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smacking; smacks; smaht; smal; smale; smalle; smaller; smallest; smallie; smallish
  1. This was to stake a move to a small town where her uncle was principal of the high school.

  2. He needed the fresh air and the decent, normal home-life of a small town, she said.

  3. As our guns were only loaded with small shot, it would have been useless to fire at them.

  4. I have got a first-rate steed at small cost, and I'll soon show you what it can do.

  5. But I am afraid that it will attract the hyaenas and jackals in no small numbers, so that we shall be annoyed by their howls and screechings.

  6. Altogether, the adventure which at one time appeared likely to prove so disastrous, afforded us no small amount of booty.

  7. Our baggage consisted of a couple of skins to sleep on, a stock of ammunition, a small portion of our remnant of flour, tea, sugar, and pepper.

  8. I ran towards it, when I saw what looked like a small oblong red melon.

  9. They had deprived us of our cattle and men, we having escaped with a small portion only of our goods, two of our horses, a single ox and our one faithful Bechuana.

  10. He had just observed, he said, a small cave, and he thought that by piling up some stones in front of it the things would remain uninjured from the weather or wild beasts for a considerable time.

  11. Meantime, having withdrawn our small shot, we were ramming down bullets as fast as we could.

  12. Advancing a little further a small lakelet opened out before us, in the shallow part of which, near the shore, stood an elephant, sucking up the water with his trunk and throwing it over his neck and shoulders.

  13. From the foregoing it will be seen that our heavenly Father is not bound by the small notions and narrow creeds of modern religious sects and teachers.

  14. Under the inspiration of Almighty God, the young man was able to obtain possession of this precious record, inscribed in small and curious characters upon metallic plates.

  15. The first thing many of you have to do is to learn to accept the trivial annoyances and small misfits of life as a matter of course, for to give them attention beyond their deserts is to wear the web of your life to the warp.

  16. C (Can substitute 100 C chopped lean meat for cottage cheese) 1 small head celery tender leaves and all.

  17. Vegetable soup, or bouillon, no fat; or small oyster cocktail 25 C.

  18. Cod liver oil, or olive oil, or cream, begun in small doses and gradually increased.

  19. Cook vegetables in a small amount of water, saving the water for soups and sauces.

  20. It is surprising how small an excess will gradually add up pounds of fat.

  21. A small cup of hot skimmed milk tends to be a sedative.

  22. At each plate Herbert had placed a bunch of checkerberries, and a small bouquet of small but exceedingly fragrant flowers adorned the centre of the bark table.

  23. In dying, the sorrowful become glad; the small become greater; and if they die rightly, the sinful become sinless.

  24. Note that ground beneath arch is covered by slope wash and near the middle with what appears to be a small landslide.

  25. Only small sections could be reached by automobile, so nearly all the area was traversed using horses and mules or by hiking.

  26. At that time there were three small dry campgrounds, each with tables, fireplaces, garbage cans, and pit toilets.

  27. He had propane fuel for heat, cooking, and refrigeration, and a small gasoline-engine-driven generator for lights at night.

  28. Small opening on right is visible also in figure 38.

  29. Even rainwater and snow contain a little carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere--enough to dissolve small amounts of limestone or of calcite cement from sandstone.

  30. This is numbered stop 1 in the booklet referred to earlier "The Guide to an Auto Tour of Arches National Park," and corresponds to the numeral one on a small sign at the roadside parking place.

  31. Sheffery was the son of a small farmer, and received some slight education.

  32. Between Prester John's Country and this island is a small river that men wade over from country to Country, without danger of being drowned.

  33. She was no sooner gone, but Tom looked into a stone pot she used to keep her small beer in, and seeing the beer did not work, he with his cartwhip lays on the pot as hard as he could.

  34. Illustration] But Tom, like most small men, was rather self-assertive.

  35. One asked his friend, why he, being such a proper man himself, had married so small a wife?

  36. A gentleman who had been a shooting brought home a small bird with him, and having an Irish servant, he asked him if he had shot that little bird?

  37. Of this old Merlin then foretold, How he his wish should have; And so a son of stature small This charmer to him gave.

  38. He then desired to be trusted a quart of wine, but they refused, and bid the servants fetch him a pint of small beer.

  39. The famous Tom Thynne, who was remarkable for his good housekeeping and hospitality, standing one day at his gate in the Country, a beggar came up to him and craved a mug of his small beer.

  40. A pile of snow showed where a small avalanche had plunged down.

  41. On a shelf was a small library of not more than twenty-five books, but they were ones that only a lover of good reading would have chosen.

  42. Above a small gulch, at the head of it, the teams were stopped and unloaded.

  43. From out of it peered two very small bright eyes.

  44. They divided half a yard of tobacco among the men present and gave each of the women a small handful of various-colored beads.

  45. In the sunset glow she stood rigid and resentful, one small fist clenched, the other fast to the barrel of the rifle she carried.

  46. That's a hateful thing to say," she flamed, and bit her lower lip with small white teeth to keep from telling the squaw-man what she thought of him.

  47. Unexpectedly, in the deeper darkness of a small ravine below the hill spur, the hunted turned upon the hunter.

  48. He began to watch her, vivid, eager, so pathetically anxious to entertain him with her small stock of wares.

  49. Jessie McRae had prepared a small medicine case as a present for the constable.

  50. Then, as she took the narrow trail through the brush that had grown up among half a dozen small down trees, he barked a question: "Whadjasay yore Injun name was?

  51. He dressed the wounds of both the injured, using the small medical kit he had brought with him.

  52. Unfortunately a small split in the wood developed into a larger one.

  53. I hear ye," replied Barney, a small cock-eyed man with a malevolent grin.

  54. The red-coat spoke casually, slapping his boot with a small riding-switch.

  55. From the gully they snaked through the dry grass to a small ditch that had been built to drain the camping-ground during spring freshets.

  56. Like serious injuries taken at football, only a small percentage are officially reported.

  57. Nothing germane is so small as to be negligible.

  58. They passed through two empty apartments, and she then gently opened a door into a room which was little more than a closet, the light issuing from a small casement.

  59. When Mrs. Adair entered the chamber, one hand rested upon a book that lay open upon a small table, and near the book was her watch; her head was thrown back, and her face was covered with a muslin handkerchief.

  60. While similar reflections were passing in her mind, Miss Arden hastily entered the chamber, and stepping towards her, abruptly put into her hand a small parcel.

  61. When the physician was first called in to attend Jane, he strictly forbad any person sleeping with her: Elizabeth, therefore, removed to a small camp bed, which was placed by her sister.

  62. Miss Adair has actually put me into Murray's small grammar, and I am only in the third class.

  63. She is a very good home manager, and runs things effectively on small resources.

  64. The small sample of college graduates here presented is truly representative of the much larger sample in our files (not tested by our end tests) in this respect.

  65. The advantages of early recognition, appreciation and, if possible, measurement are apparent in the study of this small group of exceptionally intelligent children.

  66. Four small rooms and bath for two adults and two children.

  67. The difference between sixteen and nineteen is small in terms of biological development.

  68. He has always worked as a paper hanger and painter, his business being on a small scale.

  69. The first instance which has come to my knowledge in this country of an insurrection on a small scale, occurred on Noddle's Island, now East Boston, in 1638.

  70. Also, if any person have any negro men, strong and hearty, though not of the best moral character, which are proper subjects for transportation, they may have an exchange for small negroes.

  71. This number, small as it is, constituting about one sixth part of the United States, have thus far controlled the legislation of the country.

  72. The hall was thronged with people waiting, but Cavendish passed it, opened a little wicket, and admitted his friends into a small anteroom, where he bade them remain, while he announced them to Sir Francis.

  73. He saw her kneeling by one of those black yawning holes, often to be found in ruins, intent upon fastening a small packet to a stone; he understood all in a moment, and drew back far enough to secure that no one molested her.

  74. Now is the time you could do what would be no small service to this poor Queen, ay, and it may be to your own children.

  75. Even as Queen of Scotland or England itself, my power would be small in comparison with my will.

  76. Everybody pressed to look at it, while she stood blushing, coy and unwilling to display the small egg-shaped watch of the kind recently invented at Nuremberg.

  77. It formed part of a small squadron which was cruising on the eastern coast to watch over the intercourse between France and Scotland, whether in the interest of the imprisoned Mary, or of the Lords of the Congregation.

  78. As she poured out a small glass of the liquor she remarked, "I really thought that you were going to ask for a glass of metheglin.

  79. We finally succeeded in procuring a conveyance, a small cart and pony, and were soon on our way to his home.

  80. He was not particularly versatile, but had a splendid personality and a magnificent physique--marred only by a head too small for the quality of intelligence such a figure demanded.

  81. A theatre will lose its atmosphere when the lessee vacates the premises just as a small town will when the inhabitants leave it.

  82. They are small of stature and run to fat.

  83. You will see that sketches in those days cost small fortunes!

  84. With my acceptance of the invitation I also sent word I should appreciate it if a "bit" (a small part) were given to my valet to play.

  85. This generous "apology" may be found in an obscure corner of the paper, in very small print, weeks after columns and columns have spicily set forth the details of one's supposed wrong doings.

  86. We performed this play successfully for four years, Eliza and I dividing a small fortune.

  87. That small part of the public which came to see us seemed aware of our loneliness, and endeavored to lighten our heavy hearts by hearty manifestations of approval!

  88. As we approached the veranda a lady, of small stature, dressed in a Mother Hubbard, in bare feet, came graciously forward to meet us.

  89. On opening the poor-box at Christmas, the rector was surprised to find that an unusually small sum had been deposited.

  90. There was always a good sprinkling of silver and gold to set against the weekly donations of coppers and small coin, to make glad the widows and orphans of Westcliff, to comfort the lame, the halt, and the blind.

  91. You have a very small park here," returned Lady Catherine after a short silence.

  92. I am astonished," said Miss Bingley, "that my father should have left so small a collection of books.

  93. Elizabeth immediately recognising the livery, guessed what it meant, and imparted no small degree of surprise to her relations, by acquainting them with the honour which she expected.

  94. A small part of Derbyshire is all the present concern.

  95. Mr. Collins and Charlotte appeared at the door, and the carriage stopped at the small gate, which led by a short gravel walk to the house, amidst the nods and smiles of the whole party.

  96. My dear," replied her husband, "I have two small favours to request.

  97. One day's delay she observed, would be of small importance; and her mother was too happy, to be quite so obstinate as usual.

  98. Easter was approaching, and the week preceding it, was to bring an addition to the family at Rosings, which in so small a circle must be important.

  99. Upon this information, they instantly passed through the hall once more, and ran across the lawn after their father, who was deliberately pursuing his way towards a small wood on one side of the paddock.

  100. Your portion is unhappily so small that it will in all likelihood undo the effects of your loveliness and amiable qualifications.

  101. She is of a light-brown complexion with broad round face, large eyes, and small but full lips.

  102. The exiles went forth into the depths of the forest, and in their wanderings after a new land they crossed a small clearing, in which a little girl, about a span in height, was seated peeling potatoes.

  103. Both they and the horses, as 'tis said, are of a small kind.

  104. Both they and the Horses, as 'tis said, are a small kind.

  105. This gives a clue to the localisation of the pigmies, and this localisation agrees with the positive knowledge we possess of the small area which the Chinese dominion covered at this time.

  106. A] In his Algonquin Legends the same author also alludes to small people.

  107. They were all naked, only the elder of them, both men and women, covered their privy parts with a small skin.

  108. Its voice was so small and clear and sweet, that once heard it never could be forgotten; but it sang the ordinary Mota songs.

  109. According to his account, they are of a dark olive colour, with thick prominent lips, flat noses, small eyes, and long flowing hair.

  110. The arrows of the little men were so small that they would not kill the bears when shot into them, and only served to enrage them.

  111. They are small in stature, yet somewhat larger than the Elf, being the size of children of three years, grey and old-looking, hairy and clad in moss.

  112. Everything indicates that there exist, at the south of the Galla country, different negro tribes of small stature.

  113. Such a lady, cheeks so round and lips so red,-- On her neck the small face buoyant like a bell-flower on its bed.

  114. But what is that to positive holiness, when it was but a small pittance by the by.

  115. To help thee in this, keep thine eye much upon thine own base self, be clothed with humility, and prefer thy brother before thyself; and know that Christianity lieth not in small matters, neither before God nor understanding men.

  116. Ev'n so the tongue of man, which tho' it be But a small member, in a high degree It boasts of things.

  117. The Epistle to the Reader Courteous Reader, Having formerly writ some small matter touching the doctrine of faith, as justification by grace through the faith of Christ's blood, &c.

  118. And now you that pretend to be the teachers of the people in verity and truth, though we know that some of you are not: Is it a small thing with you, to set them you say are your flock such an example as this.

  119. Nor is this a thing new, and of yesterday; it has been thus almost in all ages of the church of God, and that not only in things small and indifferent, but in things fundamental and most substantial.

  120. By their masters lying unto them, saying, their work is so small and so easy, when it is indeed, if not too burdensome, yet far beyond what at first was said of it.

  121. This grew from a crude affair, resembling an over-sized coffee mill, to a machine with a hauling power equal to that of a small sized locomotive.

  122. From the first day the Rockefeller interests set foot in the virgin forests of Snohomish County up to the present time, the spirit of democracy has been crushed by the greed and cupidity of this small and powerful group.

  123. Whether the purpose was to put the small sawmills out of business can not be definitely stated, but the lumber trust has profited largely from the establishment of the forest reserves.

  124. The timber owned by a relatively small group of individuals is sufficient to yield enough lumber to build a six-room house for every one of the twenty million families in the United States.

  125. The pilot house, in particular, was found to have marks of revolver and high power rifle bullets, in addition to being closely marked with small shot holes, some of the buck-shot still being visible.

  126. Memberships were doled out to persons who would be subservient to the wishes of the small group of capitalists representing the great corporate interests.

  127. Acting for the trust a small committee meeting was held on the morning of the 30th with the editor of a trust-controlled newspaper, the secretary of the Commercial Club, two city officials, a banker and a lumber trust magnate in attendance.

  128. SALA Then you must have been a very small girl indeed.

  129. A garden seat, a small table and an armchair stand under a tree at the right, in the foreground.

  130. And they had to fight a regular battle, on a small scale, in the Kara-Kum district, not far from the river Amu-Daria.

  131. Right by is a small marble bench, and in front of the bench a little pool has been made.

  132. Krems is a small city on the Donau, not so very far from Vienna, having a fine high school or "gymnasium.

  133. At the right in the garden stands the small two-storied house with its woodwork veranda, to which lead three wooden steps.

  134. A small pool appears in the foreground, surrounded by a semi-circle of young trees.

  135. Above that floor appears a small balcony, to which access is had through a dormer window.

  136. A small iron bench is placed against a tree at the left.

  137. A small picture in water colors painted by yourself.

  138. Amine wept not, but she covered her face with her hands as Philip, with no steady pace, walked up and down the small room.

  139. A small garden, of about two rods of our measure of land, surrounded the edifice; and this little plot was flanked by a low hedge of privet, and encircled by a moat full of water, too wide to be leaped with ease.

  140. But this was not all: several small boxes and packets were also discovered, which, when opened, were found to contain diamonds and other precious stones.

  141. She left the room, and in a quarter of an hour returned, bringing in her hand a small brazier of lighted charcoal, and two small pieces of parchment, rolled up and fixed by a knot to the centre of a narrow fillet.

  142. All the vessels employed by the Company being armed, she had her main deck clear of goods, and carried six nine-pounders on each broadside; her ports were small and oval.

  143. With this vessel, small as she is, we may sail over these seas in safety; and we have, I imagine, provisions sufficient for more than a month.

  144. He again escaped, with a portion of his wealth, in a small vessel, and gained the Spanish coast; but he never has been able to retain his money long.

  145. His ship's company was numerous, and he had a small detachment of soldiers on board to assist the supercargo, who carried out many thousand dollars to make purchases at ports in China, where their goods might not be appreciated.

  146. As there was no appearance of wind, Philip permitted a boat to be sent to examine it, and after a long pull, the seamen returned on board, towing the small boat astern.

  147. The barefooted culprits could now scarcely walk, the small sharp flints having so wounded their feet, that their tracks up the steps of the Cathedral were marked with blood.

  148. She had mixed the powder with so small a portion of wine that it did not fill a quarter of the cup; she put it on one side, filled another up to the brim with the warm wine, and then went up to the bedroom.

  149. His ships were almost unmanageable with the few hands who could still perform their duty; and this small increase of physical power might be the means of saving hundreds who lay helpless in their hammocks.

  150. He was lolling on a small sofa, his long sword lay on the table before him, and two young native women were fanning him, one at his head, and the other at his feet.

  151. Conzie, at a very small distance from Chambery; but as retired and solitary as if it had been a hundred leagues off.

  152. This mode was finally adopted; and after some small search, we fixed at Charmettes, on an estate belonging to M.

  153. That we may have the least possible cause for being reduced to this necessity, let us not leave this house entirely, but pay a small pension to the Count of Saint-Laurent, that he may continue mine.

  154. She was a little, ugly, lively trollop, with small twinkling ferret eyes, and marked with smallpox.

  155. The same effect followed which has been caused in these days by the extinction of small farms.

  156. I called to mind the melancholy view which Young has taken of the world in his unhappy poem: "A part how small of the terraqueous globe Is tenanted by man!

  157. It must only be for a small stake--a single sesterce," said the infatuated youth, quaffing a goblet of wine.

  158. Descending the stairway, the guide took from a niche a small terra-cotta lamp, which he carefully trimmed and lit at another, which was always kept burning there.

  159. Greek, feeling no small degree of the terror of his late adventure returning.

  160. Before it was a small marble altar, on which burned, day and night, a silver censer.

  161. A small fountain throws up its silver spray, imparting a grateful coolness to the air.

  162. Of thy son I have no tidings; but know thou if this be a token of thy daughter's rescue," and Isidorus exhibited the small cornelian tessara of the fish of which we have spoken.

  163. When that this body did contain a spirit, A kingdom for it was too small a bound; But now two paces of the vilest earth Is room enough.

  164. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "small" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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