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Example sentences for "devoid"

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  1. Substitute for your magnetic needle a bit of iron wire, devoid of permanent magnetism, and it will set itself exactly as the needle does.

  2. On emerging from the copper, the waves, in the first instance, pass through a space devoid of air, and then enter a hollow glass cylinder, three feet long and three inches wide.

  3. He took his flasks into the caves under the Observatory of Paris, and found the still air in these caves devoid of generative power.

  4. An hysterical woman, whose father was a lascivious, egotistical crank, married a man absolutely devoid of will power and energy.

  5. Such a pretension appears necessarily ridiculous to every man whose sexual sense is normal, and it is obviously absurd to apply the term "normal" to a sexual appetite absolutely devoid of its natural object, procreation.

  6. Originating in a correct idea of certain effects of light, the most absurd exaggerations may become accepted as beautiful and natural by an imitative public devoid of personal judgment, by the aid of suggestion.

  7. He was one of those men who, though fond of hunting, take no special glory in it, and are devoid of the jealousy of riding.

  8. Nevertheless, before the end of the year, he was engaged to marry a very pretty girl as devoid of fortune as our Ayala.

  9. All expression, all art, is symbolic and has a mystical aspect, else it would be either complete and all-embracing or devoid of real content.

  10. His bruised heart must have suffered a fearful contraction as he heard men sounding the praises of a wretch whom he knew to be wicked and devoid of conscience.

  11. Serious perhaps, but not religious, for she is totally devoid of faith.

  12. In short, the usurer is a monster so frightful, a brute so devoid of conscience, that the very sight of him excites horror and disgust.

  13. The youth's suspicions being excited, he began to study the strainer of gnats and swallower of camels more closely, and soon the banker turned out in his estimation a hollow stickler for mere outward decency, devoid of all deeper merit.

  14. You gaze off and across the great Antelope Valley, 80 miles in width, level as a floor and almost devoid of tree or bush.

  15. I have,” answers Manager Wyman, removing his hat, exposing a pate as devoid of hair and as bald as a door knob, from which he brushes an imaginary fly.

  16. In the middle of the great side wall lodged a full-throated fireplace above which rose imposingly an elaborately wrought overmantel, whose central panel was devoid of any ornamentation.

  17. Plainly he must consider her a cold, austere being, devoid of all feeling and appreciation.

  18. The Queen thought the people of Paris would be finely tricked when they saw merely an ill-conceived piece, devoid of interest, as it must appear when deprived of its Satire.

  19. But devoid as he was alike of expert knowledge and personal experience, without a shadow of medical authority, almost without anything that can be formally called a right to his opinion, he was, and remained, right.

  20. It would be difficult to imagine any figure more indecently confessional, more entirely devoid of not only any of the restraints of conscience, but of any of the restraints even of a wholesome personal conceit, than Sludge the Medium.

  21. No more desolate-looking upland could be imagined; the great wolds stretch away monotonously, broken only by a few scars that overhang the course of the stream, and devoid of the grandeur that is associated with mountain scenery.

  22. It is not a bad-looking fellow, but awkward and hulking, and quite devoid of the sickly grace of the henbane or of the bodeful gloom of the dwale.

  23. Is there any woman, not entirely devoid of all sensibility, but desires an amelioration in the condition of the working class of her sex--those who earn a mere pittance, scarce enough to keep body and soul together?

  24. Foreign birds are generally devoid of strength, and their limbs are apt to turn backward as they rest on the roosts.

  25. For who is entirely free from female influence--who is devoid of interest in the sex--who exists free from relationship, or any connection with woman?

  26. Two Old, Songs are weak and devoid of individuality and originality.

  27. The third number is rather poor and devoid of any real interest.

  28. The pieces under notice are tuneful and well written, but quite devoid of the individuality that distinguishes the composer's later works.

  29. The handsome shepherd must be sure to have fallen asleep ere Diana appears, so as not to shock the modesty of the immortal goddess--who will come without her cortege of nymphs, wrapped in a cloud and devoid of her silvery radiance.

  30. His gestures were entirely devoid of animation, his whole expression inert, and it was evidently a matter of perfect indifference to him where he might chance to find himself at home, in his dismal chateau, or abroad in the desolate Landes.

  31. These words, although rather high-flown, were not devoid of sense, and de Sigognac could not help secretly admitting that there was some truth in them.

  32. From the tapestried chamber a door opened into a long suite of deserted rooms, which were lofty and of noble proportions, but devoid of furniture, and given up to dust, spiders, and rats.

  33. With these words he advanced a step, and with a gesture that was not devoid of dignity, gently laid the purse down on a beautiful Florentine mosaic table, that stood at the duke's elbow.

  34. The picturesque old bridge is next encountered, and here it is advisable to leave the walls, as the remainder of the route is devoid of interest.

  35. It is a massive cruciform structure, with a central tower, high roof and gables, and an external aspect almost devoid of ornamentation.

  36. We find one reference to his birthplace, in the form of a bad pun altogether devoid of any trace of sentiment or affection[17].

  37. Whatever vein of reflection appears in him is not devoid of reverence and seriousness.

  38. The atoms are also devoid of heat and cold, of sound, taste, and smell.

  39. The style of Roman tragedy appears to have been direct and vigorous, serious, often animated with oratorical passion, but singularly devoid of harmony, subtlety, poetical refinement and inspiration.

  40. Further, although they are the origin of all living and sentient things, the atoms themselves are devoid of sense and life, otherwise they would be liable to death.

  41. After which the story is drawn out to a considerable length, but is quite devoid of interest.

  42. Such is the customary belief, and it is probably not altogether devoid of foundation.

  43. How could any one be so devoid of heart as that?

  44. Onlookers came hurrying, leaving the other tables devoid of spectators.

  45. The figure of Christ in this compartment is not devoid of sober dignity; nor is Satan deficient in diabolical ugliness; but, though clawed and horned proper, he wants the usual appendage of a tail.

  46. Their silent, mechanical movements, their red eyelids, their broad white faces, utterly devoid of intellect or expression, terrified him.

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