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Example sentences for "betraying"

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betrayals; betrayed; betrayer; betrayers; betrayeth; betrays; betre; betreffende; betroth; betrothal
  1. Counsel every True Believer, when he asketh thee concerning the things of his faith; and beware of betraying a Believer, for whoso betrayeth a Believer, betrayeth Allah and His Apostle.

  2. She gazed at the Black Forest hills in the steadiest manner, with eyes betraying more than they saw; which solved part of the puzzle, of course.

  3. It does not follow that you should go at once without a word," said Lydia, betraying nervousness for the first time during the interview.

  4. Men resorted to various subterfuges to get a satisfactory look without rudely betraying their intention.

  5. There was also a branded runaway who so far from betraying the man who had branded him very willingly preserved him.

  6. And have you no remorse at betraying their confidence?

  7. Very well, sir," he said, quietly, betraying no sign of his excitement within.

  8. Anne is the only person that knows of it, and she has no judgment at all; indeed, she does me a great deal more harm than good, for I am in constant fear of her betraying me.

  9. The moment the door was closed, Hester sank forward on the bed, her face hidden, but her trembling betraying her emotion.

  10. We ought to know each other by this time, Groff, and need keep no little secrets of this sort from one another: so, no fear of my betraying you.

  11. But De Moreville overlooked his weaknesses, believing him to be incapable of betraying his trust or failing in his duty.

  12. May I ask if, under the influence of temptation or threats, you are capable of betraying it?

  13. Now it happened that Hugh, Count de la Marche, had not exactly been guilty of betraying “the noon of manhood to a laurel shade,” but he had refrained from taking a wife for better or for worse.

  14. When we returned to the Mattawamkeag, the Houlton stage had already put up there; and a Province man was betraying his greenness to the Yankees by his questions.

  15. What shall we do to prevent this fellow from betraying us?

  16. At this wretched hour, Madame d'Armagnac was ashamed of having done all these harlotries to the profit of death, and of betraying Savoisy the better to save him; but this slight remorse was lame as the greater, and came tardily.

  17. The man her act had revealed rose from his hiding-place, his face whiter than hers, his haggard, shifty eyes betraying his terror.

  18. The litter and the wounded man filled half the open space, leaving visible only a floor of trodden earth foul with the droppings of birds and sheep, and betraying in other respects the results of neglect.

  19. They went off again to have another distant view of it and to try and invent some means of inspecting it closely without betraying their purpose.

  20. How to find a runner who would take it to British East and mail it for us up there without betraying us first to the Germans was something we could not guess.

  21. Yes," said the corporal, the whites of his eyes betraying doubt, fear and wonder.

  22. We would draw the line at murdering even Schillingschen, but must help ourselves to his outfit as our only chance of re-outfitting without betraying our presence in British East.

  23. They will curry favour with the Khalif by betraying their would-be rescuers and their former Pasha and his white companions into his hands, and win honour and glory by so doing.

  24. There was one difficulty, however, under which I laboured, and that was to write my letters to the Emin Relief Committee, without betraying our surprise at the extraordinary vacillation which marked the Governor's conduct.

  25. Pistols, we were aware, were the most gentlemanly weapons to be employed on such occasions; but we found that it would be impossible to obtain them in a hurry without to a certainty betraying our intentions.

  26. I assured my friends that on this point they were under a mistake; but as I did not like to dwell on the subject for fear of betraying myself, I left them still unconvinced that they were in error.

  27. I will plunge myself from the pinnacle of the Warder's Tower to the bottom of the moat, and he shall lose his own daughter for betraying his master's.

  28. Withdraw, Joyzelle: you will not be betraying him; you will be warding off death.

  29. We are caught in a trap and those flowers are betraying us.

  30. The two little soldiers sat side by side, motionless as always, silent and quiet, their calm faces in no way betraying the trouble in their hearts.

  31. The two friends, pale as death, stood silently side by side, a slight fluttering of the hands alone betraying their emotion.

  32. Wilfrid, lifting his hands, and so betraying himself after the fashion of the very innocent.

  33. If that arrow-pierced heart of the betraying and betrayed Absalom could have quickened but for one moment, how much sharper than the physical death-thrust would it have felt King David's cry of infinite forgiveness!

  34. These warlike hands grasp the shoulders of the patriot; and as they drag him forth to dungeon and to death, the betraying host cries: "Bind him fast, lest he should escape and slay me!

  35. No cause is so sacred, no being is so exalted as to be free from the pollution of his betraying touch.

  36. But there came a woman, with her soft, betraying touch.

  37. I'm picking this place especially because those cabbage palms will keep the mast of the sloop from sticking up and betraying its location to any flyer passing over.

  38. At that moment he was willing to fight a hundred men for Marion's sake, but snakes and bogs and bloodhounds were entirely outside his pale of argument and he exhibited no hesitation in betraying this fact to his companion.

  39. His face instead of betraying the former's pallor was flushed with excitement; his head was held high; not a sign of fear or hesitation shone in his eyes.

  40. He spoke so rapidly and his face underwent so many changes, now betraying the keenest excitement, now wrinkled in an ogreish, bantering grin, now almost pleading in its earnestness, that Nathaniel knew not what to make of him.

  41. At another window a few feet away, hidden from their eyes by a high desk and masses of papers and books, Winnsome Croche was crumpled up on the floor hardly daring to breathe through fear of betraying her presence.

  42. Geoff turned sharply round at this piece of impertinence, but ere the angry retort had passed his lips, his eye fell upon Jack, who was sitting silently apart, both his attitude and expression betraying the uttermost dejection.

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