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Example sentences for "airy"

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  1. We walked with them through the neat dormitories, and observed that they were much more airy than those of the Jesuit College, lately described.

  2. We find their cage airy enough; it is a house with a large piazza completely inclosed in coarse lattice-work, so that the pequenuelos cannot tumble out, nor the nurses desert their charge.

  3. Hitherto, with all the eccentricities or deficiencies of her mind, had mingled a wild and airy gaiety.

  4. The various methods of skinning are described in our section on trapping, and in all cases the furs should be allowed to dry in a cool, airy place, free from the rays of the sun or the heat of a fire, and protected from rain.

  5. It should then he hung in a cool, airy place, and the pelt left to "season.

  6. They should not be removed from the stretchers until perfectly dry, and should then be laid in a cool, airy place.

  7. This preparation should be painted thickly on the flesh side of the skin, after which these sides should be doubled together and the pelt left in an airy place.

  8. It appears in the same shape as the body, but is of a more airy composition.

  9. If we seek the light persiflage and airy humor of the after-dinner spirit, we find an inexhaustible fountain in the quaint customs and odd conceits of the Pilgrim Fathers.

  10. When it took flight his eyes followed the winged vision, as if its airy track would show the path to heaven.

  11. The next remarkable object was a large edifice, constructed of moss-grown stone, but in a modern and airy style of architecture.

  12. Roderick was reclining on the margin of a fountain which gushed into the fleckered sunshine with the same clear sparkle and the same voice of airy quietude as when trees of primeval growth flung their shadows cross its bosom.

  13. Airy figures, absolutely bodiless ideas, and forms of unsubstantial beauty came and danced before her, imprinting their momentary footsteps on beams of light.

  14. Such airy diet will sometimes keep them in pretty good flesh for a week together.

  15. She was beautiful," Catullus echoed, in airy praise, "but she was too heavy and too big.

  16. We kept our eyes on it and saw the great flat and noisy insect grow bigger and bigger, silhouetting the black of its angles and partitioned lines against the airy wadding of the clouds.

  17. In the middle of the plaza stood the house we were to occupy, an airy structure something like a large bird-cage, which had been built by a party of Americans who for the last two years had been at work in the ruins.

  18. A request that the Government would graciously permit me to get rid of five ghosts and an airy 'rickshaw by going to England.

  19. The poorer houses of the town were built on posts with bamboo walls and thatched roofs, similar to the Filipino dwellings in Manila, cool and airy and far healthier than the awful abodes of the lower classes in an English city.

  20. She was below medium height, but shaped like a sylph and had the airy grace of one.

  21. Sibthorp shall be a man of weight and influence, "giving to (h)airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

  22. Monsieur Margot, by no means liking the airy voyage imposed upon him; "but the rope may break, or your hand may suffer it to slip.

  23. I figure you to myself in the last stage of atrophy--airy as a trifle, thin as the ghost of a greyhound.

  24. Laputa is a flying island, held up in the air by a loadstone; and all the professors of the famous academy at Lagado are of the same airy constitution.

  25. While there are undoubted traces of Jonson and John Fletcher in Milton's "Comus," the poem far surpasses its predecessors in the airy beauty and melody of its verses.

  26. Airy contained, in fact, matter enough for a small pamphlet.

  27. He passed room after room with the windows darkened, and rich furniture giving a sumptuous air to the large and airy saloons, but order reigned everywhere.

  28. Then when evening came there was a grand display of northern lights, that pitched their tents of shifting rose and gold, with flags flying, and armies marching, and stained the snow with airy blood.

  29. If a man had been in her place, he could have met his airy assumption with a sufficiently blunt rebuff; but the young sailor was chivalric, and could not look a woman in the face and utter rude words.

  30. They opened by a door on the garden and enjoyed a fair and airy outlook over the Dronne.

  31. See The Weathercock, an Essay on Rotation in Office, by Sir Airy Vane.

  32. They send out their branches more in right lines than most other trees, and, as their leaves and the extremities of their spray all have an upright tendency, they give a beautiful airy appearance to the edge of a wood.

  33. His style was infected with his pedantic taste; and the hard outline of his satirical humour betrays the scholastic cynic, not the airy and fluent wit.

  34. Too long it had filled the ear with airy speculation, while it starved the mind that languished for sense and knowledge.

  35. Why didst thou chuse a tender airy form, Unequal to the mighty work of mischief?

  36. Airy Spirits appear in the shapes of Men and Women.

  37. Yet briske and airy too, thou fill'st the stage, Unbroke by fortune, undecayed by age.

  38. I have employed a subtle airy sprite To explore the passage, and prepare my way.

  39. And again his listless gaze was riveted upon the quivering diaphanous wings of a snake-doctor, hovering close at hand, until the grotesque, airy thing would flit away.

  40. A mocking-bird boldly perched among them, ever and anon, the airy grace of his pose hardly giving, in its exquisite lightness, the effect of a pause.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "airy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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