, half of which was given up to me until I should decide where to have a cottage built for my own use.

  • After seeing one, I have often had to go half a mile or more to fetch my gun, and in nearly every case have found it on the same tree, or within a hundred yards, when I returned.

  • It overflows at one point and forms a little stream of hot water, which at a hundred yards' distance is still too hot to hold the hand in.

  • It is quite simple, being nothing more than a radium generator diffusing radio-activity in all directions to a distance of a hundred yards or so from the flier.

  • Within a hundred yards of the ground it came to rest, floating gently in the light air, and at the same instant an alarm sounded at the sleeper's ear.

  • It was not more than a hundred yards wide, but very deep: we found no bottom in the middle with a line of eight fathoms.

  • We found ourselves in a narrow and nearly straight canal, not more than eighty to a hundred yards in width, and hemmed in by two walls of forest, which rose quite perpendicularly from the water to a height of seventy or eighty feet.

  • The creek was about a hundred yards wide, but narrower in some places.

  • The net was opened, and the boy slowly dragged the dangerous but cowardly beast to land through the muddy water, a distance of about a hundred yards.

  • Jasper ran forward; and, sure enough, a small object was discernible about a hundred yards ahead of the cutter, and nearly on her lee bow.

  • I know nothing of ports and anchors; but there is a direful Mingo trail within a hundred yards of this very spot, and as fresh as venison without salt.

  • Just as Mabel touched the shoulder of her guide, three of the Iroquois had appeared in the water, at the bend of the river, within a hundred yards of the cover, and halted to examine the stream below.

  • Accordingly I struck off to my left, and continuing straight forward for some hundred yards, I again struck into the thick jungle and came round to the wind.

  • The aggageers remained about a hundred yards distant, while I told Suleiman to return and hold my horse in readiness with his own.

  • This evening I had not proceeded a hundred yards, before finding indubitable signs of the recent presence of the tiger, I was obliged to come back.

  • They ran into the water both when driven down to a point, and likewise of their own accord when not frightened: the distance crossed was about two hundred yards.

  • The hill which I ascended was very small, not above a couple of hundred yards in diameter; but I saw others larger.

  • During the breeding season, when the male and female are together, the male utters a hoarse roar or bellowing, which, it is said, can be heard at the distance of more than a hundred yards.

  • On two occasions I saw some ostriches swimming across the Santa Cruz river, where its course was about four hundred yards wide, and the stream rapid.

  • One form--Mittel, he was certain--was perhaps a hundred yards in the rear.

  • I had glanced occasionally at the approaching schooner, and it was now almost abreast of us and not more than a couple of hundred yards away.

  • I drove the little herd (a dozen strong, now, what of the escapes she had permitted) a hundred yards farther on; and by the time she joined me I had finished the slaughter and was beginning to skin.

  • A hundred yards away, I saw the boat-puller pass a rifle to the hunter.

  • Judge then of my astonishment and delight at the second glance to perceive about a hundred yards away a brown object, looking like an ape in the half light, meandering slowly up the margin of the water towards me.

  • It struck a house a hundred yards away, stripping every shingle from the roof better than a master builder could in a week.

  • Before I had proceeded a hundred yards I was again surrounded by the savages, who were still in all the heat of argument, and appeared every moment as if they would come to blows.

  • Access was had to the enclosure through an embowered entrance, on one side, facing a number of towering cocoanut trees, planted at intervals along a level area of a hundred yards.

  • Tethering his horse in the edge of the wood, he continued a hundred yards on foot till he came to the stream.

  • He followed her gaze, and saw the Samoset, flag at half mast, rounding up and dropping anchor scarcely a hundred yards away.

  • A dozen mounted men, strung out loosely, approaching from the opposite side of the clearing, were only a matter of a hundred yards or so away.

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