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  1. It is true that this similarity of circumstances needs not extend to such as are already known to be immaterial to the result.

  2. That circumstance is in truth accidental, it being wholly immaterial to the signification of the name whether there are many objects, or only one, to which it happens to be applicable, or whether there be any at all.

  3. It is immaterial what is the nature of the evidence from which we derive the assurance that A B C will produce a b c, and B C only b c; it is enough that we have that assurance.

  4. That reaction is the reaction of something immaterial upon the material, even if it is entirely caused by the material and bound to the material.

  5. Self-consciousness is without doubt ideally nearer to consciousness in this, that both are an immaterial activity; and yet we found no demonstrable bridge which leads from consciousness to self-consciousness.

  6. M332) In the immaterial hypothesis, the wall is white, fire hot, &c.

  7. Whether such qualities be truly ultimate aspects of being, or only provisional suppositions of ours, held-to till we get better informed, is quite immaterial for our present inquiry.

  8. Footnote: The difference between Idealism and Realism is immaterial here.

  9. Fairies are said to be immortal, and the fairy world is always described as an immaterial place, though I do not think it is the same as the world of the dead.

  10. Waldemar seemed to take it as a thing of course that his mother's circle of acquaintance should now be his; and, seeing the very small part he took in such social relations, the matter may well have appeared immaterial to him.

  11. The hopes of some fondly turn to raps, others desire the pressure of a spirit hand, or the ringing of a bell, or the levitation of furniture, or the sound of a spirit voice, the music of an immaterial larynx.

  12. From the focus of the clairvoyant aurora clouds of creative impulse gathered, and sweeping soulward were condensed in immaterial atoms upon the cold peaks of Purpose.

  13. It is practically immaterial for internal administration, whether the cation of the solvent iodid is hydrogen, ethyl, potassium or sodium.

  14. This prepared the way for the conception of God as an immaterial Spirit.

  15. To many persons it will appear paradoxical to ascribe the endowment of a soul to the inferior tribes in the creation, yet it is difficult to discover a valid argument that limits the possession of an immaterial principle to man.

  16. But it is not all information which will be presumed to have been necessary to enable the physician to act; it seems that where the knowledge is such that it is evidently immaterial to the physician’s decision, it will be admitted.

  17. Mr. Adams replied, it was immaterial what form the resolution might assume; the objection to it would be the same in every form.

  18. Then she asked, Whether the different shapes and sorts of Vehicles, made the Souls and other Immaterial Spirits, miserable, or blessed?

  19. Why, said the Empress, Colour is onely an accident, which is an immaterial thing, and has no being of it self, but in another body.

  20. But the distinction is really immaterial to Logic.

  21. It might be true or it might be false as a matter of fact: all the same he was bound by it: its truth or falsehood was immaterial to his position as a disputant.

  22. He owes it to his language, which furnishes consciousness with an immaterial body in which to incarnate itself and thus exempts it from dwelling exclusively on material bodies, whose flux would soon drag it along and finally swallow it up.

  23. He can't be worse off than he is; and it is quite immaterial to him whether he goes to the dog-star above, or the bottomless pit below.

  24. This is Idealism, which again has next to attempt to reduce the various phenomena to some one immaterial principle.

  25. The latter maintains that the attributes, as well as the substance, are not perceived immediately as material, but mediately through the intervention of immaterial representatives.

  26. Sidenote: Material and immaterial properties distinct} It is specifically provided (sec.

  27. Copyrightable works, in brief, are those which appeal from the imagination to the imagination, or in which intellectual labor combines immaterial product into new form.

  28. Sidenote: Material and immaterial property} The American code adopts into the law an important distinction as between the property in the material and the immaterial rights, hitherto somewhat uncertain, in the following provision (sec.

  29. These exceptions mostly concern immaterial changes, made in the House of Lords.

  30. The Cartesians had brought in the theory of occasional causes and other solutions of the phenomena, so as to avoid what seems so irreconcilable with an immaterial principle.

  31. His general idea of medicine was that its business was to regulate the archæus, an immaterial principle of life and health; to which, like Paracelsus, he attributed a mysterious being and efficacy.

  32. It was impossible for the poet to adopt altogether the material or the immaterial system.

  33. It is immaterial whether we regard such a figure as developed from a spirit or as the direct product of religious imagination.

  34. An incorporeal or immaterial soul has never been conceivable.

  35. Such questions as those relating to the eternity of matter, the possibility of the existence of an immaterial being, and the mode in which such a being, if it exists, could act on matter, have not seemed practical to the majority of men.

  36. Doubtless my spirit took the same form as my visible body, but it was a thing so utterly immaterial as to be absolutely invisible to the human eye.

  37. In heaven as in earth, over things immaterial as over things material, He is king.

  38. Heaven and earth together comprehend all space; and all things whether material or immaterial are conceived for the purposes of the classification as having their abode in space.

  39. As a matter of history, it may or may not have sprung from the colonies on the shores of the Dead Sea; but as this can neither be proved nor disproved, so also it is immaterial to my main [Sidenote: Probabilities of the case.

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