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Example sentences for "betrays"

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betrayed; betrayer; betrayers; betrayeth; betraying; betre; betreffende; betroth; betrothal; betrothals
  1. But behold the hand of him who betrays me is with me on the table.

  2. After a little while those who stood by came up and said to Peter, "Surely you are also one of them, for your accent betrays you.

  3. Milner's zeal against popery and its persecutions, often betrays him into expressions which a calm review of all the circumstances of the case would, probably, have suggested to his own mind the necessity of modifying and softening.

  4. The subjects are as usual from the New and Old Testaments, and the character of the carving constantly betrays Moorish influence.

  5. The huge bulk that overshadows it betrays exhausted vigor and a decadent form.

  6. I can almost tolerate a Judas who betrays for a great love.

  7. There seems to be a stupendous elimination of self in the man who betrays for those he loves, braving the consequences, the ignominy, the dishonor, the wretchedness; otherwise I should not have undertaken to write this bit of history.

  8. Unlike the work of Schummel just treated, it betrays no Shandean influence, but is dependent solely on the Sentimental Journey.

  9. Its careless use betrays the mediocre imitator.

  10. Pankraz insists upon carrying out this striking analogy farther, which the woman, though she betrays no knowledge of the Sentimental Journey, is not loath to accede to, as it coincides with her own nefarious purposes.

  11. Herder’s own homiletical style during this period, as evinced by the sermons preserved to us, betrays no trace of Sterne’s influence.

  12. Beyle adds: "I confess that the weakness which Julien betrays in this monologue gives me a poor opinion of him.

  13. The narrative is so forced, the incidents so artificial, the aim so evident, the limitation of view so marked, that the book betrays its own character.

  14. She tells her heart's secrets as a three-years-old child betrays itself without need of being questioned!

  15. This must be remembered in reading anything written by those who knew the century in its teens; it is not likely to be forgotten, for the fact betrays itself in all the writer's thoughts and expressions.

  16. The American elm betrays something of both; yet sometimes, as we shall see, puts on a certain resemblance to its sturdier neighbor.

  17. All at once a morning ray touches one of the two buds, and the point of a blushing petal betrays the imprisoned and swelling blossom.

  18. It betrays its various moods by aspects which are the commonplaces of poetry, as smiles and dimples and wrinkles and frowns.

  19. How long will it be before we shall learn that for every wound which betrays itself to the sight by a scar, there are a thousand unseen mutilations that cripple, each of them, some one or more of our highest faculties?

  20. The story betrays marks of haste or carelessness in some portions, though others are elaborately studied.

  21. Do you consider that a justification to the scoundrel who betrays another fellow's wife?

  22. If that aunt betrays her trust--miseducates the child!

  23. The mode of seduction employed by Rosamond betrays her shameless insensibility both to honour and to love.

  24. Tennes betrays Sidon to Artaxerxes III, who afterwards puts the king of Sidon to death.

  25. The same is true of the palace of Euiuk; but a sphinx, placed at the door, betrays an Egyptian influence, though details of its sculpture have been borrowed from Assyria.

  26. In some details the influence of the earliest civilisation of northern Syria, or at least a special connection with it, betrays itself among the Phœnicians.

  27. This letter of the father betrays a man well versed in business.

  28. Mr. Spencer’s protest betrays rare theological and philosophical ignorance, or is a mere verbal quibble, unworthy a man who even pretends to be a philosopher.

  29. No great work could be pointed to that she had done or attempted: her life had flowed like an unseen brook, that, hidden itself, is only guessed at by the winding line of verdure which betrays its presence.

  30. While they thus keep to the open plain and trust to their speed, they are safe; but they have a prurient curiosity that sometimes betrays them to their ruin.

  31. It is only when he descends from the clouds to pounce upon carrion that he betrays his low propensities, and reveals his caitiff character.

  32. He might, it is true, have been more reserved in his communications; but he betrays no confidence, for none was placed in him.

  33. Cavelier de La Salle stands in history like a statue cast in iron; but his own unwilling pen betrays the man, and reveals in the stern, sad figure an object of human interest and pity.

  34. Malotzzi as his name betrays is a “wop;” he is also the smallest fellow in the company which contains many small men.

  35. He is, I understand, a notorious poker-player and his breath, to my embarrassment, betrays the fact that he has a weakness for Conflans beer.

  36. And, besides, we have a treacherous friend in our bosom, that betrays us into his hands, that is, our own deceitful hearts.

  37. And then the flesh, as it is the greatest retardment in good, it is the greatest incitement to evil, it is a bosom enemy, that betrays us to Satan, it is near us and connatural to us.

  38. And this is the great advantage Satan hath of a Christian, he hath a friend within every Christian, that betrays him often.

  39. The vigour of its colours is striking, the invention novel, but rather strained; and, if I mistake not, the whole betrays an artist educated with other maxims.

  40. We have an instance in his San Agostino, at the church of La Carita, whose colouring betrays that union of the two schools so much desired by Paul.

  41. Two other painters, whose style betrays nothing of Giotto, were discovered by Signor Sasso, in Venice, upon the strength of two altarpieces, to which they had affixed their names.

  42. This artist is not, however, at all comparable to his master in point of invention, of composition, or design; which last sometimes betrays a dryness approaching that of the quattrocentisti.

  43. As for the vitally important distinction between reason and cause, however, Aristotle no doubt betrays something like a conception of it in the "Analyt.

  44. Here and there, Plotinus betrays a more correct knowledge, for instance, "Enn.

  45. Shakspeare had nothing of this contortion in his mind, none of that craving after violent situations, and flights of strained and improbable virtue, which I think always betrays an imperfect moral sensibility.

  46. As a consequence of this, a lower and more abstract aspect of mind betrays the presence in it, even to experience, of a higher grade.

  47. It uses experimental fact as an unfinished datum,--or it sees in experience a torso which betrays its imperfection, and suggests completing.

  48. I like a round unvarnished tale, and admire a ready invention, especially when the story is perfectly credible, and betrays no personal conceit whatever.

  49. The worst horror of fever is, that it betrays all to others!

  50. Moreover, the father betrays certain tendencies to gormandize not altogether in harmony with the profession of an ascetic.

  51. His jealous glance as she walks that way betrays an instant's misgiving that she may have it in her thoughts to leap over, and dashing against ledge and cornice, strike her life out upon the terrace below.

  52. Her face is veiled, and still she sufficiently betrays herself to make more than one of those who pass her look round sharply.

  53. Not a rustle of the housekeeper's dress, not a gesture, not a word betrays her.

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