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  1. In some way the Saragossa tribunal got wind of the betrothal twenty years previous and prosecuted her in 1513.

  2. They were mostly love-tokens and betrothal gifts, and many of them bear on the reverse the word LOVE.

  3. The elaborate betrothal ring seems to have been employed at this time as a wedding-ring as well.

  4. The fyancel or wedding ring appears to be of Roman origin, and was usually given at the betrothal as a pledge of the engagement.

  5. The rings worn thus were in many cases betrothal or engagement rings; but those that served this purpose generally assumed special forms, and were among the most ingenious productions of the time.

  6. Many instances might be quoted of excessive luxury in the use of precious stones, like that of the lady described by Pliny, who at a simple betrothal ceremony was covered with pearls and emeralds from head to foot.

  7. But Foulques was detached from the alliance by the betrothal of his daughter to Henry's son William, and the battle of Brenville ruined the hopes of William of Normandy.

  8. The Queen desired the throne of Russia for her granddaughter, and she brought about the marriage of which I witnessed the betrothal ceremonies.

  9. I will not say much about the betrothal of poor "Nick" with Alice of Hesse, which was also celebrated at Hesse.

  10. The Thoma who awoke was a different girl from the Thoma of the betrothal morning.

  11. The corner room of the house, on the town side, she arranged especially for betrothal festivities.

  12. As soon as the act of betrothal was terminated, the doors were again thrown open, and the two Chèïks pronounced a prayer suited to the occasion.

  13. Lady Sarah's hopes came to an end with the announcement of the King's betrothal to Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

  14. The marriage of the Princess Augusta was soon followed by the betrothal of her youngest sister.

  15. On January 18 the King gave a grand ball at St. James's Palace in honour of the double event of his youngest sister's betrothal and Queen Charlotte's birthday.

  16. Denmark the negotiations began which resulted in Christian's betrothal to Matilda of England.

  17. Though the betrothal of the Crown Prince to an English princess was exceedingly popular with the Danish people, it was not universally so in other and more exalted quarters.

  18. But in this respect he met with no success; the King showed no inclination to hurry into matrimony, but the betrothal remained unaltered.

  19. She was a woman, just a woman, and she found it hard to forgive his betrothal to Lady Eleanor.

  20. She could forgive him everything but his betrothal to Lady Eleanor.

  21. Madonna's seeming amenability to their wishes stayed their insistence, and they could but respect her wishes to let the betrothal be delayed yet a little while.

  22. Yet he persisted until the very eve, almost, of her betrothal to Ignacio.

  23. The rhymes have a peculiar parallel in the rude and rough customs associated with betrothal and marriage which prevailed in Wales and the North of England.

  24. The clasping of hands, putting on a ring, and kissing are more like a solemn betrothal before a marriage ceremony.

  25. When she returned to put away her marriage treasures, the betrothal ring was missing.

  26. Quickly on the betrothal followed the marriage and the leave-taking.

  27. Among her jewels she came upon her betrothal ring, and the glitter of it reminded her of what her lord had said of its enchantment and the strange stories told of it.

  28. The girl's betrothal to the king had prevented an avowal of their love while Barney posed in his own identity.

  29. She might refuse to wed the king; but that she should ever wed another while the king lived was impossible, unless Leopold saw fit to release her from her betrothal to him and sanction her marriage to another.

  30. Henry, however, had no intention to be hurried now that the betrothal had been signed.

  31. Katharine took little part in the betrothal festivities, for she was a mere shadow now.

  32. The first idea was the betrothal of the jilted Princess Mary of ten to the middle-aged widower who sat upon the throne of France.

  33. He was dying now, but he was again pressed to say that a regular betrothal had taken place with Anne.

  34. But she was angry at the intimate hobnobbing with France, at her daughter's betrothal to the enemy of her house, and at the elevation of Henry's bastard son to a royal dukedom.

  35. No sooner was the ratification of the betrothal conveyed to Ferdinand than he demanded the aid of Henry against France, and Estrada was instructed to "make use of" Katharine to obtain the favour demanded.

  36. By the treaty signed at Bruges by Wolsey for Henry, Charles contracted an engagement to marry his little cousin, Princess Mary, and to visit England for a formal betrothal in the following year.

  37. The betrothal was to be forwarded first, and then the rest would follow.

  38. At intervals during Anne's career her alleged betrothal to the Earl of Northumberland before her marriage (see p.

  39. He would go to Sally and ask her to break this hateful engagement; and surely she would be too proud to hold him to a betrothal from which he so ardently desired to be set free.

  40. Sally was rather glad of this intelligence, for it prevented her from having a very bad case of the blues in thinking over her lover's coldness, and how irksome this betrothal was to him.

  41. Would she be moved to pity by the drifting apart of two lives because of a betrothal made in a spirit of fun at a race?

  42. The ceremonious reception of these presents by the parents signified that the betrothal was solemnly ratified, and that the engagement could not be broken.

  43. In general, when the parents make the betrothal of grown-up children, it is not probable that the feelings of son or daughter are outraged, or that marriages are forced against the consent of either, though this does sometimes take place.

  44. In Asiatic countries, where obedience to parents is the first and last duty, and in which no higher religion than filial obedience exists, the betrothal and marriage of children is not looked upon as anything strange.

  45. The business of selection, betrothal and marriage is attended to by the parents or friends of the pair, who carry on negotiations by means of a third factor, a middleman or go-between.

  46. In place of our bans is the acceptance of the suitor's presents by the family of the sought, the announced betrothal and intimation of the marriage to the police of the ward.

  47. The betrothal was now published in both families, and in both houses there were festivities, rejoicing and congratulation.

  48. The betrothal was at once communicated to Prince Ernest, to King Leopold, and to the Duke of Coburg.

  49. In return for the announcement of the betrothal he received a diamond cross, and his secret diplomatic commission was rewarded with the best possible success.

  50. Heinrich departed to take his master the betrothal documents, and Albert cheerfully remained behind as steward of the estates of Ottmarsfeld.

  51. The solemn betrothal at last took place, and Ottilie remained firm.

  52. My father held me, Olaf, while I took the betrothal kiss, because I must.

  53. And with a kindly raillery thus thereupon he addressed her: "So, then thy second betrothal is this?

  54. And the earliest and most important advantage arising to her from her betrothal was the bringing her under the influence of that training, which made her such a woman, as could not find her happiness in such matters.

  55. Comandante Argüello yielded and the betrothal was solemnized, but there were many obstacles before the marriage could be consummated.

  56. So the betrothal was solemnized, but since Don Luis was a Spanish officer, the marriage must await the consent of the king, and forthwith papers were dispatched to the court of Madrid.

  57. She told me this morning it was her betrothal ring and that father bought it in Venice.

  58. It was more than that; it was her betrothal ring.

  59. Even if we added the cause which the Prince had suggested--the spurious betrothal to the Princess--I should get no benefit.

  60. We can then announce the betrothal just before the Emperor's visit here, and gain the Imperial blessing on so righteous a marriage between a brave man and a beautiful woman, each motived by the highest patriotic feelings for Russia.

  61. For answer she smiled and whispered back: "It has always been, Alexis;" and she met my betrothal kisses with warmth equal to mine.

  62. First, my honour; secondly, your betrothal to my sister; and thirdly, her feeling for yourself.

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