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  1. I may notice in passing, that the lady was married, but had always been barren with her husband.

  2. In this connection a passage from the obituary notice of Lamb, written by Barren Field in the Annual Biography and Obituary, 1836, has peculiar interest.

  3. After using every endeavour to arouse him to action, she quits the barren couch.

  4. He defrauds even the gods; Vishnu gets the barren prayers while the Brahman devours the offerings.

  5. With fishes, members of the shark family would not tend to supplant the lancelet; for the lancelet, as I hear from Fritz Müller, has as sole companion and competitor on the barren sandy shore of South Brazil an anomalous annelid.

  6. The wild burros were grazing placidly on the summit of a barren rock, a couple of hundred feet in the air, without visible means of ascent or descent.

  7. Who could blame a hungry little burro for making away with a luscious hill of green corn in the midst of a barren desert?

  8. They are hunted in their winter retreats by the Esquimaux only, the Indian tribes never visiting the barren grounds at that season.

  9. This was not the Bible versification of Samuel Wesley, printed in 1717, of which he says condescendingly, "Some passages here represented are so barren of Circumstances that it was not easy to make them shine in Verse.

  10. They are instead barren of accounts of happenings, and descriptions of surroundings, and are chiefly devoted to weather reports and moral and religious reflections, both original and in the form of sermon and lecture notes.

  11. It had three hundred and sixty-three barren rules, and not a single explanation of one of them.

  12. After he had been on the barren island two years he went to the mainland one day, and brought back with him a bride.

  13. If his life has been barren of books or travel, let him read or see the world.

  14. It was a grim place, barren of tree or living green of any kind; it was as if a man had been exiled to Siberia.

  15. We immediately entered the dining-room with its barren walls like those of a school-room, but brightened by a great wood fire, which burned joyously on the hearth.

  16. These generally present at first a rocky surface, barren and arid.

  17. You have taken possession of the only habitable spot in the island, and I have not attempted to deprive you of it; and I think the least you can do, in return for my moderation, is to leave me undisturbed on my barren domain.

  18. Arthur, as he stood on deck by the side of Travers; "can this blooming land be one of the coldest and most barren regions of the North?

  19. But O ye nights, ordain'd for barren rest, How are my days deprived of life in you When heavy sleep my soul hath dispossest, By feigned death life sweetly to renew!

  20. It was a flowering out of feelings which had been withering in dry and almost barren soil for many years.

  21. To think that all his fine state should be so barren for want of her; that he needed to make such an appeal when she herself was lonely and without anchor.

  22. The great barren country, which produced little save marksmen, had no attractions for a Colonial Office which was bent upon the limitation of its liabilities.

  23. The serious, enthusiastic admiration I have for your genius would not be satisfied with sleepy habits and barren sentiments.

  24. She is the one flower that has sprung on the barren plain of my life.

  25. All Lesbia's other conquests had counted as barren honour; but if she could have brought herself to accept Mr. Smithson she would have secured the very best match of the season.

  26. She had accepted the Materialist's bitter and barren creed, and had taught herself that this little life was all.

  27. In crossing a barren snow-covered slide I came upon cony tracks coming down.

  28. Acres of barren rocks were all around and Long's Peak rose a rocky crag high above.

  29. The upper limits of the inhabited cony zone present a barren appearance.

  30. A forest fire with smoke still in the sky had laid barren their home territory.

  31. By hibernating, sleeping away the weeks the earth is barren and white, they triumph over the ways of winter.

  32. At the present port there is a fort named San Fernando, with a garrison to protect the bay, which, on the south-west is fenced by a barren island called San Lorenzo.

  33. Aves and Rocca, are barren and uninhabited rocks; Orchilla or Horchilla, is a small cluster, in 12 deg.

  34. The mountains which extend on the west side of America, cause a division of this country into three distinct parts, the maritime valleys, the barren summits, and the plains or uplands between the ridges.

  35. About fifty leagues from the harbour, he discovered a small barren district, named Peru, and from this now unknown spot, the celebrated country we are describing received its name.

  36. They suffered very much in their attempts to land on the coast from the barren nature of the country, and from contrary winds and currents, as well as from the native tribes.

  37. Its chief town is Atacama, in a barren plain, surrounded by the lofty summits of the Cordillera, which are uninhabited, owing to the intense cold.

  38. He climbed stiffly out, squinted at the sky line, which was jagged, and at his immediate surroundings, which were barren and lonely and soothing to his soul that hungered for these things.

  39. Toward it dipped the smooth stretch of barren mesa cut straight down the middle with a yellow line that was the highway up which Casey had driven the morning before.

  40. He knew now that the black-capped butte was less a butte than the uptilted nose of a high plateau not half so barren as the lower country.

  41. Dawn and a gorgeous sunrise painted out the woods and revealed barren hilltops which Casey did not know.

  42. Joe shaded his eyes and looked right across the barren veldt, where the glare of the sun produced a hazy, shimmering effect.

  43. The cause of the abandonment of the cliff dwellings has been the diminished rainfall, that rendering the land barren has sent its population elsewhere.

  44. Lough Derg is among the dreary and barren mountains and moorlands in the south of the County of Donegal; in it is an island, with ribbed and curiously shaped rocks, and among these was supposed to be the entrance to purgatory.

  45. The country over which they passed was even more barren and arid than any he had yet seen.

  46. Well, my friends, it seems but a barren island.

  47. A few miles to the westward could be seen the barren Kipling Mountains, and between them and us was a ridge of low hills covered with black-green spruce.

  48. The place was so barren of timber we could not find a stick long enough to act as a centre pole for our tent, and it was useless to try to pitch it.

  49. The northern lights flashed and swept in fantastic shapes across the sky, illuminating the fir tops in the valley and making the white lichens gleam on the barren hill above us.

  50. A low, semi-barren ridge running east and west lay just beyond the small blue-green lake in which we saw the ducks towards evening.

  51. About seven miles beyond the ridge to the north was a short range of high, barren mountains that were perhaps a trifle lower than the Kipling Mountains.

  52. Our camp was pitched at the foot of a semi-barren ridge a half-mile above the junction of the brooks.

  53. On the northerly side of the lake was a high, barren hill, which afforded us a splendid view of the surrounding country.

  54. Late in the afternoon we landed on an island that contained a semi-barren knoll, but which otherwise was wooded with small spruce.

  55. Just above us the valley broadened, and a mile or so up a big hill reared its barren summit above the black spruce trees at its base, standing there like a lonely sentinel among the little hills that bordered the widening river basin.

  56. On a low, barren knoll we cached that day eighty rounds of .

  57. George started westward up the river, and I put for a high, barren bill two miles to the north.

  58. The whole country presented only extensive wastes of barren sand, or an uncultivated heath, where a few Indian figs here and there variegated the dreary and extensive inhospitable plain.

  59. This island is very mountainous, and is very barren in many parts, which are entirely destitute of wood; but its vallies are fertile and well cultivated.

  60. After wandering almost a whole day in the barren sandy desert, they at length descried nineteen Africans, armed with assagays or javelins, whom they ventured to attack, though contrary to their orders.

  61. From Apalachen, he went to a town called Aute, and from: thence to Xamo, a poor and barren country.

  62. They insinuated, that the expences which had been lavished upon those fruitless and dangerous maritime expeditions, might lave been much more profitably employed for the improvement of some of the more barren parts of Portugal.

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