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Example sentences for "hot"

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  1. A dugout had been portioned out to them, and while orderlies brought in their equipment and the surgeons were coupling up lights and sterilizer, Sheila started to get a hot meal in two sterilizing basins.

  2. You'll hustle some hot water for us, and then you'll stand by to hustle some more.

  3. She fed him hot milk and he still lay open-eyed, almost rigid, staring straight at the ceiling.

  4. We shall be engaged hot and strong in less than half-an-hour.

  5. They swept over and past McKay, trampling him under foot in their hot haste to demolish the foe.

  6. Still pursuing her way without hesitation, Mrs. Wilders presently turned up another steep alley bearing the historic name of "Red Hot Shot Ramp," and paused opposite a gateway leading into a dirty courtyard.

  7. They passed down into the cellar by a short ladder, and Mariquita found herself in a dimly-lighted cavernous den, hot and stifling, at one end of which glowed the grate below the oven.

  8. The handful of Royal Picts were promptly mustered by their young commander, and marched in the direction of the firing, which was already heard, hot and heavy, towards the east.

  9. They were now climbing along the slopes of the ravine on both sides of the harbour, occupying house after house, and maintaining a hot fire on the retreating foe.

  10. Make my mind always quiet, and let me blow neither hot nor cold.

  11. At the foot of the knoll, in a space which he had cleared, was a hot spring that bubbled and rose and sank, and drained away into the thirsty ground.

  12. I heard you moving about, and I've brought you something hot to drink," she said.

  13. Stooping over, she kissed the sleeping boy with an abrupt eagerness, and made a little awkward, hungry gesture of love over him, and her face flushed hot with the passion of motherhood in her.

  14. They had been idle for days in a hot week in summer, waiting for orders to return from the rail-head where they had gone to quell a riot, and where drink and hilarity were common.

  15. While hot fires were roaring in the great furnaces, smoke rose from the dusty beds where Titanic castings were cooling.

  16. He was a"-- She stopped, lowering her voice, a hot flush of shame on her face.

  17. When hot times came, they boiled up in a mountain to buttress the world.

  18. The day was excessively warm, a hot wind blowing from the west.

  19. A more than usually hot wind raised the thermometer to 115° in the shade; but distant thunder was soon heard, and the horizon became clouded.

  20. The coolness of a cloudy day rendered the tent much more agreeable and convenient for finishing maps in, than one under the extremely hot sunshine which mine had been recently exposed to so long at St. George's Bridge.

  21. At half past five, the sky became overcast, and the hot wind increased to a violent gust, and suddenly fell.

  22. The day surpassed in heat any I had ever seen: the thermometer at noon in the shade stood at 109°, a gentle hot wind blowing.

  23. Now, we found it to be the last resource of numerous herds in a dry and very hot season, and so thickly studded were the banks of this river with cattle stations, that we felt comparatively at home.

  24. Through the wide champagne country intervening, the river's course seemed marked by a line of smoke; a hot wind was then blowing, and the natives are in the habit of burning off the old grass on such occasions.

  25. The heat of this day and yesterday was excessive, a hot wind blowing hard all the time.

  26. At early morning the sky was overcast, the weather calm, a slight wind from the west carried off these clouds, and at about eleven a very hot wind set in.

  27. And so one day, when the sun rose out of the sea, I clung fast to one of his hot beams, and thought that now I should reach the stars, and become one of them.

  28. Captain Nutter put me to bed between hot blankets, and sent Kitty Collins for the doctor.

  29. It feels shockin' cold here, too, arter comin' out o' that hot room.

  30. But with no one to come home evenings expecting a hot meal--" "You poor little woman!

  31. On the night that marked the seventeenth anniversary of the Dangs into the third-floor alcove room there was frozen pudding with hot fudge sauce for dessert, and a red-paper bell ringing silently from the dining-room chandelier.

  32. The collecting mania, in a variety of forms, raged hot and strong.

  33. In spite of herself hot tears were in her eyes.

  34. With the enthusiasm of the newly-formed society still hot upon her, Marjorie started for her fortnightly exeat at her aunt's.

  35. It was true that hot bricks were allowed, but with so many beds to look after, the maids did not always bring them up at standard heat, and Marjorie's half-frozen toes often found only lukewarm comfort.

  36. She had struck up an immensely hot friendship with a Scottish girl named Ailsa Donald, whose tastes resembled her own.

  37. Marjorie's anger, always hot while it lasted, but short-lived, was beginning to cool down.

  38. But pancakes, his friends thought, might be nice things in general, yet pancakes kept hot in that way were not appetizing, and so they refused his proffered hospitality.

  39. Finally they reached a harbor on Griffenfeldt's Island, where they enjoyed the first hot meal they had had on their coasting expedition, consisting of caraway soup.

  40. It was evening by this time, and it was a comfort to get some hot food, and then stretch one's limbs in a comfortable, dry berth.

  41. Here sits Aunt Penelope fanning herself with soft complacency, because the day, though of September, is sultry as of hot July.

  42. Leaving all to Kit means that when dinner is over, about half-past eight, the two Misses Beresford may be seen crossing the boundary that divides Moyne from Coole with anxious haste and a hot cake.

  43. So are the crisp little hot cakes, so is the---- No!

  44. What I like about it is that it is hot and spongy.

  45. Timothy," says Miss Priscilla, with much displeasure, "you have been having hot words with this stranger.

  46. They are devoid of souls, to be able to quit so divine a view in such hot haste.

  47. But now with the shadows of forty deepening upon him, it was not fair that all the hot blood of his teens and twenties should rise up in judgment against him.

  48. First there appeared the usual hot wrath, overlapping in ruddy fold on fold, and revealing the owner's full-fed intent to punish.

  49. And so saying, he took the rod from her hand and stepped between her and the bait, which must have been now quite hot from lying so long in a bit of sunshine.

  50. On his way, whom should he see, hurrying along the road by the river bank coming towards the town and looking hot and worried, but Mr. Martin Newcombe.

  51. The vengeful Badger was scouring the seas in search of her father, commissioned to destroy him, and eager in his hot passion to do it; and here was she, with a respite for that father, if only she were able to carry it.

  52. The sun came out as hot as before, the withering wind blew from the southwest plaguing and distorting the fancy of men.

  53. There was not much warmth in Morgan's reception by the business men of Ascalon around the square that morning, hot as the weather was.

  54. He had been through some hot and dry spells in the Arkansaw Valley, but never one as dry and hot as this.

  55. Earl Gray, giving off perfume to the hot winds, was pursuing his complaint.

  56. But the cry faltered away to a great, stifling sob, while tears rose hot in her eyes, making him dim in her sight as he threw the rein over the horse's head, starting the animal out of its sleep with a little squatting jump.

  57. Morgan felt the fire hot on his neck as he bent over Craddock, throwing the strain of every tendon to hold the old villain to the ground.

  58. The heat was wavering up from the treeless, shrubless expanse; the white sun was over it as hot as a furnace blast.

  59. His right hand was bleeding, from wounds of the bullet that had struck his rifle-barrel and sprayed hot lead into his flesh, and from the blows he had dealt in his fury amongst the mob.

  60. Only the savage determination to strike his enemies down, head by head, kept him from perishing as he lay there sore and bruised, chilled to the marrow in his welling agony even that hot summer night.

  61. Morgan himself did not escape this infection of ill humor that rose out of the hard-burned earth, streamed on the hot wind, struck into men's brains with the rays of the penetrating sun.

  62. The Baptist preacher said the evil of meddling in the works of the Almighty was becoming apparent in the increasing severity of the hot wind.

  63. The old man came so close that his breath fell hot upon the young man's cheek.

  64. His blood grew hot as he thought again of the beautiful girl who had appealed to him.

  65. There was something so fiendishly gloating in the councilor's attitude, in his face, in the hot glow of his eyes, that for a moment Nathaniel's involuntary liking for the little old man before him turned to abhorrence.

  66. Again and again the thrilling words burst from his throat, and as their echoes floated back to them from the forest, like a thousand mocking voices, Nathaniel grew hot with the sweat of horror.

  67. Then, in a moment, he began stroking the shimmering glory of her hair, caressing the silken curls between his fingers until the blood seemed as if it must burst, like hot sweat from Nathaniel's face.

  68. The sun rose above him, hot and blistering, and the dunes still stretched out ahead of him, like winnows and hills and mountains of glittering glass.

  69. Three or four of the leaders were running and she knew that they were hot in pursuit of the fugitives.

  70. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hot" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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